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Fun Small Changes to Elevate Your Running and Healthy Lifestyle


Yes, even small changes can elevate your running and improve your healthy lifestyle further! Here are some fun, creative ideas to take your running and healthy lifestyle to the next level! Link up with Running Coaches Corner! 

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Small Changes to Elevate Your Running and Healthy Lifestyle

Here are some fun, creative ideas to take your running and healthy lifestyle to the next level! Link up with Running Coaches Corner! @suzlyfe

Try to get in real veggies every time that you eat.

Even if it is a handful of carrots. I’m so excited, we finally joined a CSA for the summer, and we are going to get biweekly deliveries. Doing this is going to push my creativity, increase variety in my diet, and help keep me from getting into ruts with my cooking. Plus, I am a HUGE fan of shopping local and supporting farmers, so seriously? WIN WIN WIN. My body feels better when I have my veggies flowing through me, I stay much more satisfied, and getting my multivitamins, fiber, and carbs throughout the day makes me a better runner and healthier human!

Aim to MAKE the majority of the food that you eat every day!

Committing to make all of the food that you eat every day might just be impractical, but why not try to make the majority of what you eat, rather than purchasing or consuming processed foods. Not only will you save money overall by avoiding convenience and packaging fees, but you will be able to cut out so much crap from your diet. Convenience foods serve their place, but see if you can’t cut out the middle man! Plus, I get to put that CSA to use 😀

Italian Chicken Marinara stew meal prep done! Get the recipe @suzlyfe

Try out my Italian Chicken Marinara stew–you will make your own sauce!–and serve over sweet potato noodles!

Or use this 30 minute step by step power bowl meal prep guide.

Short on time? Check out my 30 Minute Step By Step Meal Prep for Power Bowls that you can take anywhere! Customizable, allergy friendly, gluten free, and even vegan. @suzlyfe

While you are changing things up, change up one of your training go-tos.

Freshen up your routine this time around. If you always run the same freaking trail… try another route or even go to the track for one of your runs! Familiarity is lovely, but it can make training into drudgery. Change up something with regards to your cross training, like a yoga and Pilates class a week rather than 2 yogas. Remember, you have to continue to challenge your body in order to get it to adapt! Just don’t do it the week before your first race… Want to try Crossfit? Check out my guest post for Nicole on how to incorporate CrossFit into your training.

Try out new gear!

If you remember my training prep post from last year, you will remember that I forbade you all from wearing the same thing year in, year out. That said, you don’t want to replace everything! So sign up for a fun subscription fitness apparel clothing service that lets you try out new things for way less than you will pay otherwise! I just tried out a new one–check out my Instagram for my review!

Hire A Coach

Coaches aren’t just for elites or those who are looking to beastmode all over the place. I love working with runners and fitness-minded individuals of all levels and interests, and particularly helping those who have some sort of mitigating circumstance (crazy lifestyle, pasts of injury or health hurdles, single moms) so that they can really find and embrace the love of running, and (SAY IT WITH ME) Live Beyond Expectations! Find out about what a running coach does, check out my coaching page for more, and sign up for the Coach Suz Letter.

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What is a little change you could make to improve your lifestyle for training and your health?

And now it is time for Running Coaches’ Corner!

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