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So So Busy! (29 Weeks + Friday Catch Up 8/17)


Another busy week up in here! Lots of activities, and we are always getting into trouble! Find out about it on the Friday Catch Up.

Did you read the Weekend Catch Up on Monday? Emmie just keeps getting more and more mature!

Friday Catch Up 8/17

1 ) This week, I am just really feeling the Fit4Mom love. I had no idea when I started in May just what an impact it would have on me this summer. I have really grown attached to this group–I get so much out of it, and not just physically. I get so much fulfillment from the group socially and emotionally as well. I have made some really fantastic friends who I see throughout the week, in and out of class, and Emmie gets great socialization from her interactions with the other babies.

Wearing her Gender Reveal shoes for the first time!

This week, I went to Stroller Strides on Monday (um, hello, glutes) and Stroller Barre on Thursday, and I also went to the Zoo playgroup on Monday as well as had lunch and spent the time in between Strides and playgroup with Holly and Max, and then Emmie and I went to dinner with Ali and Ryan afterwards. 

I could die over this video, couldn’t you??

On Thursday, Emmie, Ali, Ryan, and I went to the Music Class for Babies (2-7 mo) at Bubbles Academy, and it was AMAZING. It was a great follow up to Broadway and Me, which we attended earlier this week, because we used the bells in each class, and Emmie was allllll about them. 

Thiese girls are just too cute together. 

There is a Mom’s Night Out this weekend, and I’m going to try to go for part of it, but I also really want to spend some time with Alex and Emmie, so I might bug out early. 

2) Emmie had two classes this week, and they both were focused on music! We went to Broadway and Me on Tuesday, and they performed The Wizard of Oz. It is amazing to see the growth of Emmie since her first class. Sure, she still spends a lot of the time watching, but now she watches enthusiastically, rather than with a bit of trepidation. She also really reaches for the instruments now, and even other kids sometimes, lol. She really wanted the socks of the girl next to her. 

There are a few instruments that she really doesn’t understand (like clappers and some others), but she has got the bells DOWN now. 

Something I’ve been very thankful for this week is her overall better mood. She still gets fussy, of course, but by and large she is happy more of the time than she has been the past few weeks. I think my new attention to keeping her fed more often and also keeping her much more hydrated (lots more water) is helping–she is going to the bathroom more comfortably and more often, but not in an alarming way. I’m also trying to focus on her naps, but that has been difficult at times. 

At night, she is doing well with getting herself back to sleep when she wakes up, by and large. Ironically, I am spending more time awake at night than ever before! She often wakes around 1-2 in the morning, and I’ll wake up and see what she is going to do. Usually, she gets back to sleep, and I end up pumping during that time so that my supply will be back by the time she does need it, and also because her waking up triggers my body to produce milk. So I’ve actually been wanting naps myself more than before!

Emmie and Ryan both zonked after music class.

Eating and drinking from the sippy cup continues to be our big challenge, but she is progressing on both. She now likes sweet potato that I fix, and she is able to take fair sized chunks of avocado, sweet potato, and banana. I just break some off and give it to her! Interestingly, though, this week she has decided that she doesn’t want to feed herself, she insists on either Alex or I doing it. And she is overall better about drinking milk with her dinner!

Movement and coordination wise, she now can turn herself around in a circle to the left while on her tummy. I have gotten her (read, I have tricke her) into rolling in the direction that she doesn’t want to, but she still thinks she can’t. And she won’t try to turn herself in a circle to the right because she can just flip herself over that way. So we are at a momentary impasse. We’ve been practicing our standing a lot this week, and she even held herself up while leaning on the ottoman a few times, and she will take some small steps with me holding her hands. 

3) Unfortunately, this hasn’t been quite the break that we were hoping it would be for Alex. Although he has secured weekends off, his weekdays have been killer. He somehow got off in time to see Emmie Wednesday, but we are basically expecting that to be the exception to the rule this coming week as well. 

4) Luckily, Mom is coming next week! I have a colonoscopy next week, and because my body is lovely and doesn’t like to do ANYTHING close to being helpful, I have to do 2 full days of liquid diet and scope prep (read: spend my time on the toilet). Especially as Alex’s schedule is so unforgiving, having the extra hands to help with Ridley and Emmie are much appreciated. But if we can get it done and dealt with, I will be good to go for about 2 more years, hopefully. 

In a classic Suz move, however, I ordered our Imperfect produce box without remembering that I had my scope… so we have a full fridge of hard to digest veggies that I’m trying to eat as much of as possible before this weekend, when I am going to change my diet to a low residue one to help with the scope. 

Whoops. That said, the slaw I made for our fish tacos was really, really good. 

5) This weekend! Alex is at least free to enjoy 48ish hours without the hospital, although we are meeting a colleague of his and his (new) wife for brunch on Sunday. They are actually the newlyweds from the wedding the other weekend! My bracelet fell off during the wedding, her mother found it, so both in order to return the bracelet as well as to see each other, we are getting together. Otherwise, I have the little appearance at Mom’s Night Out.

And the I get to poop my brains out for two days see my mom!

Focus on the seeing Mom part….

Have a great weekend, everyone!

Have you ever forgotten that you were going out of town, or eating out a lot, or something of the sort, and ended up with a fridge-full of food?

Ever had a colonoscoy? This is my 9th!

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