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Friday Five Lyfe Pregnancy

Shopping Parties, Newborn Classes, and More (Friday Catch Up 12/7)

Happy Friday! It’s actually been a pretty eventful week around her! Enough so that I required an hour and a half nap yesterday. Or that could just be for fun. So what has been tiring me out?

Friday Catch Up

1) It could be all the eating at our favorite haunts. I got my nachos on Friday night, crack fries on Saturday night, and my Frances Deli brunch on Sunday. Yes, I know that I sound like a broken record, but we are just so spoiled with the amazing food that is right outside our doorstep, and, to be fair, I am still not supposed to be walking hellafar. 

2) That said, I have been walking farther and farther! I walked the pond for the first time since the beginning of October on Friday, I walked to the dog park with Alex for the first time in MONTHS on Saturday morning, Alex and I got groceries together on Sunday, and I got to a few more little landmarks on other days. I made sure to rest rest rest the rest of the day, to take short steps and walk slowly, and I took lighter days as needed.

PT is going well–we are working on my pelvic instability (which, at the moment, along with hip flexor stretching and strength, is causing the biggest issues for me, comfortwise) as well as working to prevent diastasis recti (separation of the abdominals). I wasn’t at a high risk for DR before, but the focus we are putting on it makes me think that my injury has increased my risk for it. So far, so good, but I’m still wanting to keep an eye on the situation.

2) Bumpdate! On Sunday, I took some online classes that we had signed up for while Alex worked on his big project. The breastfeeding one, which I was really looking forward to as something that would be helpful, wasn’t so helpful at all. The Understanding Birth class was helpful, but it didn’t really go into the nitty gritty of birth. I’m not sure they were worth the money to take online–I think I should have taken the in person classes. But whatever.

People keep telling me “You’re so small!” Um, are you talking to Ridley?

On Tuesday, Alex and I had our Understanding your Newborn class, and it was great! The teacher was brilliant, the class well structured, and we got practice things like swaddling, bathing, diapering (Alex had never diapered a baby before!), and we had to hold the toy babies the entire time. I thought it was a great class, and something that made me feel like I was much better prepared to at least attempt to take care of a kiddo. Yes, it was still pretty focused on basics, but honestly, each kid is different, and trial and error is going to be the name of the game, right?

Thursday, I did more work in the nursery, this time opening the diapers and storing them, putting clothes in the drawers for changing, and taking tags off. We are still missing some very important things, like diaper wipes, bottles, nursing pads, a baby monitor, but we have clothes and diapers and blankets and stuffed animals, so we are good to go, right? LOL. 


Also, this kid is way more popular in utero than I could ever hope to be.  She also really, really likes the right side.

The baby shower is coming together, but this weekend, I need to go through the pictures from our maternity shoot so that we can have those around! I also need to go order the cupcakes… 

3) It has been parties galore for me, actually. On Monday night, Landon and I had a pop-up shop at the Windy City Bloggers holiday party, and we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves (as well as doing a bit of business) with the other bloggers and pop ups that were there. It has been a while since I have been in that setting–I’ve pulled back over the past year-ish from the blogging event scene, particularly the local blogging opportunities. We were/I was so focused on starting a family, and as we all know, the nature of my blogging has changed, and I just haven’t felt like part of that world in a long time. But this was fun!

I really, really wanted one of the Old Fashioneds that they were taking around, but silly pregnant lady, no Bourbon for you. I did have an excellent lamb burger, though. 

Wednesday was the big night for Landon Lacey Jewelry, though: the Landon Lacey Jewelry Holiday Shopping Party! Hosted by Once Upon a Dollhouse and held at Glowout Salon, we had a massive turnout and great reception of the jewelry–many of which were pieces that Landon made just for the event!

I chatted with so many fabulous women and caught up with some old friends, and at the end of the night, Alex joined us to help pack up (it was fellowship match day, so he was downtown), and the four of us (Landon’s hubs came to the party as well!) came back home together to our little enclave of Lincoln Park (remember–we live across the street from each other)!

It was so much fun, I can’t wait to help out with the next!

4) More jewelry stuff, but this time, we will be the once buying–today is a big gem show, and Landon and I are going to source new product for her line. And try not to go broke in the process. I told her to have a budget before going, but I need to make the same promise to myself! Otherwise… Alex already gives me the evil eye when I buy things, which I can understand because we’ve had to buy lots of stuff for Yoshi, and now Christmas. But I might just need a littttttle somethign for myself 😀 And if the pieces are on mad sale, well, they are basically free, right?

5) Alex is on call this weekend, but I have a holiday breakfast at the restaurant, so I will (hopefully) get to see some of my old friends then. Then I’ve got to finish putting the shower together, take care of the Riddles, do groceries, and follow up with a bazillion people. 

I know that this makes me sound important, but that is a lie. I mostly just eat things and get kicked in the stomach. #likeaboss

PPPPSSSSTTT check out Landon’s websiteright now everything is 10% off for the holidays! Seriously, her jewelry is the perfect gift for all manner of recipients–from your mother in law to your barista! 

I’ve off now. I convinced Alex to bring me home kimchi fries and I need to make sure that he doesn’t think that they are for him. 

What are you still needing to get, presents wise? I have a few people left.

Mexican, fries, or brunch?

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