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Shirking of Christmas Tradition and Festivus Grievances!


I think this will be known as the year that Christmas traditions broke down! But you know what, I am ok with it. You know I go my own way! Furthermore, when everything is different than usual, you aren’t as set into expectations of what is to come. Thus you are able to open yourself up to new experiences that might become the standouts of your year! How did we break down tradition this year? And why not throw in some Festivus Airing of Grievances!

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5 Ways that Suz Shirked Christmas Tradition

Check out our typical Christmas Traditions and compare to this full recap of our “White” Christmas of fantastic firsts and freakout-inducing frustrations.

  1. White Christmas supplanted Elf as the Christmas Netflix movie
  2. Alex and I didn’t get sushi, though we both had seafood!
    1. The Hamachi Crudo at GreenRiver in Streeterville Chicago shows just why this is one of the hottest restaurants in town. Absolutely delicious! @suzlyfe
  3. We went to the theater, but not to see The Hunger Games (or another movie, for that matter). Instead, we went to the ballet! My only success from my bucket list….
    1. Time for the Nutcracker at Chicago's famous Auditorium Theater! The Joffrey Ballet put on a fabulous production.
  4. We didn’t unwrap a single present, though I did officially hand over to Alex one of his presents–new Nikes that he can wear at the hospital.
  5. I’m not spending Christmas proper with Alex, and there won’t be any Panettone French Toast.
    1. Panettone French Toast is the perfect holiday breakfast for you and your family!
    2. But I am taking a Panettone to the celebrations with Mo and her family, as I mentioned on Monday!

Bonus: I had bare legs at dinner because of the warm temps!

I let Alex pick my outfit for Christmas dinner at Greenriver and the ballet! Accessorized by crutches.

5 Festivus-Style Airings of Grievances

  1. Everyone needs to stop crabbing about the unseasonably warm temps. Um DO YOU REMEMBER THE POLAR VORTEX?? Polar Vortex TempsAlso, crutching in snow/ice? That would suuuuuuuuuuck.  It is bad enough if it rains!
  2. I wrote this in the comments of a few people’s posts, but there is seriously a special place in Hell for people who double park. Some a$$hat double parked (as in, completely across the line and at an angle!) his $100,000 (trust me, I know my cars) Audi in the parking garage at my work for 5 days. FIVE DAYS. I hope the Devil has him running repeats in a Georgia or Alabama swamp in a sweatsuit for eternity. A) it is just rude to everyone, but b) it really sucks when you are on crutches. 
    1. I was going to write him a note, but I didn’t have any paper that didn’t have my name on it.
    2. You know I would have put my foot in his twilight zone!
  3. Chicago needs to figure out the ease of opening of its notoriously heavy doors. I get that there are powerful drafts and such, but STILL. I can barely get the doors open under perfect circumstances. Right now, if there isn’t a wheelchair accessible door, I have to think twice about going through the obnoxiously heavy doors that every place seems to have.
  4. If you see someone on crutches (or otherwise disabled), please hold elevators; don’t just stare at them as they crutch as fast as possible while watching the elevators close. I’m sorry, we can’t get anywhere quickly. But we are trying. 
  5. I have this bag of food and things for donation that I put together last week sitting in our hall. The problem? A) I can’t carry the bag while on my crutches and b) I can’t find a donation bin ANYWHERE. Seriously, do the charities not want me to donate? What is this? 


Let's air some grievances! What is irking you? #festivus #injuredrunner Click To Tweet

Just a few thoughts and laughs for you while you are taking a break from your family! Now, get back in there and give it all you’ve got! YOU CAN DO IT!

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and I’ll see you on Monday!

Are your traditions set in stone? Or are you pretty fluid during the holidays? We had very established traditions when I was a kid, but Alex and I have developed our own traditions, which we are now breaking!

Air a grievance!

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