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Make the Most of A Snow Day (for Runners!) (Coaches Corner)


How do you adjust your training and what activities help to make the most of an unexpected snow day? Find out and join Running Coaches Corner!

I’ll be honest, growing up in Atlanta, we didn’t have many legitimate snow days. We’d get 1-2 a winter, and sometimes, we’d even get one based on the threat of a big storm! To be fair, there had been some bad situation in the past, so I respect their decisions, but still, now that I live in Chicago, snow days for those conditions are laughable. #polarvortex

There are a number of ways that you can approach the “vacation” to make the most of a snow day!

Make the Most of a Snow Day (for Runners)

How do you adjust your training and what activities help to make the most of an unexpected snow day? Find out and join Running Coaches Corner! @suzlyfe

1) Blaze New Trails!

Not everyone is equipped with snow equipment, but if you’ve got them, grab snow shoes, cross country skis, or just your hiking boots and walking sticks and go for a hike (even to the grocery store). Bonus points if you are first out and get to see the unblemished powder 😀 These types of activities are an amazing option for your cross training! I would say to make that day into a more steady state workout unless you are familiar with the equipment–if you know the equipment and the terrain, go for some hills or try out some intervals!

Running outside? Dress properly and make sure that you have plenty of traction!

2) Uncover Old Trails

Another great activity for your cardio and strength? Shoveling snow. MAJOR CAVEAT. Practice proper form by supporting your back and using your glutes to give you a nice base of strength and power. Engage your core (you know it is my catch phrase!) to help protect that back as well. This is where you will find out how effective those unilateral exercises are! Switch sides, stand up fully on a regular bases, and make a game out of what many would see as a chore.

3) Focus on the Details

If you are behind on your PT exercises (for shame), now is the time to get to work. You literally have no excuse. Take an hour and get your yoga, injury prevention, and core work on! Work on your alignment during lunges, get after your wallsits, and flipflop everything with push ups. Or bundle up and take your yoga outside for some snow-ga!

4) Un Dread the Mill

Yes, you can do your run on the treadmill, but if you just can’t stomach the thought of slogging out your miles, time to change it up. Did you catch my tip on Instagram yesterday? That is a great way to make your time go faster as well as prevent injury! Just don’t go too fast too soon! 

5) Embrace the Day as What it Is: A Day “Off”

You might need to talk to your coach, but flip flopping a few days in your training schedule should be ok (again, talk to your coach–we often have the days done in a particular way for a reason!). If you live somewhere that doesn’t see much snow, seize the moment! Stay inside and work on meal prep, or get outside, make snowmen and have a snowball fight with your kids or your neighbors! Take the dog out and emulate her excitement to jump around in the snow. 

Be a kid again. Then come inside and have a hot bowl of soup (can I suggest one of these?) and some kale hummus.

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Remember when snow used to be fun? Take care of any business that you need to (like making sure that you can get outside and that pipes don’t freeze), and then bundle up and get after it. Running will wait, remember?

Who got snow yesterday? How did you spend the day?

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