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Signs November is Upon Us (Thinking Out Loud)


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A thank you to Ms. Amanda, our ever spoonful hostess.

A thank you to Ms. Amanda, our ever spoonful hostess.

10 Indicators that November has Started

1) It has already sleeted/frost warning-ed in Chicago and freaked us all out.

2) In response, Susie switches out her clothes. Read, all the sweaters come out and my accessories start to populate all the corners of our apartment (more so than usual).

as many hats as necessary

as many hats as necessary

3) Furthermore, cold weather running gear returns. And is needed, then not. In true Chicago fashion of never being able to make up it’s mind unless it is a Polar Vortex.

4) Puffington returns. He’s a good man. Zoe no longer attacks him.


5) I have to “winterify the apartment” by blocking drafts along the ledge next to our bed with a beach towel.

6) You find me buying Starbucks just so that I can have the cup.

November comfort in its essence

November comfort in its essence

7) Parents start to ask what you want for Christmas. Answer: no clue other than a race medal holder and finally crossing things off my to-do list. A personal assistant would be great. Or I could just get off my biscuit and do things.

8) The Lake Front Trail starts to get shut down. As do the bathrooms along it. Cue panic. Waves. Ice. Missing chunks of concrete…. Pretty soon it will basically be an obstacle course that you run but have no course support, medals, or fire. And the only glory is in your head, and reported by you way too slow running times. And digestive panic. a-dog-walking-into-a-mph-headwind-88992

9) Related to #3, but held off until now (because it takes me a little while to realize it in real life) but it will suddenly dawn on me that omg I have to return to the treadmill. I have run on a treadmill approximately 3, maybe 4 times since this spring. I’m not sure how I am going to manage the mornings.

I need her behind me in the mornings

I need her behind me in the mornings

9) Christmas commercials… Christmas filming…. Christmas shopping… Obnoxious (as in, not Michael Buble) Christmas music… Peppermint and eggnog supplanting pumpkin ice cream. EXCUSE ME??

Yesterday, Alex and I came across Chicago Fire filming a Christmas scene near my office.

Yesterday, Alex and I came across Chicago Fire filming a Christmas scene near my office.

10) Sunlight is at a premium. As in, gone by 5 (soon to be 4), and I am starving at 5:15 and ready for bed at 7:30. Grandma status to a new level.

alex asleep


**I start to realize how soon it is that I will get to see my family and go home!

(The best support :D )

(The best support 😀 )

**CCFA announces it’s first ever Team Challenge Turkey Trot! I am so excited about this. Completely hosted by CCFA and Team Challenge, so everything goes to research to find a cure for Crohn’s, Colitis, and other Inflammatory Bowel Diseases. So many people have “Turkey Trot” traditions, but I am usually with my family in the middle of nowhere, or traveling, so I do a Turkey Trot of my own every year (plus I don’t have to wake up first thing). This year? I get to have my tradition and get totally rewarded through it. Research funding, awareness, and this ADORABLE medal.

turkey trot medal team challenge

All you have to do?

  • Register by Wednesday, November 26 here for $35.
  • Move 3.1 miles in some fashion and of your own volition–YOU have to be the one skipping, jump-roping, running, walking, or whatever–on Thursday, November 27, American Thanksgiving Day (read, more than just Americans can sign up!).
  • Then take a pic of you wearing your personalized bib and put it on FB, Twitter, or IG tagged #TCTurkeyTrot.
  • BOOM. Roasted (hopefully the turkey, not you).

I’m in! I hope that you might consider joining me in making a little extra room for dessert. And though I may have posted yesterday about alternative baking staples and tips on how to use them, the purpose of this run, and Team Challenge’s other efforts, is to make is so that no one HAS to make these substitutions. The goal is to find a cure so that everyone only makes substitutions if they WANT to. We should all be able to enjoy this holiday of love and family without any extra anxiety and stress, right? Read here to learn more about what Team Challenge means to me.

What changes in your world signal to you that November and the beginnings of the holiday season are officially upon us?

Any cool Thanksgiving traditions that you are already looking forward to? Add the TC Turkey Trot to the list!

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