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Shopping for Warmth (12 Months + Catch Up 2/11)

Sometimes, you just need to go shopping. Plus, more fun from our weekend!

Did you read about our fun week? Emmie did some exciting things!

Catch Up 2/11

1). Friday, Emmie and I went to Strides and then went with Ali and Ryan for lunch and shopping! I had some returns to make, and Ali wanted to look for a few things, so she picked me up and we went to Strides and then took the girls to lunch at Noodles and Co. Emmie pretty much just wanted to eat Ryan’s puffs.

Then we headed to Carters and Old Navy, where we both scored some major bargains on clearance stuff. I mean, 97c for little thermal tops? Yes, please! And I got her another pair of larger jammies and new bibs.

Such a great way to spend the afternoon, and running from the car to the stores when it is freezing is basically cardio, right? The wind chill dropped the temps by nearly 20 degrees….

Emmie was so hungry that afternoon after her (short) nap that she ate an entire adult sized almond milk yogurt (with peanut butter mixed in) + the other half of her morning banana + cereal. She wasn’t very hungry for dinner, can you imagine? And she didn’t really want her pre-bed PB.

Alex went to play basketball downtown, and I watched several episodes of Victoria, so now I am all caught up.

2) Saturday morning, Emmie got up early. Like 5:15. Probably because of her giant snack, rather than having dinner. she was hungry, but didn’t want her oatmeal! Girlfriend, you can’t be waking up early and then picky about what I feed you. NOT HOW IT WORKS. But she did eat a PB sandwich.

But she was hungry after swim and ate the oatmeal that I had fixed for her earlier (so basically her first and second meals were just flipped). During her post swim nap, Alex went and lifted while I just chilled, and he brought us home Yolk brunch take out. Emmie was ready to eat again, and girl ate half a sweet potato, a full large piece of toast, and more!

After playing, she needed some quiet time, so I went for a VERY rare solo run. I got to go to my point and see my favorite view of the city (it is hard to get there with the stroller). It was a really good run–fabulous conditions, little wind (unlike the day before, which was horrific), and no stroller to push. After little family walk and a solo Target trip for some necessities (unfortunately, not everything that I wanted), it was time for EVERYONE to have dinner, but Emmie was ravenous again! She ate the rest of her sweet potato and was mainlining the black beans I made for her.

Then she had some of the pizza crust from our pizza! She looks so adorable when she is trying new foods. She has to taste it, spit it out, then try it again. Or she will take a little nibble, push it around in her mouth, and then decide.

She had a little bit of a rough night. She fell asleep fine, but woke up and was inconsolable. I went in and got her quiet, but she lost it went I left. Then Alex went in and had the same (lack) of success. But he put her big Jellycat unicorn in with her, and she fell asleep (though she woke up a few more times and cried, but only for a short time). I think someone is growing!

—>> Speaking of growing and learning, after her huge success walking on Thursday night, we are back to barely walking at all, and if you try to get her to walk by herself, she will resolutely plop her butt down. Ohhhhh Emmie.

It was a traumatic night for Alex. First the UVA Duke game (which didn’t go well), then Emmie being upset, and then Avengers: Infinity War (which I really liked, actually, and I knew that things weren’t going to go the way that one would anticipate). Poor buddy, lol.

I, on the other hand, ate pizza, ice cream (go and try the Target mini donut light ice cream (basically their Halo Top) NOW. It is SO GOOD), fell asleep on the couch from 7:30-9:15, and then highly enjoyed the movie after poor peanut got to sleep.

3) Sunday Runday!

Emmie woke up at her more normal time of 7, decided to eat her oatmeal, and was generally in a better mood. Not so thrilled about getting in the stroller, but I’m letting Alex fight that right now when he is home.

We went for our family run, and I started pushing the stroller as usual. Winds were supposed to be relatively light, per the previous night’s forecast, but THAT WAS A LIE. F YOU WEATHER MAN.

The winds were 15ish and straight on headwind as we headed south. I finally took Alex up on his offer to let him push rather than me. I like to push the stroller because it makes me work harder and also because it gives me an extra excuse for why I am so “slow.” But I just couldn’t do it. The rest of the run south was tolerable for me, miserable for Alex, but heading home was nice!

Ridley has been obsessed with sitting on/with me. Apparently she needs her mama.

We went to Tarascas in a bit of snow for nachos and margs. And Emmie was RAVENOUS again! She cleared everything we put in front of her, from avocado to chicken to chips to beans!

4) This week has the potential to get busy, but I have to decide how to play it. We will definitely be going to Strides multiple times, and I have her signed up for a few classes, but the weather is supposed to suck (more snow etc and lots of wind), and Ubering to classes rather than walking gets really expensive really quickly because I can’t take Uber pool, and a few of these places are kind of hard to get to via bus. We will see.

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