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Social Media Marketing Strategy with Coschedule


Social Media Marketing. Strategy. Blog. Business. Four big ticket items that can consume your life independently, much less when you consider social media marketing strategy for blog and business! This past year has been a one of tremendous professional growth for me in the blogging and personal business worlds, and I started for find myself completely overwhelmed by all of the disparate parts of my marketing and content development. During my work with Heather and her Marking Academy for Endurance Coaches (email me for more information!), I decided to try out Coschedule to help me get more organized. What did I think?

Need help Organizing your Social Media Marketing Strategy? Try Coschedule and get the most out of your time and financial investment in yourself in the new year! Find out more at

An Increased Need for a Social Media Marketing Strategy

As I discussed in yesterday’s Year in Review post, this has been quite a year for me, both personally and professionally. I have worked hard to refine the content and direction of Suzlyfe, and I think that the blog has really started to find its figurative stride (even as I have lost my own!). Meanwhile, I have obviously undergone a HUGE transformation with my evolution as a running coach and the establishment of my personal run coaching business, Coach Suz Training.

Check out my new and Coach Suz Training ( business cards!

As I start the new year, I made the decision that I wanted to get myself as organized as possible with regards to outreach and marketing so that I could concentrate on continuing to deliver the best possible content to you all via the blog and to my athletes via their training and the Coach Suz Letter. Sure, I like to post-it-note style write out ideas for the week and have  sort of idea as to what is coming (particularly during busy times), but I am not typically a person who likes to schedule my blog far out in advance. But with all of these new layers of the blog + coaching + marketing and social media obligations for both, I knew that if I really wanted to get the most out of my time investment in myself, it was time for me to take my social media and content organization to the next level.

Enter: Coschedule

How Coschedule Helps With Social Media Marketing Strategy

So, what does Coschedule actually do? How about we just talk basics first!

CoSchedule is an easy drag-and-drop content marketing calendar that allows you to plan, create, and promote your content all in one place. It saves you time and helps you grow your audience through smart marketing plans and efficient team collaboration. (From the Website)

You can plan, create, and automate the promotion of content from one single place–your Coschedule dashboard, which you can access via your WordPress backend or the Coschedule website.

Coschedule is conveniently available in your WordPress backend for easy social media management! Find out more at @suzlyfe

How Coschedule Fits My Need for Flexible Organization

As I mentioned, I am someone who craves flexibility–I need to be able to be flexible with my content, as I tend to write my posts the day before they are posted. Something I love about Coschedule is that until the draft goes live, it is like having my content calendar written in pencil, or even easier–I don’t have to rewrite my reminders or social media posts, I can simply pick them up and move them to anther time! 

Just pick up and move your posts and they are automatically rescheduled! Coschedule is conveniently available in your WordPress backend for easy social media management! Find out more at @suzlyfe

Time sometimes goes…byyyyyy…so…slooowwwlly and time can do sooooo much and sometimes time FLIES by. Don’t we all joke sometimes that we bloggers think a day ahead? Let’s be honest, we don’t know what day it is, much less the scope of a week or a month! (Trust me, when you are injured, especially, a month can be a really long time!) Seeing all of my content in one place, and in calendar form, helps so much for me as a visual person, and old school pen and paper person!

Proactive Social Media Marketing for Optimal Outreach on Coschedule

How many of us have written what we feel are the most amazing posts, only to have them disappear into the depths of our blog archives? We all have! Pinterest is good to some of us, but often we need to give our posts a bit of a nudge while they are still fresh and relevant. Coschedule lets you see you social media marketing strategy up front: how much you have posted about a particular post and also schedule future posts so that you can make sure that you are getting the most out of your time and investment. And the preview shows EXACTLY what your audience will see. 

Preview of a social media post of blog content in Coschedule, conveniently available from your WordPress backend! Find out more about using Coshecule for Social Media Marketing and Strategy at

I have a few posts that have gotten a decent amount of play over the years–did you know that my most popular post is my Copycat Panera Broth Bowl Recipe?–and Coschedule keeps tabs on this so that I can take advantage of that popularity and promote it on other channels to boost it up even further.

With Coschedule, you can take charge of your social media marketing and strategy! Find out how at

Get the most out of your social media and promotions with Coschedule by following up your most popular posts! Find out more at

Using Coschedule for Marketing and Social Outreach for Two Businesses

Originally, I thought I might have a separate calendar for Coach Suz Training and Suzlyfe. I ultimately decided that as I was using the same social media accounts for both businesses, I wanted to keep a single content calendar to organize my social media marketing strategy. Keeping to one calendar helps me that my marketing and social media outreach for both initiatives compliment and supplement, rather than compete, with each other. I don’t want my readers to get overwhelmed by Coach Suz blurbs, but I do want to keep them updated. Coschedule helps me do so in an efficient and proactive way so that I can make sure to take care of both my paying business as well as my hobby business. 

I’m just Getting Started….

There are so many levels to Coschedule that there is even a free Master Class to help you discover how to use it to your advantage! I am excited to learn how to utilize the service even more–from scheduling other social media to integrations with other applications.  Coach Suz Training is just getting started, and so am I!

I am so excited to see how Coach Suz Training and Suzlyfe are going to grow this year, with thanks to Coschedule!

Check out how @suzlyfe is balancing her businesses with the help of @coschedule! #blogging #bloggingtips Click To Tweet

Have you taken the plunge to integrated content scheduling and marketing?

For those with blogs and coaching, how do you manage your social media marketing strategies?

The links to Coschedule are referral links, meaning that I will get a benefit if you sign up via them! Thank you!

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