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Settling into A Healthy Work Routine WIAW + Day In the Life

You better believe that even I am struggling with eating healthy at work right now–I am in the midst of the chaos that is a brand new job, brand new business, and we don’t have a refrigerator or microwave yet. #healthyeaterproblems #newjobproblems SO MANY FIRST WORLD PROBLEMS. Anyway, here is what I ate yesterday, the first day that I feel like I finally settled into a little bit of what my routine will be.

Well, that might be a lie. My routine is probably going to change a lot in the coming weeks, but it at least felt doable! Plus, this is a bit of a day in the life. And therapy. All of the above. Alex is working nights. You are my Alex (well, not in all ways). Thank you. And thank you all so much for the congratulations on my new job on Monday!

Have you entered the Moto 360 Sport Watch Giveaway yet? You totally should, this thing has been amazing for keeping me connected with everything going on in my life! And last few days for the Smartypants Vitamin gummies Giveaway!

Day in the Life Slash Settling into A Healthier Work Routine

5 AM Wake Up, Get Blog Stuff Lined Up

THANK GOODNESS for Kelli doing that guest post yesterday! (Ps, if you’ve ever had any questions about salt, sugar, or sports drinks for athletes, you must read it!). I was a bit all over the place yesterday, and I just wouldn’t have known where to start!

Eats: 16 oz Half Caf (ish) + Rice Cake, Carrots (because I am weird like that), and Handful of cereal and part one of my gummy vitamins. This is not a normal breakfast for me. Alex and I went and had a HUGE dinner the night before, and I wasn’t all that hungry.

6 AM Leave for Work

It takes me about 20 minutes door of my apartment to door of gym (with the light traffic). I love the drive, honestly! I don’t get to run as the sky lightens anymore, so this is my “morning run.”

6:45-7:45 AM Workout

Me all done up in the signature Anytime Fitness purple!

Because it was just little ole me in this brand new fancy gym, and I now have a reason to get back to weights, I did some chest and listened to the Criminal Podcast before getting freaked out about what I think are double charges on Paypal and trying to deal with that while recumbent biking. Twas a treat.

Then I showered. Clap it UP.

8:00 AM Report for Duty and Eat Breakfast!

I am trying to get settled into a healthy work routine. Starting my day with coffee and think thin oatmeal! @suzlyfe

Eats: Think Thin Protein and Fiber Hot Oatmeal with Berries. I like it better when it is in the microwave, but THANK GOD we have a Keurig, so I can at least use hot water. I also had some chocolate because I am the picture of health. Monday, I had Kooee jerky + trail mix for my mid morning snack and an Oatmega bar for breakfast, so we are making progress towards real food. 

But first, coffee. @suzlyfe

More Coffee (Decaf) because I have a Keurig in my office and I picked up Decaf Donut Shop yesterday at Target. 

8-10:30 General Work and Member Check In

It was kind of sweet–George, my chiro who worked so dutifully on me during November, stopped by, so we hung out and then I chatted with some of the ladies that are members and hilarious. 

10:30-11:15 TEAR MY HAIR OUT AND RUN AROUND SCREAMING I HAVE SO MUCH TO DO Phone Conference with the guru for my position. 

11:15-12:15 Had to Leave and Take Lunch

Super delicious and healthy ham chopped salad from Subway for lunch.

Eats: I decided that Whole Foods was too far, so I went to Subway and got a chopped Black Forest Ham Salad with alllll the fixins. I usually only do the Subway thing when traveling, and I rarely get salads there (seriously, the sandwiches that I get are half salad, so there is no point), but I seem to be about bucking trends of late (not traveling, got a salad). Then stopped by a 7-11 for a yogurt, soda, and Special K Crisps. No pic of the yogurt because I ate it as I was walking back. And a Dove Chocolate. #necessary

1:00 PM The crisps got consumed with my decaf Chocolate Hazelnut tea.

I love these Special K sea salt crisps!

12:30-4 PM Work on Training Modules, Greet Clients, and Juggle 7 other things

Part of my Tear my Hair out crisis was that I had not been told about a ton of things that I needed to do. Overwhelming, but very helpful. I have a lot to learn, but luckily, I am good at feeling overwhelmed, then buckling down and working my tail off. Or that is the medication talking. Who is to say. I’m not going to.

4-4:30 PM Write this Post

I finished the modules, and we don’t want me going too far over hours for the first few weeks (until I am on the floor more), so I took some Suz time to chat with you silly people.

5:30-7 Dinner with Ellen!

A great end to my somewhat hectic day was dinner with Ellen at the Sit Down Cafe in Hyde Park. We had a fantastic time together, cover all sorts of topics, from blogging (duh) to grand life goals and things that have gone astray. Definitely not the last dinner with her!

I was craving some sushi, but also something light and fresh after three nights of seriously heavy dinners. Delicious dinners, but super heavy (thus why my appetite was so light in the morning). 

Edamame is a super great light and healthy appetizer full of protein.

We shared edamame, I got some miso soup,

Miso soup is another great healthy appetizer option!

and then I finished it off with a light cucumber salad

Looking for a light side? Try a vinegar dressed cucumber salad!

and tuna tataki!

The tuna tataki from the Sit Down Cafe and Sushi bar in Hyde Park was tender, healthy, and delicious!

8 Food Prep for Alex and Snack

Since I have a bunch of appointments this week and Alex is incapable of cooking for himself working a weird schedule, I did food prep for him of roasted sweet potatoes, sauteed red bell peppers and onions, and grilled chicken. Of course, I helped myself, because, well, payment. And no pictures because that would be evidence. But I did take a picture of one of two bowls of dark chocolate cheerios. 

Dark Chocolate Crunch Cheerios are addictive! But a great nighttime snack. @suzlyfe

8:30-9:30 TV and Chill + Blog from Phone

Zoe made computers not an option. 

All in all, I am so excited about my job, I am still so happy to have it and that I took it, but yes, there are definite kinks to iron out! Both myself as well as the business. But I finally have my club email set up, and we are seeing more and more people, I am learning more and more, and soon, we will be on point. 

Also, I got the perfect text from my mom just as I was starting to freak out that yes, things were going to be difficult and overwhelming for the first few weeks, but that I could do it. 


Once we get a minifridge and microwave, life will be vastly improved, as will my eating. But at least I had a salad with protein and a yogurt and carb today/yesterday. Monday, I had a cucumber and yogurt and bar (I went to Target and was still full from jerky). I am a mess. BUT A BEAUTIFUL MESS DAMMIT. I think my eating and appetite will even out after a few more days, but I was glad that I ate at least a few actual meals today!

Settling in to a new job + meeting a new friend, check out @suzlyfe's eats! #wiaw #fitfluential Click To Tweet

Tomorrow I’ll be back for Running Coaches’ Corner! Thank you to the hosts of WIAW

Enough hashtagging for now, enough of me spitting out nonsense, tell me about the most hilarious office lunch that you have ever put together. 

How do you deal with those crazy overwhelming moments?

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