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Smarter Home Fitness: Gigabody Review and Giveaway

Over the past few weeks, I have been utilizing my Tuesday posts to talk a bit about my views on personal training and fitness (etc) challenges. As this month as brought me not only a new wave of projects at work (particularly as we are getting closer to the rental season) and (I am so excited to say) some new training clients, well, let’s just say that the wheels have been churning, both with regards to how to balance my work/work/blog/life as well as how to give the proper attention and follow through to my passions and responsibilities.

This weekend, while I was at YogaBrunch with Lauren and Sara, I was truly whomped in the face with a truth I’ve already known to be evident: that poor teaching not only leads to ineffectiveness, but it also can be down right harmful. To briefly explain: the yoga class that we took at Lululemon was an insult to my yogi heart, in many ways, but most especially with regards to the fact that the sequencing was completely messed up (as in, the sequence was not constructed to accomplish a purpose, but rather were done in a haphazard fashion that could have, in the wrong settings, resulted in injury but in this case just a lot of people not getting much from their time spent) and the fact that there was NO attempt to provide the proper instruction as to how to achieve the poses.

susie meme

No, I was not expecting individual adjusts and assists (such as at Corepower). But COME ON. This class also drove home to me how much I am better suited to my one-on-one method of teaching. Otherwise, I would want to fix everyone in the class!


That got me thinking: should I ask my blog readers if they might like me to make yogi videos demonstrating and explaining poses? But then: But I’m not yoga certified! Wouldn’t that be going against the very podium upon which I am standing??

Well, thank goodness for taking advantage of opportunities! Rewind to a few months back, when I was thinking that I would like to take more advantage of barre and pilates type workouts, especially while on the road during the holidays, I was offered the chance to take the Gigabody program for a test drive.

gigabody review giveaway suzlyfe

Pause. What is Gigabody? (Click here for FAQs)

For $8.99/month, you receive 24 hr/day unlimited access to an ever-growing library of streaming videos and training plans. The video library is searchable like Amazon shopping–just refine as much as you need to. And I’m not kidding when I say that they have an ever expanding and diverse inventory of videos: everything from traditional strength to yoga to “Bombay Jam.” If you like workout DVD’s, this could be your answer. ClassPass at home.

“Our mission is to help you form and maintain healthy exercise habits, by giving you easy access to efficient, effective workouts that make you feel great… Gigabody was built to combine the benefits of the best workout DVD’s on the market with the ultra-convenience and continuous updates made possible through the web” Source

Fast forward back to the present and the thought of doing yoga videos (which still might happen, but I have a different idea of how to do them that I’m actually pretty excited about!). What does this have to do with Gigabody?




But of course I’m not just going to suggest things to you willy nilly.

Each video tells you length, level of intensity, workout style, equipment needed, description of what you are embarking on, and even lets you favorite them for later. Instructor bios are at the top of the browser page.

side plank gigabody

These are videos by experts in their fields. Not by people who dabble in#allthethings. That means that you are actually getting real and CORRECT information, demonstration, modifications, and how to take the poses further. Proper set up and dismount are also included, and even the opportunity to learn how to do these moves properly with weights for you yoga sculpters out there!

You all know that I am a tough sell. I was super pumped about what I found. Yoga tutorials from 3 minutes (even a tutorial for getting into a head stand!) to over 70 minutes of Ananda Vinyasa. Hip opener sequences, yoga for mommies to be, ballet/barre options… and most of them even in HD video.

Beyond yoga, the options and considerations don’t stop: more videos for the mommies to be, express workouts, upper body blasts, kickboxing, HIIT, full body, skills and drills videos, just to name some of the others. And even free training plans, to help you put everything together.

gigabody training plan

Do I think that Gigabody can replace a personal trainer? Absolutely not. Part of the reason (beyond my own job security and making a living, heh) that I believe in personal training is the education and personalization that we, as professionals dialed into you and your circumstances, can provide.

But do I think that Gigabody is perhaps one of the best providers of online, in home training on the market? From what I have encountered, I think it is up there. I say this because of the fact that it does rely on specialized experts acting not only as guides but also as educators (such as the tutorials). You have the flexibility to figure out what you like, and to truly build a program. For those with a decent foundational knowledge of training and fitness, Gigabody could be an excellent tool to utilize.

The weaknesses lie, of course, in the videos made available to you. There are very good, but if you don’t find what you need (or you don’t have someone to help point out what you might need), then you are limited. If you don’t have access to the weights, etc, you might also find yourself hampered. But for the variety, the accessibility, and the quality, I give Gigabody high marks.

Want to try out Gigabody? Guess what, I have a free month membership for you to try it out!

Giveaway ends Feb 2 at Midnight. 

Canadian Friends–enter away!
a Rafflecopter giveaway

Also joining up with Sara for Tried it Tuesday and Smitha for her Massive Giveaway post!

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