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So Much Nonsense, So Little Time #ThinkingoutLoud

Goooooood morning, my doves! Ready for some nonsense? I am only too happy to oblige. And, as always, blame Amanda for allowing such debauchery 🙂

OH! And for those in Chicago, this weekend is the Women In Travel Summit, sponsored partially by my girls Danielle and Natalie of Ramblen! Come down and see us!



1) I am writing this far too early in the morning thanks to an internal alarm clock that apparently things that we gained an hour rather than losing one. My body is an idiot.

cat box poop

2) Chicago weather can suck it.

cold weather

3) I think I said this earlier, but I have been binge watching Orange is the New Black. To be honest, I am still not sure if I am in love with it, but I am binge watching it all the same. Have almost finished the entire season. I started Friday. Do the math. I’m going with dedication to my craft rather than dedication to the show 😀 A poignant quote from the (at the time) current episode: “You gotta start [mopping] from the inside, or else you’ll step on the clean”

oitnb meme

(edited to add: so I decided to just go ahead and finish the season. And with the way it ended, I’m pretty much good not watching it. So there you have it–dedication to craft).

4) I got a night guard this week. I could be all waaaaaannnnnnnh nightguard (especially because it is $$$), but then I realized something: this saves me from having to go to an orthodontist and getting another retainer made (because my old one hurts my teeth in a non-helpful way). Plus I hopefully won’t have to get crowns and a root canal. Oh and my husband comes home exhausted and overwhelmed from working in the Med-ICU. No need to look seeeexxxxyyyy in that case, lol.

orange mouthguard

5) So I started up my unlimited month of CorePower Yoga on Saturday. And then went and over-stretched my hamstring that I am trying so hard to heal. BALLS. Just my luck–I start up a month of unlimited yoga only to now be apprehensive of going slash probably should wait a few more days to go. Only then I will be in the thick of the WITS conference (with Danielle and Natalie and Ramblen!). And then I go home! BLLLARG awesomesauce but also annoying.

6) I went to PT on Monday and Missy bludgeoned my quad/ITB. Really oddly, I woke up Tuesday and my hamstring felt amazeballs and my quad felt kinda bruised. It felt increasingly better over the course of the day, and then after I did the bike, I had to run across the sundeck (yay for being able to go outside rather than the long way to the gym!) and THERE WAS NO PAIN AND IT FELT FANTASTICALLLLLLL!!!!!


7) But I c.a.n.n.o.t. get my hopes up. I need to wait this out–it will be so much better for me in the long haul. I need to take this time to really apply myself to my PT and to remodel my muscles so that they work and activate properly in the future. There is a great article from Runner’s World last month (“The Whole Body Fix”) that is very germane to this topic and definitely gave me motivation to re-apply myself diligently to all of this.

running meme

8) Another amazing article from the same month is that chronicling new research on the efficacy of running/exercise in the treatment of PTSD in returning soldiers. Having run the Marine Corps Marathon and seeing how many current and former soldiers are involved as well as the Wounded Warrior Project, the article really struck me. While I have not been in the thick of battle, I have suffered (and continue to deal with) clinical depression and anxiety, and I am certain that my exercise regiment has contributed to what mental health I have. These facts are also relevant to my future as a personal trainer–exercise not only contributes to mental health by increasing self esteem but also helping people to learn to deal with stress, etc.

9) Saigon Cinnamon is far superior to Ceylon Cinnamon. I tried out Ceylon, but Saigon is the bomb diggity. Another thing that I am going to be reverting to? Old Fashioned Oats. I took a brief hiatus with the quick oats, but I miss the chewy texture of the OF. Obviously, it takes a bit longer to make, but if you soak it while you are making and drinking your coffee, and then microwave, doesn’t take that much more effort! Plus, the egg white, blueberries, and sunflower butter=crucial.

Because why the f not.

Because why the f not.

10) My big excursion today is going to be to go get waxed. BIG STUFF GUYS.

What show should I “dedicate” myself to next? Breaking Bad? Or should I catch up on Downton and Sherlock?

What are your random thoughts RIGHT AT THIS VERY INSTANT GO!

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