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The Serious and the Frivolous (Weekend Recap)

Friends, today I am go to go about my weekend recap by looking at the serious and the frivolous. A) because what is life, if not a mixture of the two, and b) as much as I want to bring positivity, the events of this weekend simply cannot be ignored.


I’m going to start with the serious, because I will not feel settled until I address something that happened at my beloved University of Virginia: the white supremacist rally, riots, and ensuing violence. 

The news of the events of this weekend in Charlottesville really hit me to my core. I have spoken of my thoughts on discrimination as a Southerner. I have spoken of my love for my university, how my time in Charlottesville changed every part of me (and I hope for the better).

I have struggled to put my feelings into words during discussion with my friends since hearing the news. Seeing those people with their torches standing in front of the Rotunda cut me to my core. I am not a religious person–but the Rotunda, to me, has the aura of a church in my life. The Lawn is my hallowed ground. The downtown area is where Alex and I cemented our relationship.

And those assholes… I just can’t. 

Perhaps I will return with a discussion of this, but I don’t think that I will, not here. As someone with a degree in historic preservation but also a person concerned with humanity, I have so many thoughts–but they all come back to one:

We must do what we can to eradicate hate and foster love. 

I wish I could say more, and could eloquently express my feelings. But I am just so sad and so mad and so hurt. These people desecrated my sacred place with their hate. They are not representative of the Charlottesville community that I knew and loved for so many years.


Alex surprised me in the best way Friday night while I was working with a text that told me that he was going to play hooky and go to the race/spend the morning with me instead of going to the conference. After working 14 hours and getting off at 9:30, he just needed a break and we both knew that we needed some time together. 

I ended up not being able to rehome his bib, so I like to think that it was meant to be! 

Both exhausted (I had worked a double, he had worked all day), we arose early and took care of our animals, then we laced up and hit the pavement to run up to the race site at Montrose Harbor. It was truly a perfect day for a race–perfect weather, not a cloud in the sky… and donuts on the horizon. 

There was one giant fly in the ointment when my phone died (from a full charge) while we were trying to download the tickets… and then a I got pregnant pissed and had to take some time to get over myself…

but when we started the race, I had a smile on my face even though I knew that there wouldn’t be any photographic evidence or commemoration of our run together. 

Alex and Suz (and Yoshi!) running the Stan's Donut 5K in Montrose Harbor Chicago! @suzlyfe #donut5k

IU bought a race photo. I thought it was worth it!

We ran a comfortable 9:20ish pace for the 5k (following a 4 mile run up there), and grabbed and enjoyed donuts on the course and shared a donut and potato chips at the end while soaking up the sun on the Montrose lawn. I really wish I had pictures–the race group did an AWESOME job with the set up and execution of the race; there were giant donuts and photo ops everywhere–it is definitely something that I want to do next year with a kiddo in a stroller!

After getting home via taxi (and me sitting in the car while Alex ran upstairs to grab cash), we got some real nutrition (eggs) then Alex took a nap while I set up my BEAUtiful new phone before we got some lunch at Sultans (first photo with the new phone!). Then it was my turn for a nap before work 😀

Suz had an amazing time at the #Donut5K with her surprise race buddy! @StansDonutsCHI #runchi Click To Tweet


Ok, so this might also be a bit frivolous in light of the larger events in the world, but I just want to say a quick PSA to everyone to think before speaking, particularly if you are being critical to a person, even in jest. I don’t want to make a huge deal about this, but I just want to say that something relatively minor because something relatively major that affected my night, and all that was needed was a bit of tact.

Also, when someone makes it clear that you are taking something a bit too far, back the frack off

And say congratulations with you find out that someone is pregnant. Start from a place of positivity, even if it isn’t what you would want for yourself.

On the plus side, as much as I hate breaking down in front of anyone or making a moment all about me in that way (I’m a ham, but I don’t like attention for being an emotional wreck), it was really empowering to fuel those emotions into doing one hell of a job at a my job, and truly indispensably heartening to see my friends rally around me. 

I guess the PSA of the post? BE A HUMAN and HAVE HUMANITY.


There is nothing like a long phone call to your mom, lunch with one of your best friends, and an easy dinner with your husband on your smaller balcony (the other one is still under construction, this one will be next) after a lazy Sunday is just what is needed to recover from a physically and mentally taxing week.


My feet are so swollen right now. I have sausages for toes. Mostly on the right side. I don’t understand. 

Don’t ask me how much chocolate I have eaten today.

I need a nap and I cannot be trusted around carbs.


I really hope that I don’t give birth to an asshole. 

Life is a combination of serious and frivolous--how do you find the balance? #sweatpink #life Click To Tweet

It is Remicade day today–I feel like I just had it! Hooray for feeling well! And then dinner with Alex again! It is like I have a husband!

How do you balance the serious in life?

What is something frivolous that brought you joy this weekend?

Have you ever lost your sh** at work?

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