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Sick Little Baby Bird (32 Weeks + Friday Catch Up 9/7)

My little baby bird was super sick this Labor Day with her first real fevers resulting in some major changes of plan and even a trip to the ER! I’ll fill you in with the Friday Catch Up. 

Did you read my Weekend Catch Up from Monday? It went over the last week!

Friday Catch Up 9/7

1 ) Poor little nugget ran her first true fevers this week, and she has been trying to get herself sorted back out since. 

It all started Sunday night, when, as she went to bed, she seemed a little bit out of sorts and not quite her usual self going down. During the night, she woke up super early (just a little bit after going to bed), and when I fed her, she really did eat. I must have known something was up because I stayed in her room.

Then, about an hour later, she woke up again, and after about 10 minutes, Alex texted me to ask if she was ok (I always wait a little bit in case she just needs to reorganize herself . We both realized that she just didn’t sound like herself. She was making a very weird cry–not hunger, “I’m awake,” or bad dream. When I picked her up, she was really warm, and Alex came over just as I was picking her up, and so he grabbed the thermometer, which ended up reading 101.6*. 

After some Tylenol and some time in front of the A/C unit, we put her back down, and she slept some until morning. Her fever went down a little (10 100.4*), but she looked pretty wrecked and had no interest in eating or drinking (from any source). 

She was well enough to go out for a walk (before it got hot), but that was the extent of our going outside, particularly because he fever started to spike, even getting up to 103.4, which led to us calling the doctor on call (it was Labor Day!). Because she was asymptomatic but running a decent fever at that point (but still not dangerous range), the doctor advised us to keep her at home but to come in the next day, especially if she continued to be asymptomatic (because there could be an underlying infection).

Our pediatrician has a great resource online regarding fevers and what to look for in a fever to assess whether or not to call/go in/wait it out/etc, which we had been referring to up to that point. Always defer to your own doctor or judgment when it comes to your own kiddo!

Complicating matters, I had my infusion the next morning! But Alex’s attending (who happened to be my GI!) was great and told him to take the morning to take care of Emmie, who would be going into the doctor at some point, most likely. Her fever got down a little bit before bed (to about 100, but overnight, it went back up to 102.8; Alex was going to need to take her in. 

Up to this point, I really wasn’t too worried–all signs pointed to this being a virus (did I mention that Alex was feeling virusy as well?), and her fever being indicative of her little body fighting it off. I didn’t really have any reason to worry, and I had great faith in our doctor and Alex to assess the situation. 

And then Alex called me and told me that our pediatrician had seen some red dots that could mean either absolutely nothing or something really serious (like leukemia). She wanted us to take Emmie to the ER so that they could do labwork ASAP. 

Again, I hadn’t gotten super nervous yet, because I didn’t really understand what was going on (you know how it is when things are being told to you over the phone while you are in an office or whatever). 

But then you are standing in front of the children’s ER, waiting on your baby and your husband as you watch all of these other children and their families in various states of health and all the feelings and all the emotions…. and your heart catches in your throat. 

I will say, however, that Lurie Children’s does a pretty good job of keeping the ER as inviting and peaceful as possible. We also had the good fortune of being essentially the only people there, meaning we were processed quickly, taken directly into triage, back to a room, and immediately seen. 

The most traumatic moment was when we showed the “dots” to the doctor and she said, “Oh my gosh… (breath) oh, I don’t think that is anything.” THAT PAUSE. Alex and I were talking later about the experience, and we both felt our stomachs drop out of our bodies at that pause! 

Emmie thought it was all fun and games, and she LOVED the hospital gown.

She didn’t like the catheter (for the urine culture) and the blood draw. That was very traumatic for her, and after the excitement, not getting her nap, not feeling well, and being hungry, she lost it. I got her a little bit under control thanks to Boob (to help her relax and help her blod draw site clot), but ultimately, I had to swaddle her like when she was a wee thing. It took two receiving blankets!

Everything looked ok blood wise, her fever was back in normal range, and we went home.

 She finally got a nap in and started eating again, and in the days since has seemed well and healthy, if a bit off her game. She has been sleeping a whole heck of a lot, and her eating has been varied. But she has been back to her sassy self. 

Obviously, we well and truly gave up on weaning this week. We just wanted her fed and as relaxed and rested as possible. I haven’t pushed too hard on her new tummy time aka four points position (getting ready for crawling), and instead have let her sit and just play. 

This is the first week in a long, long time that we’ve not gone to any classes or had meet ups with anyone, and, to be honest, it has seemed like the longest short week ever! The only thing on the schedule other than my Remicade was Alex’s poster presentation for the American Liver Foundation, which was Thursday night. Today, Emmie and I may or may not go to Stroller Strides. We might just go for a run with Ridley. 

This weekend is going to be super exciting for her: we have Donut Fest and the Pearachute End of Summer Concert with Holly and Ali and their kiddos and families tomorrow during the day, and then all of us are going to make good on the rain-checked BBQ that we canceled when Emmie got sick. Then on Sunday, we are going to the baby shower of one of my best friends from the restaurant! We will get back to doing classes (for both me and for her) next week, but it is most important that she is feeling ready.

Poor little nugget. 

At least we have Ridley for comedic relief. Apparently, drinking from the water fountain wasn’t good enough.

Also, we *might* have started waving this week, and she kind of said “hi” to me while in her stand up!

Any excitement in your world this week?

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