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Separations and Reunions, Work and Play (Weekend Recap)

A weekend of ups and downs, both from the couch and in life! But what a great end to the weekend, when I was reunited with great friends and even my husband (after not seeing him at all.

Happy Birthday, Dad!

Let’s back up to Friday… it won’t take but a minute to tell you about it!


I worked a double… and it was an uneven one. I had a decent break in between my lunch and dinner shifts (Dylan’s Candy Bar! Snack time with Alex! TJ Maxx! Jogging stroller research!), a great first turn of tables…. and then the night just kind of slid downhill after that. Long story short, preggo Suz was tired, puffy, and #overit by the end.

On the plus side, there was an AWESOME cake. On the minus side, it was a farewell cake for our beloved culinary manager, who is being transferred to Miami. 

I don’t have words.

I got home in time to see Alex… who had just been awoken for a page that was a super simple and very stupid question.

Oh yeah–reminder that this was Alex’s first full weekend call. Meaning that he was in charge of the GI service as the on call doctor for the entire Northwestern hospital and VA. 

Spoiler alert: This was the last time we saw each other this weekend (edited to add: until very late Sunday)


I actually slept pretty decently, which is not usual for a night of weird work and heavy eating (which always happens at the restaurant, particularly on slower nights). I vaguely remember Alex leaving at 2 AM (he turns lights on because he doesn’t understand flashlights. I am working on him).

I woke up, ate and had my coffee… and then took a brief nap. I went from ok, I’m awake, to nope, need to sleep. Not surprising, considering I got to sleep around 1. Instead of going for a run after waking up, I took Ridley to the park and let her get her own run in–she had been cooped up all day Friday, so I thought she deserved it!

While she rested, I ran! It was a gorgeous morning, and I got it in my mind to do a little “long run” of 7 miles. It was a little quite windy, but absolutely gorgeous, plus the temps were perfect. 

Yes, I know that I am foot striking like a boss.

Oh, and my feet continuously shrank and de-puffed so that by the end of run, my shoes were legitimately loose! And yes, I wore my compression socks the full day before and then compression socks after my run.

Then I made the most delicious omelet for lunch. And took another very brief nap.

Dinner service that night was my last permanent Saturday night shift–I am switching off it as my permanent so that I can have a full weekend to recover from a week of work. Having that single day at a time (or per week, as it is right now!) just isn’t enough. As you can see, I spend most of it sleeping and trying to revive myself rather than having time for errands or what have you. 

And, of course, I had my best dinner service ever! Great customers, great tips, and some of my favorite co-workers. But, I guess you go out with a bang!

Alex came home for a hot second… but was already called back out by the time I got home. I think he was home for a grand total of 4 hours this weekend? And it only got worse for him, as it turns out…


Sunday was an AWESOME day of reunions and play.

Another morning started by waking, eating, taking a nap, then taking the dog to the park! But I didn’t run during the morning, and I didn’t run outside….

Instead, I met up with Erica and we headed over to Runn Chicago for a Treadmill Relay Race benefiting Chicago Run (an organization founded to combat childhood obesity)! This was the second treadmill studio I’ve tried out recently, and it had a totally different vibe from Runner’s High–much more Crossfit/warehouse, and there was no screen, though the tunes were on point (mostly).

Best part of it all was getting to see some of my old running partners in crime–the crew that I run with while training for the Phoenix Marathon. We all follow each other online, so we are largely in the know with what is going on in each other’s lives (plus, Erica serves as the intermediary), but to finally be able to see my friends and give them sweaty hugs rather than waving as we passed each other running by, was so fabulous. 

More on the experience to come, but our team of 4 knocked out 18ish miles in 2 hours! I even managed a few minutes back at my old marathon race pace. CRAZY how different my running pace is now!

I headed out after the event to get home and run some errands and do some chores before my hot date with an old friend. 

I met up with Sarah at Cafe Ba Ba Reeba, and we spent 2 hours never shutting up while shoving delicious tapas into our mouths! I dug deep into the bread (so. good), Spanish olives (fine, but they would be better warm), heirloom tomato salad (LOVED), and grilled octopus (I could live in this).

The company was far better than anything I ate, though. Sarah and I (a different Sarah from the one that visited a few weeks ago) was a great friend in grad school and came to Alex’s and my wedding, and we just never stopped talking the entire time. She has some super exciting things coming in her life, and I am just so pumped for her!!

I may or may not have gotten some froyo on the way home. And signed up for there frequent buyer points. #dontaskdonttell I have a feeling it will come in handy over the next months. I may not be into ice cream at the moment, but bulk candy and froyo? BRING IT.

And now I am writing this at home with Ridley asleep upside down on the couch next to me as I avoid GoT spoilers (trying to honor Alex’s request). He still isn’t home yet, and because of a HUGE snafu (where all of his sign outs got deleted and he had to rewrite them all), he won’t be home for hours yet, even though he was technically done with call at 7. (Edited to add: he got home around 10:30 so we had a little time to chat before bed!)

I really really hope he gets off early tomorrow so that he has some time to relax!

Speaking of, if he is able to get off early, I likely will postpone my pregnancy post to Thursday this week (rather than Tuesday) so that I can spend time with him. Another reason to request weekends off? So that I have the energy to get prepped for the week!

Ok, I am off to bed. Pregnant lady, out.

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Do you need 2 days to recover (one to recover, one to get things done)? Or can you just deal and do things with one day off at a time?

What are your favorite tapas dishes?

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