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So What Else is New Pt. 2 #MIMM

Well, this weekend was interesting. Obviously not what I intended it to be (in some respects) but great overall. Don’t know what I mean? Allow me to elaborate.

Thanks, Katie!

Thanks, Katie!

After I posted my So What Else Is New? post on Friday, I realized that I was about to fall victim to another So What Else Is New?–my hamstring feeling really tweaked. It had felt a little meh the night before so I didn’t do yoga and just went to do my cleaning shift, so there was no overstretching or any of that. Beyond that, apart from a little fatigue during/after the run that morning, I had no reason to suspect ANYTHING. You all know how paranoid I am about my legs; you know I would have reacted accordingly if I thought something was up. Friday, though, after I just did very light resistance on the bike, and could definitely tell something was up. But would I still run the next day? I sought out some advice of the lovely Sarah, who gave me some great advice and agreed with my approach to the weekend–do what you can, show up, don’t try to break land-speed records, and have fun. Fine, no problem.

Then my hamstring started to feel worse, and that increased during the day. I actually ended up going home during lunch to tape, ice, massage, and wrap my hamstring/thigh. At least I got to start my Lolla people watching while out and about.

lollapalooza street dude

Also, this dude was 40. AT LEAST. And his hair was 4 colors. I’ll spare you the endless neo-hippies and bros that I saw. That guy was far more fun.

By mid afternoon, I had decided to hold off on the run the next day–I will discuss my thoughts on this later–in the interest of trying to head off another month sit-out. Hamstring strains are recurrent injuries, and even though I “did everything right,” marathon training is hard on a body, especially a body like mine. And sometimes, I forget that.

But I still was going to go to the expo, because I wanted to meet Erica!! Erica is an amazing woman–she is brilliant, and you can tell from talking with her for a matter of minutes, she is fast–she ran a 1:42:30 and won the Master’s division the next day after a crazy previous month of races–and she manages to do a million things at once. She also happens to be fantastically generous and nice as can be. Seriously?

suzlyfe ericafinds

Oh and she made my day by noticing my #flatsfriday 😀 (psst. so what else is new?). We chatted for a while, and then Alex came over and we went to get a drink and dinner at Mezcalina, next to the Radison Blu.

Sadly, this will likely be the last time that we eat at Mezcalina. The food, the drink–absolutely delicious. But the service might be amongst the most incompetent in the city. We had to get water for ourselves (um, they brought us a pitcher and no glasses…..) we asked for refills on chips and salsa (which are gratis) three times and didn’t receive any. Any of the times. They brought out Alex’s meal first (tacos), made me wait for mine (a simple salad because my stomach hurt and I had also ordered soup, which came before), and then it came out, was wrong, they took it back, and we didn’t see them again for 15 minutes. For a salad. With nothing cooked. (Apparently, great food, bad service there is a So What Else is New?, if you remember from my first post on them). Alex was finished with his meal by the time they came back. I actually left a note, I was so upset by the incompetency.

Honestly, this ruined my night. I was fine with the not racing the next day, until that. And our experience at Mezcalina just made me crumple and got me really bummed out. Luckily, I put on my big girl pants and went with Alex to a resident get-together, had a great time, and then came home, passed out, and woke up the next morning to go meet another great internet friend!

I am pretty meh on Zooma races, to be honest. They’ve yet to impress me–never enough restrooms, kind of unorganized, inconsistent course aid, not great courses (this was different from last year’s course). It would have been fine for a lower budget race (I got a discount from Tiffany and that is why I signed up), and at least this year they gave medals, but still, not impressed. I’m also not impressed that they never even responded to my application to be an ambassador. Shrug, their loss! Also, races are basically my Kryptonite, thus why I don’t sign up for many. Edited to add: Zooma may not thus far be my number 1 choice for races, but they do give excellent swag. So props to them on that!

Myself, Mo, and Erica! I deemed it necessary to dress as ridiculously as possible. #SwirlOn + Purple Procompression

Myself, Mo, and Erica! I deemed it necessary to dress as ridiculously as possible. #SwirlOn + Purple Procompression

Best part of the morning? Seeing Erica again and MEETING MOOOOOOOOOOO, who, despite a friend visiting and potential subdural hematoma, (she lost a fight with her wall after tripping on her pants. Thus why I love her) came out to run and to meet me. She is just as awesome in person as I expected her to be, and she color-coordinates like a boss. Thus also why I adore her. We had decided that we must try out the Arboretum just south of the city some time and get some hill work in. Cause we certainly ain’t getting it here.

After the runners started running, I walked north, and Alex and I spent the morning FINALLY finishing our wedding picture project, and hanging up our pics and canvases! I think they look awesome.


That afternoon was super exciting, what with napping and easy spin bike and PT. Then it was time to meet up with my girl S and her husband for dinner!! I also pulled a great blond moment and made us reservations in the wrong month, so we had to rejig plans, but we ended up at Cantina Laredo (So what else is new?), and so allllllll ended swimmingly in a salt rimmed marg glass.

margarita suzlyfe

Good gravy I ate a ton of chips this weekend. Mezcalina, the resident get together, Cantina Laredo… apparently just because I didn’t run didn’t mean I wasn’t still rungry.

Sunday continued the good–S and M (bahahahaha) came to our place for brunch, and I cooked my No Fail French Toast, scrambled eggs, sliced bananas, and cherries. I had to run to the store before for bread and eggs and cherries, but came home to discover we were basically out of butter and maple syrup. We had juuuuust enough, but blond moment part deux. And only one of our nice coffee cups had the sticker taken off. FAIL.

Minus the other things.

Minus the other things.

After brunch and saying good bye, Alex and I cleaned up from breakfast, cleaned out the fridge and freezer, and I started making an epic grocery list, and then we went forth and did the deed. I love a simple, beautifully sated fridge and pantry. Makes lunch so much fun, and we have some ideas for actual meals this week, which we never do. The rest of Sunday was rather low key–some food prep for both of us, cooking (salmon, fresh green beans, and 479 Black Truffle and White Cheddar popcorn for dinner), and lots of Netflix rounded out our day. OH AND TITANIC

Rose DeWitt Bucater taught me that big hats are always a good idea.

Rose DeWitt Bucater taught me that big hats are always a good idea.

The weather was less that optimal, so I was glad that we were active the first half of the day, rather than finding ourselves cooped up the second part.

This week, Laura is coming to visit (SQUEEEEEEE), Alex returns to work, I have Remicade, and I am going to figure out what is really going on with this leg of mine. It felt much much better Saturday morning, but I am NOT going to be stupid about this. People thought that it was silly that I was running my longer distances this early, but I know from last marathon cycle, this is when the Sh** hits the fan, and especially likely to do so with the injuries I’ve already had this year. I still have 2 months until TCM, so a legit pull back week, then adding running back in and a few weeks of mileage before a peak run with Sarah and her running group before marathon day (I HOPE).

At the bar at Cantina Laredo

At the bar at Cantina Laredo

Is it worth it to you to go to restaurants where the food is amazing but the service is terrible? Are there places that are in your rotation where the food isn’t great, but the service is amazing?

Have you ever won an age group award at a race?

Last blonde moment (regardless of hair color)?

Extra Credit: What color of Rock Tape should I get next? I’m out. I just finished some of the beige. I like the blue argyle but am open to suggestions…. 

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