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Shoulda Woulda Coulda… Oh Well! (Weekend Recap)

This weekend, I had major plans to do #allthethings. I shoulda woulda coulda… but I didn’t. Oh well! I had a great weekend nonetheless, and I made some delicious eats!

It can be frustrating being a “creative.” I am someone who works best on my own speed when it comes to creative pursuits–if I don’t “feel” like doing something, I find it very difficult to get myself to do them.


Friday was early to rise, early to the doctor for phototherapy and ultrasounds etc. The rest of the day is a bit of a blur, so I obviously didn’t get too much done, right? Oh, and there was the little dust up of going to the grocery store, doing some work in the cafe, and then gathering up all my groceries… only to realize that I had left my wallet at home. #fail Luckily, I hadn’t gotten too much, but still. I was able to redeem myself a little bit when I left early for the gym to train clients and stopped by the store for a few things then. 

Also, who else is guilty of throwing together masterful dinners for others, and meanwhile… you have a BBQ Lean Pocket? Guilty as charged. (meanwhile, Alex had salmon pesto pasta). Oh well.


Do you ever feel like you are moving moving moving… and accomplishing nothing on your to do list? That was totally my Saturday. I think I just threw in the towel trying to accomplish things on Sunday! Let’s back it up… what took over?

Saturday was a day of nonstop movement from 7-1:30. I had an interesting Uber driver down to the hospital (buses on weekends in the freezing cold is risky, if you know what I mean). The doctor was PACKED, so it was 9 by the time that I left, 10 by the time I got home (I walked home), then I got Ridley out and took her for a long walk and play session, or attempted to do so but was thwarted because she is just interested in eating wet leaves. 

But I can’ stay mad at her….

Or goose poop. WHHHYYYYYYYYYY.

I came home, dropped her off, and started the tomatoes for my Italian Chicken Marinara stew, and then headed back to Mariano’s for grocery shopping take dos. While I was there, I got the rest of the ingredients, then it was home again home again to finish adding ingredients to the slow cooker, and for lunch (a bit spoiled by all my sampling, lol).

Spoiler alert: I made the stew even better this time. I am going to go back and update the recipe, so if you have tried it (or not!) you are going to want to make this new version because it is even better! Really just adjustments in herbs and such, but doing the tomatoes first made a HUGE difference!

Italian Chicken Marinara stew meal prep done! Get the recipe @suzlyfe

Well, when I finally sat down after lunch… I was just done. And you know what? I looked at my step counter, expecting to see BIG numbers… and it was about 3000 steps below what I expected. I honestly don’t really care, but I always find that interesting.

Instead of getting to work… I watched the last two episodes of Top Chef. Oh Well. I did vacuum, though.

Then I made a (necessary) mistake. I took Ridley out with plans to let her get out her energy. Unfortunately, there were kids at the playground, so she didn’t get to run free. And I got to deal with all of that energy with her on the leash. 

I’ll be honest, it put me in a MAJORLY pissy mood. I’m going to have to learn how to assuage that temper of mine before we have kids! Alex got home (early, which should have been exciting!), and I continued to pout. Luckily, heading to the drugstore for a medication helped pull me out of my funk. I knew that I either needed a drink or I needed to do something productive, so I decided on the later and started to work on dinner, which was Moo Shu chicken wraps courtesy of Plated.

Ok ok, so this was from when I made the gumbo…

They turned out delicious, as did the Manhattan that I shared with Alex. We also had a really interesting, really REAL discussion about some aspects of our relationship. We do this from time to time, particularly when I get a little social lubricant in me + we don’t see much of each other. Concentrated amounts of time for your loved ones leads to small talk to going super deep.

Going through IVF adds to this. Having the night that you finally get to spend time together without both of you being exhausted be the night that you are doing your ovulation trigger shot? Basically makes deep conversation inevitable. 

I will say that I might not have been exhausted, but I didn’t get great sleep any of the nights this weekend. Kind of have a lot on my mind right now. 


Sunday… I just gave in to the feelings of the day before. Instead of forcing creativity, productivity, I took Ridley to the park (we just missed her usual play group), and she was being so good that I took her for a looooooong walk. It was delightful! I finished the morning with a snack and more focused walk on the treadmill. Not much really got “accomplished” (except for a bikini wax, lol). I wrote a blog post. I cleaned out our DVR. 

Green Street Smoked Meats in the West Loop of Chicago is amazing! Get the pickles and the pastrami! @suzlyfe

We finished out the day with dinner at Green Street Smoked Meats with Alex’s future co-fellows (one is already here, the other was visiting and looking at neighborhoods). The food was delicious and fantastic, and in addition to some serious smoked meats, they had tons of veggie sides (you know that I went for the pickled everything and it was the right choice). You gotta get the pastrami. It. was. unreal. Though we didn’t go wrong with anything–the brisket or the pulled pork. Oh, and get a Oaxacan Old Fashioned!

Then I had some Rocky Road Arctic Zero. It was magical. Chocolate always makes the end of your day a good one!

Productivity can be elusive for creative types. Shoulda... coulda... #weekendrecap Click To Tweet

Today is egg retrieval day. Come on, ovaries. Come on, Yoshi.

Thanks to Katie for the Marvelous Monday Link Up!

Do you ever struggle with focusing your creativity into particular times?

Did you make anything delicious this weekend?

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