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Sleeping on The Floor (36 Weeks + Friday Catch Up 10/5)

Oof what a week. There have been some serious highs and lows this week, and a decent amount of sleeping on the floor. Let me explain.

Did you read the Weekend Catch Up? I wrote it just for you!

Friday Catch Up 10/5

1). Well, first of all, I got to spend time with some really awesome people this week: Tiffy and my mom.

Emmie and I met Tiffy at Hopcat for dinner (I have an issue–it was my third time in a week? I miss Dunlays!). I hadn’t seen Tiffy since… before I had Emmie! We had a ton to catch up on, plus Emmie was being a star and entertaining us with her goofy smiles and nonsense. Alex even did  stop by on his way to the gym (he is on a new rotation that will get out later), and then Emmie decided that it was time for bed. 

I was so excited to see Mom the next day and to catch up with her and hear all about her big trip to Ireland with my dad. Well, we did end up having a really awesome visit, even if it was another “Mom is coming, so someone hurry up and get sick” situation. 

2) This time, it was poor little Emmie. 

Almost exactly a month after her last (and first) fevers, she woke up Tuesday with a fever and fussiness. She gave me a half hearted smile when I went in to get her, and then started crying when I moved her. That continued to escalate until I took her temp, which, sure enough, was a solid 102.7 fever. 

And then Mom arrived. 

Grandmommy brought me a Shamrock Sheepy!

The rest of the day, we tried to keep Emmie comfortable with Tylenol and, later, Motrin, and even though she obviously didn’t feel well, she still put on a brave face. But she so clearly ached, and her only truly comfortable position was sitting up. We through weaning and everything else out the window–I just needed to do whatever I could to comfort her. We got her to bed that night, but she didn’t sleep great, particularly at first. She woke up the next morning feeling ok, but still she ran a fever, so the doctors wanted to see her because of her lack of symptoms.

Well, don’t you know it, but by the time we got to the doctors at noon, she had no fever! She looked great, actually, and I thought we were out of the woods like last time. She was fussy by that night, but that was likely because she refused to nap (only 10 minutes in the stroller out of pure exhaustion). But I thought we were fine…

and then she woke up a little before 1 AM, feeling on fire (with another temperature) and just screaming. That continued for an hour until I woke up Alex for a second opinion, and ultimately, the only way I could stop her screaming at all was to just let her latch on and nurse. Finally, she relaxed enough to fall asleep, and I slept on her floor using her giant unicorn as a pillow and wondering what would happen in the morning.

Thankfully, she woke up in the morning a totally different baby! Her fever had broken and she was much more herself, and with a normal temp to boot. I was so happy to have my baby back!

3) Let’s take a detour from the kiddo for the moment. Let’s talk running.

Four years ago today, I ran the Twin Cities Marathon, my second marathon. The Chicago Marathon is this weekend, and it was the last marathon that I ran, and it happened THREE YEARS AGO. 

I can’t believe that it has been so long since my last marathon. The marathon is still my running love. I still think of it with loving and longing. But I am also 100000% happy with the amount of running that I am doing at the moment. Currently, I am running 3 times a week, 3-4 miles while pushing Emmie and leading Ridley. A far cry from the 60 mile weeks of last spring or the 50 mile weeks of marathon training. But I am happy, content, and satiated. 

I would love to think that maybe one day I will get my chance to run Boston. But I am happy to think that opportunity is in the future and not in my present, to be honest. I am happy to not have to put in the work (lol) that I would need to for marathon training, or to balance marathon training with a baby and the various aspects of life that I now have. If I was marathon training, I likely wouldn’t be doing Fit4Mom, and F4M is such a huge part of my social life and socialization for Emmie. 

In short, yes, I get a twitch of jealousy and longing when it is marathon weekend, as it is this weekend. I get a twinge of longing for the burn and exhilaration of those last .2 miles of the race. I remember with fondness my “standard” weekday runs of 8 miles and my favorite long run distance of 16 miles.

I will always be a marathoner. 

4) This weekend, Alex’s parents are in town (along with the rest of the world, who are here for the marathon) for a wedding, and they are going to look after Emmie on Sunday as we go to Michigan for a wedding ourselves. We are renting a car with GetAround again and driving out and then back because he as work on Monday. 

5) spoiler alert–kid has now totally regressed sleep wise. She now won’t sleep without me. This weekend will be interestoj ng.

I’m going to cut it off here because I honestly have no brain power left. I ate a pint of Halo Top at 4 PM today and 4 cups of [partially caff] coffee today, with the first at 1 AM. My brain is fried. Even more than usual. 

LOVE YOU ALL. Thank you for reading and commenting and engaging and ESPECIALLY for sending Emmie love and healing vibes this week. Your support and love means so much to me and us! 

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