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Snapshots, Leaps, and PLANS (15 Weeks, Friday Catch Up 5/11)

It has been a fun week over here in the Lemmer household. Find out what we have been up to on the Friday Catch Up!

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Friday Catch Up 5/11

I’m going to have to keep this snappy because someone is feeling a bit fussy this afternoon after a relatively unfussy week. I don’t know how long this nap is going to last!

1) Emmie is continuing to make mental and physical leaps! They are coming at a remarkable pace–each day she seems to learn something, or to hone a skill. This week, her ability to go to sleep on her onwn stead has improved dramatically. Sometimes it can take her 15 minutes, but by and large, she can talk or cry herself to sleep (by cry herself to sleep, it is not a wail, more just an expression of her fussing and tiredness. And often it tapers off after a moment or two and she just shuts her mouth and passes out!). This fussy moment right now has been an abnormality this week when putting her to sleep. It had to happen!

She is sleeping in the crib really well, and after we transition her out of the double arm swaddle (where both arms are held in), I am going to move her to her crib. I brought her out to it one morning this week and she slept 2 hours longer than usual!

Speaking of talking (lol), she is REALLY developing with regards to her conversation! She and Alex have conversations when he comes home, and it is hilarious to watch. We have conversations as well, but I can’t really photo/film those a) because of the angle and need of both hands and b) they often happen when she is nursing or when I am trying to get her down for a nap (she has undivided attention and eye contact). But she locks right on to your gaze and starts speaking and looks #SOEXCITED about it! It is so adorable. 

After a decline in tummy time around the weekend, she has picked it back up and is doing better. We’ve rolled over more this week, but it isn’t quite consistent yet. 

Remember how she used to have a bazillion dirty diapers a day? Her digestion has slowed down quite a bit this week, even though she has had some tummy upset. Part of this is totally par for the course–as babies’ digestion improves, they actually have fewer bowel movements because their food doesn’t go straight through them. But she has had some stomach discomfort, which is totally my fault–I bought the dairy version of something and I thought I had gotten the dairy free… but she is doing better since it didn’t totally derail her!

Annnnnd someone is awake. I’ll come back if I can!

Oh yes, and we are alllll about our hands.

We are also front facing in the carrier now! She had a fit the last time I had her in it facing me, but her neck control is great and I’m slowly tapering up her time facing forward. 

2) Some snapshots from the week:

We met Christina for a drink downtown at the Allis!

We got a baby camera so that I can put her down for a nap and go change the laundry or take Ridley out to pee and keep an eye on her for the 5 minutes that I am gone (or longer, if I have to wait for the laundry). An added benefit? Alex can see us from work! I also shared it with the grandmothers as a Mother’s Day present!

We went down and saw Daddy at work on Tuesday morning. He had late procedures and was then on call, so he stayed at work and Emmie and I brought him his lunch, plus got to see some friends.


I am in love with this hummus. It is amazing. GET IT.

I found a pink dogwood! They are a favorite of mine, and really remind me of growing up in Atlanta.

3) Other random things:

I didn’t go to Stroller Strides on Wednesday because the weather was funky and that was the day Emmie slept in. But I am going today (even though the weather isn’t supposed to be great) for the special Mother’s Day session. There are going to be photos and snacks and other fun!

We are finally finally FINALLY getting our apartment cleaned today! I got a deal on a cleaning, so I set it up and even though the original cleaning was cancelled last minute, it will happen today and I AM SO EXCITED. I feel like we are extra filthy because we knew the cleaning was happening.

I’m now watching Justified as my background noise/nursing distraction. Really enjoying it so far. Also, Timothy Olyphant is so cute and Walton Goggins is so good at what he does.

4) One year ago I was in Lake Tahoe with Spyder and Shape Magazine and trying to keep my mind off of the fact that the day after I got back (which was on Mother’s Day), we would have our third Beta test, and I would find out if I was pregnant. That trip was not only incredible, but in many ways, it changed my life. The people on the trip stuck with me, but they also helped me get through a weekend that would otherwise be one that I needed to white knuckle through. I will be forever grateful to Spyder for that trip.


I’ll get to this weekend in a minute, but I feel like I made plans with so many people this week. This weekend, my other Alex is coming (with her husband, to celebrate their anniversary, but I like to think that she is coming for me and Emmie and Ridley); next weekend, Lauren is visiting and I’m going to take her out; the next weekend, the former CES crew is getting together with all of our babies for lunch; the next weekend we go to Alexandria to see the whole fam (both sides); and the next weekend is Ellen’s graduation party! And a month later I go to Atlanta to see my fam!


This weekend, we are going to celebrate Mother’s Day pretty much from midday Saturday to midday Sunday. Well, and Stroller Strides class today (Friday) Edited to add: class already moved inside because of weather but it is a bit of a ways from me so I’ll double up next week. I have a workout class (a Pilates fusion type class) Saturday late morning, and we had plans to go for a family run, but that might have to wait until Sunday because of weather. Brunch is a given. We are going couch shopping (I hope) to get a new couch so that Mom has a pull out to sleep on when she visits, rather than getting a hotel for every 2 night stay. Saturday night, though, we are going to mfk, which was the standout experience of my parents’ visit a year and a half ago. I won’t be able to have the incredible Basque cake, but I am so excited about everything else.

Sunday, I am going to the same early morning yoga class with my fave yoga teacher that I went to when Alex’s family was here. I hope that we will meet Alex and her husband for brunch, but either way, we will get Frances’ or something equally yum. 

Well, these are the projections for the weekend. Chances all of them happen? Slim to none, but we are going to try!

I’m out of here, and I will see you on Monday! Happy Mother’s Day to all the human and furbaby mama’s out there!

What do you have planned for Mother’s Day weekend?

Tell me something random and fun from your week!

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