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#SHOPSMALL with SwirlGear This Weekend!

(added after writing–HEY ELVES! Your mission today is to treat yourself–here would be a perfect opportunity!) #Elf4Health


Today is #SHOPSMALL Saturday–a day to celebrate and support small business rather than the typical big-box/generic/wholesale/impersonal/product-churner-out-ers that open at 8 on THANKSGIVING.

Aside–As has been discussed increasingly across the blog world (and I hope in your household as well!), why are we skipping a holiday that actually focuses on the good in the world and in our lives in pursuit of a holiday that has become an exercise in futility material possessions? Yes, I realize that I am now going to be talking about supporting a commercial company, but I stand behind buying from them because of the premise and principles on which they stand! And, they make me and you look gooooooooodddd.–OK DONE

And, to wit, a company that refused to start their sale on Thursday because they preferred that you spend it with your family, not your credit card.

I was introduced to SwirlGear completely by chance on Twitter a few weeks ago. After hearing the name mentioned a few more times in rapid succession, I decided to do some investigatory research. Within another hour, I had started a letter to them to become an Ambassador. Why? Well listen to this:

Our mission here at Swirlgear is to become the women’s running apparel brand of choice while also celebrating the strength, style and spirit of real women runners! We are a brand new company and do not advertise, so we rely on our Brand Ambassadors to help spread the word about our brand by proudly wearing our gear. Team Swirlgear is comprised of everyday women that are simply positive, passionate about health and love to run.


Um, yeah. I can get on board with that. And, they are a Chicago-based company, to boot. And run BY WOMEN, FOR WOMEN. I love this. I love the fact that Swirlgear is about initiative, that it is striving to build a COMMUNITY, not just a brand. I joined the Brand Ambassador’s Facebook group, said “hi,” and within minutes began to hear from stay-at-home moms, working mothers, fellow young professionals, elite runners, marathoners, couch to 5kers, fellow Chicagoans, women in California, in Virginia. Read my first post. Amy’s reaction? Instead of getting a restraining order and or calling the authorities, she wrote back that she LOVES getting these types of emails and getting to know the various women that comprise the Swirlgear family. She invited me to get in touch if I was ever in her area, and vice versa. I am not just a face.

Now, the clothes–first off, I have to say that they still have a smaller selection of options (they are, still, a new company). But I immediately was PUMPED to see the Sunny yellow long sleeve and short sleeve shirts.  I have run all of my races (except for the ones affiliated with Team Challenge, for which I wear my TC singlet) in a BRIGHT yellow singlet.

Evidence.  You are welcome for the fact that I didn't use another of the same pics again.

Evidence. You are welcome for the fact that I didn’t use another of the same pics again.

and was always a little sad that I didn’t have an option for cooler weather. PROBLEM. NEUTRALIZED.



Sooo sun-shiney.

Sooo sun-shiney.

So my thoughts? LOVE. When you are out running and particularly in layering situations, you want something that breathes, and wicks moisture away. Mission accomplished. What you can’t see is that the shirt is covered with little pin-prick-sided holes for air flow (I haven’t worn it in windy conditions, but I will let you know if it also stands up as a wind-layer). It is double-layer, with flat seams (HURRAY FOR NOT CHAFING), no tag (HURRAY FOR NOT ITCHING), a very comfortable depth collar (HURRAY FOR NOT CHOKING–actually, this is suuuuuppper important for me and one of my pet-peeves with certain LS crew (not mock/1/4 zip) running shirts), and cute to boot. I have a fairly long torso (I am 5’4″ and the legs are not gazelle-like), and it comes to a nice, hip-bone drop on me. The arms are a little longish, but great to pull up over your hands a bit (they do not have thumb holes, though. At first I was a little saddy about this, but I am actually totally A OK with this fact upon wearing the shirt. Especially for races, not having to mess with extra length on the arms will be really nice. And the breath-ability component will mean that I might not have to strip down mid race.

I am excited to try out my new Short Sleeve! I will report back on that later, after I give it a thorough testing, but I wanted to let you all know about this amazing company, one of my new fave running shirts, and a fantastic opportunity to support a local (to some), female-run, company that wants YOU to become part of its COMMUNITY.

ShopSmall with Swirlgear Friday-Sunday (as they said, they want you to focus on your FAMILY on Thursday and not sweat missing out on a deal!) and receive 25% OFF your purchase! Enter in SHOPSMALL at checkout, and enjoy a sun-shiney day of running, yoga, crossfit, zumba, stand-up-paddleboarding, cleaning, decorations-hanging, food-consuming, competition-eyelash-curling…whatever you have on the docket that might make you sweat. Believe me, RHOBH can sufficiently raise your pheromones to the point you might need a scent-repelling layer.

So if you want to get some Black Weekend shopping down, consider doing so in support of a great company.

Give me a shout!

Give me a shout!

And if you are interested in becoming an Ambassador like moi, give me a shout! I have a few people in mind, but I’ll give you the chance to step forward on your own. Before I do it for you.
Also, I am ambassador of my own choosing. I found them, I bought the shirt, though I was provided a discount once I became an ambassador, but my review is my own, unbiased, if-you-don’t-like-it-get-out opinion. Do you really think I would allow otherwise?

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