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Watching TV At Work #thinkingoutloud

But they are the truth, because I know that you can handle it.

I’m in a weird mood, get over it.

Also, no #flatsfriday this week, well not “officially” anyway! But I would love to see some pics–tweet/instagram or whatever of how you are spending your fourth! Let me know if you still want me to host a link up or something, but otherwise you are on your own!

A thank you to Ms. Amanda, our ever spoonful hostess.

A thank you to Ms. Amanda, our ever spoonful hostess.

1) I love how you guys were so agog over the purple cauliflower. I’m just glad that I can be here to edjumakate you all. Yup, friends, cauliflower also comes in purple, green and orange. But purple is just more fun. But not in ketchup form. That ish was just wwwwwwwwweeeird.

purple ketchup

2) I am still out of sprinkles. And I rarely have oats any more. But I do have a FANTASTIC new summer ice cream flavor. And I still need to share with you all my Nature Box goodies from last week.


3) Speaking of food (when am I not?), I got some PB2 from VitaCost (among other things) because I’ve been out of my peanut flour for a few weeks now, and I really wanted to make my peanut sauce and a few other things with it. Notice I say PB2, when I usually get peanut flour. I tell you what, guys, that stuff is salty! I wasn’t expecting that at all. And this comes from someone who loves salt, and adds salt to everything. Like the first time that I had regular cottage cheese after eating the no-salt added for a long time, this might be a bit of an adjustment.


3b) Also, I found that Manna Butter at the grocery store. It was ONLY $10.99, rather than $12.99, but I left it there. I actually got to try some at a little farmer’s market thing that they had at my apartment–it was good, but it wasn’t 2x the price for 1/2 the amount per jar good. Keep trying, bucko.

plum market heaven Collage

4) And because I am on the subject of food–corn on the cob and mini bells on the grill during the summer are the  Steam the corn (in the husk) first in the microwave (about 2 minutes) and then reheat on the grill–cuts the time and keeps everything nice and moist. Mini bells are just always a good idea. Put them on the grill, better idea.

grilling corn suzlyfe

5)This weekend, Alex has to work, and I have an extra 1 1/2 days off, haha. So LOTS of time to fuel up for my long run on Saturday, haha.

seafood diet

6) It won’t be a totally lonely time, though! I am going to meet up with Leah (from Social Enjoyments!) for lunch today, and I am so, so excited. I can’t wait hear more about her, but also to maybe have a friend that actually lives here. And she works halfway between my apartment and my work, so it would be super convenient!

social main banner

7) Netflix. Thank you. For keeping Sherlock Season 3 on tap until I was ready. I wasn’t ready until last night, and then we unleashed the obsession again. GOD I LOVE THAT SHOW. I watched it while I was at Columbia (in 2012), and then again with Alex last fall (and got him hooked, wahaha) and now we are baaccckk. But now I want to watch all the shows. But I can’t without him. Or I could, but honestly I probably couldn’t, with my new schedule.

sherlock meme

8) Netflix.2. Thank you. For keeping The Tudors in your memory. Another show (like Sherlock) that my girl Courtney (one of my good friends and a bridesmaid!) introduced me to/inculcated the adoration of in me. But at the time I didn’t have access, and also I had school. Well, Sherlock > MI-6 > Borgias >The Tudors. And because I have seen a great deal of the first season, as my boy Murray and girl Lisicki are now out of Wimbledon, I have background noise at work. This will get more complicated when people return to the office, though, as you can probably imagine if you’ve ever seen the show…. cough, graphic.



9) The office. IS EMPTY. My boss has been gone all week, my quasi boss has been in/out, and basically I am the only one there. Thus the Tudors watching. And taking lunch whenever. And maybe a burp or two. PARTAY.

10) Getting packages packaged up and ready to ship. SO ON IT YOU GUYS. Now if I could just take the dry cleaning and alterations. The alterations have been waiting for 2 days. The dry cleaning….a bit longer. I’m too embarrassed to say how long. I also need to get the pics done for Ange (Alex is my photog, but I might just hijack someone at yoga tonight and force them to do it.) and a few guest/focused content posts. Luckily I’ve got a long weekend to do it! And it is supposed to rain (surprise! A few days of good weather and then WHOMP), so I shall do my best to convince myself.

For my American friends, is anyone in the office this week? Canadian friends, how does one spend National Canada Day? What I am really asking is: DID YOU EAT POUTINE??

Do. You. Watch. Sherlock. And if you don’t, why not?

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