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Cher and Packages (But Not Drag Queens) #thinkingoutloud

Let’s start off this Thursday with smiles on our faces: Weddings are awesome when the people involved don’t take themselves too seriously. Alex and I certainly didn’t! View More:’m going to put together a wedding post in the near future (hopefully in time for our anniversary in 2 weeks!). Completely unbiased, we really had one of the most fun and energetic weddings that I know of. You all know me–I take what I do seriously, but I don’t take myself seriously at all–we just had the time of our lives. And speaking of weddings, it would appear that you all want the recipe for the scones that I mentioned yesterday, so I GUESS I will help you all out with that soon πŸ˜€ I was thinking about giving you all some random facts about myself again (I had so much fun doing this the other week) but I have some fun random thoughts for this week, so this week’s Thinking Out Loud is going to be a mix of thoughts and fact, but you best believe they are all 100% Suz.


1) I am currently watching Cher get interviewed by Tamra on the Today Show, and now I totally want to see Cher in concert. Apparently she just added dates to her tour, so maybe…? HOW LEGIT WOULD THAT BE?! 2) I had to throw Cher in there, because it was on my mind, but what I REALLY wanted to start TOL with this week was with how spoiled I have been of late: foodie presents (640x362) Do not adjust your computer, you are indeed seeing what might be as close to heaven in a picture as possible. To actually achieve heaven, there would need to be ice cream involved. DUH. In the past few days, I have received the best foodie gifts for this kid ever: I got my mom to get us reinforcements of Crispy M&M’s (they still exist in Mexico and Europe!!!!) from Mexico; the amazing Laura sent me a giant 30 box pack of Starburst Jelly Beans (aaaaaaaaaaaahhhh); and the generous people of 479 Popcorn sent me what they will sending to the lucky winner of Suzlyfe’s First Giveaway!!!! No, your eyes are not lying–those are the BIG bags of EVERY SINGLE flavor of 479 Popcorn. Be still, my heart. Get moving, my mouth and hands. Reminds me of my bday gift from my girl C (apparently I am pretty clear about what I like, haha): Perfection. But I wish she was in the box that I opened :DPerfection. But I wish she was in the box that I opened πŸ˜€ I also got my Milkshake Protein Bar Cupcake Protein Powder from Courtney! (but it didn’t make it into the picture, oops!) 3) This thought brought to you by sugar-high: Dugongs (though named in a silly fashion) are awesome. downloadBut this might be one of my favorite meme’s of all time:

otter half

I die.

4) Random fact about moi: I used to be able to recite the books of the Bible (Old and New Testament) backwards and forwards. I can still do the OT, but not the NT.  Comes in handy for crossword puzzles. Thank you, Christian Prep School education. And bribery by Jolly Ranchers. Not much has changed–bribe me with candy, I will most likely do what you ask.

5) Laundry day in these here parts cracks me up.

suzlyfe laundry day

Guess which clothing pile belongs to whom? #Idontdoquiet

6) Random fact: I am a food horder–I have determinedly saved my bag of Crispy M&Ms that I brought back with us from Mexico, and I will likely do the same with this popcorn… OH WAIT I TAKE THAT BACK. But in general, when I have something that I really, really, really like, it becomes, like, sacred and I have to save it until I have some sort of concept of when I can get more, haha. And I also have a tendency to get used to buying things and then stocking up even when I don’t need to, thus my stockpile of energy bars.

7) I really should go put all of that laundry away. My socks are still drying on the a/c unit. The cat has been very perturbed about this during her nightly prowl along the windows. Oh, wait, she’s just disturbed in general. Takes one to know one, I guess.

zoe in bookcasetrain3

8) Found my new favorite (sweeter) Kind bar: Caramel Almond Sea Salt.

kashi vanilla bar5 suzlyfe

I also love the Dark Chocolate Chili Almond. But Clif Mojo’s are likely my favorite (though a bit higher in sugar)–especially the Chocolate Almond Coconut, Mountain Mix, and Honey Roasted Peanut. The newer ones are good, but generally higher in sugar (particularly if with dried fruit) and lower in protein than the previous versions. The Think Thin Crunch Chocolate Coconut might be one of my favorites of all time. Also love the Cherry and Mixed Nuts one, too.

9) Mom sent me this picture. I was 2 or 3, post orange and brown hair, but already awesome and after the sugar.

easter suzNot much has changed:

I have issues with sugar.

I have issues with sugar.

10) I love the show Million Dollar Listing New York. I loved living there, I am an architecture, decor and design junkee (I used to be subscribed to Architectural Digest. As a teenager.), so this is like porn to me. This season is a getting a bit obnoxious, as most reality shows do 3 seasons in as people start to become caricatures of themselves, but I still love it. MDL Miami is going to be stupid, largely because the people look mega boring. It’s Miami, guys, pick it up.


Pardon me, its #jellybeanoclock. I hope you fools have a fantastical day, and I will see you tomorrow for Friday Favorites! Tomorrow, we are going to look at some fun retoolings of my standard lunches and regular ingredients!

Favorite flavor of jelly bean, GO!

Favorite ridiculous name for an animal, GO!

What legendary music act would you love to see live?


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