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[Skill] Debuts and [Fertility] Encores (35 Weeks + Friday Catch Up 9/28)

Emmie has been BUSY this week, not as much with social outings, but definitely with learning things! Lots of mini-milestones in the Friday Catch Up!

Did you read the Weekend Catch Up? I talk about diet updates and other changes for Em.

Friday Catch Up 9/28

1). Since I just mentioned diet, let’s circle back around to that for a moment.

The reintroduction of soy seems to be doing ok, but I have my doubts about dairy. She has been spitting up again this week, and it really only started after I reintroduced dairy via the cheese dip for the crack fries. I’ve had some other sources, and she has continued to spit up, so we are likely going to hold off for another week, and then retest with strict adherence to the dairy ladder.

But soy appears to be fine! I’ve had it throughout this week in various forms, as I did last week, and even though she is spitting up some, it seems more connected to the dairy than the soy due to timing and reaction the hours after I have one or the other. 

Last night she took 3 oz milk + 1 oz formula from a bottle!

2) Let’s Talk New Skillz!

So I “edited to add” a short blurb about these in Monday’s post, but in case you didn’t see that, Emmie accomplished several mini-milestones within short order Sunday night/Monday morning and in the days since.

We are now clapping!

Over the past week, we have really been working on using our fingers as pincers, and further using those pincers to pick up food. She has gotten really into that, and puffs might be her new favorite thing. She still squishes anything that is soft, but puffs she picks up right for her mouth. A great deal end up on the floor (expecially when she throws the whole bowl over), but whatever. 

Something super exciting that she did for the first time on Monday morning (and we have been working on since to replicate) is taking one of the stacking rings off of the post and later putting it back onto the post! So far she has only managed it with the green (the second easiest), but she has been demonstrating her understanding of the concept with the others, just not quite getting it. A real cool moment was also her demonstration of understanding sequencing when she held the yellow and green rings together horizonitally as they would be if they were vertical on the post.

She’s working on understanding categories as well: we have a puzzle board with barn animals that a friend gave to us, and though not always, she is starting to match up the pieces with their rightful spot. Again, not perfect, but she is working on it. She also loves when I make the animal noises!

She is also offering me things more and more. She will “give” me her cups that she has been playing with. We’ll see how that extends to chocolate later on.

Popping up on all fours (knees) is occurring with greater frequency, but she still is unsure of how to move forward once there. She has tried a few times but gets stuck. She actually isn’t responding to some of the tricks for encouraging crawling that we have learned in various classes–she resists them completely, actually, by throwing her knees totally out and collapsing if you help support her hips! Goof.

3) Physical Growth and Sleep Regressionish

We are definitely dealing with a mini sleep regression (there is typically one that happens around now). After sleeping like a champ last week, this week she has gotten significantly less sleep both during her daytime naps and nighttime, taken longer to go to sleep when we put her down, and naps have been much shorter. She is obviouly processing a lot of new information (see previous) as well as growing (hello, new clothes), so this is all just part of it! 

We are also officially in 9 month outfits! She turned 8 months old 5 days ago, and on Wednesay/Thursday I packed up her 6 mo clothes. Also, with it getting colder, she needs the longer sleeves!

4) We had several doctors visits this week–the dentist and the fertility doctors.

Other than the cavity, my teeth looked good. The cavity was one we have been watching for a while. You are welcome for the update. Also, the fact that there is a new mini Dylan’s Candy Bar next to the bus stop for the dentist is just part of their plan. Yes, I went both times I went to the dentist.

Fertility Round 2… Fight? 

As I mentioned last week, we are discussing going through egg retrieval this fall and trying to bank some embryos for a transfer next year. I have two egg retrievals left per our insurance (to my knowledge), and because we have already done two retrievals, we *should* have a pretty good idea of what to expect. Of course, you can’t plan for everything, but I would rather do these things now, before she is up and moving around and I can’t run or bend over much due to the ovarian stimulation.

Need a refresher on what IVF looks like?

First, though, I have to completely stop breastfeeding and pumping as well as go on birth control beforehand (because of my hormone situation). Emmie is taking milk through a bottle better and better, but now I have to convince her to take the formula! Furthermore, since she seems to still have some dairy/soy sensitivity, we will have to get her the special stuff, which we all know she hates. But we are all ready to figure it out! I think? 

5) This weekend is going to be super fun!

Today (Friday) we of course have Broadway and Me, but we also have a special Fall Fest Stroller Strides and Playgroup before Broadway. Alex is going to meet us at the Zoo (where class is going to wrap) for playgroup, then a short nap will be needed before class.

Saturday is our friend’s son’s first birthday party, and I’m pumped to check out the venue, which is an activity play space that might be good for Emie later on. Sunday, we are meeting up with friends we know through Team Challenge for a Run and Brunch at Bitter Pops!

Then, unfortunately, Alex goes back to work on Monday, and this rotation won’t be as forgiving as these last few. He also started a weekly class this week that will go until December (I think), but then he will be done with his Masters. Overachiever.

What are you up to this weekend?

Oh, and sadface, one of our favorite restaurants, one that basically fueled my pregnancy and Emmie’s infancy, closed this week. RIP Dunlay’s….

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