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Self Confidence, Among Other Things (29 Weeks + Friday Catch Up 8/10)

This week was awesome, but there were some little self confidence challenges that tripped me up along the way. Among other things, it is the Friday Catch Up!

First of all, I hate the new WordPress Editor. It is garbage for people who just want to do straightforward things. And it makes it impossible to do really simple things, like change your URL. GAH

Did you see the Weekend Catch Up with all the fun from our weekend with Mom (and me in a dress! And Emmie doing cool things!)

Also, I surprised you all with a post on Wednesday about how I survived having to change up my diet to be soy free and dairy free while also supporting breastfeeding. Give it a read! Also, there is a discount code for the bars that have been my go-tos!

Friday Catch Up 8/10

1 ) Emmie Update!

This week has been an interesting one, Emmie-wise. We have been very busy (I detailed out all the haps in our Monday post), and her sleep is continuing to evolve, meaning that we have had our fair share of meltdowns this week, which is highly unusual for her.

In fact, the only day that didn’t have anything scheduled was so… ugh… that it had me back to the old days of practically throwing the child at Alex when he got home! I think part of that was hunger (on the kid’s part, not mine, for once); as we are adding more solids and full “meals” to her schedule, I think we both get thrown off feeding times and knowing when to nurse her. Add in naps (which have been hit or miss) and she might go way too long between nursing but have a solid food meal in the middle. Which, in her mind, ain’t gon’ cut it. 

She is also alternatively great and crap with the sippy cup. She didn’t spill hardly any when we were at the restaurant on Sunday, then she spilled a ton (often straight out her mouth as she bends over and looks at the floor). So that is complicating things and making me less likely to try to give her milk and such from it because, let’s be honest, my pumped milk is #precious. I know formula is expensive, but once she is on that, she can dump it or whatever (I hope not) because I can make more. I can’t just pump more milk. So I got a little frustrated with her. 

I am starting to try to cheat it in other ways, though, if for no other reason than to get her used to the taste. I’m putting a smidge into things she likes, like her oatmeal (mixed with a little fruit puree). But I know, I know, I need to start cutting it into the milk. 

We had a playdate with Ali and Ryan after Stroller Strides on Tuesday and went to the Core Development class at Bubbles. I’m not going to lie, I was a little bummed when I found out there was a sub for Kim. The sub was a sweetheart, but Kim is like gold. But it was still a great class, and we learned some new ways to work on things! 

We also did our first outdoor swing ride!

She also figured out/started drumming! Monday was the first day that she drummed with intention (using her spatula). So we’ve been practicing all week in anticipation of going back to Broadway and Me. 

Oh, and after being totally adorable and the child cuddling the dog’s head, the dog got excited and brought the child the new bone…. and promptly dropped it right on the child’s head. I used a tequila airplane bottle from the freezer to ice it. And then I drank it. Because what else would I do.

2) That’s right, I went back to Stroller Strides! I started with Stroller Barre on Tuesday with Ali, and it was so good to be back! I listened to my body and didn’t push it, but everything felt fine. I could feel the lunges the next day!

I did my exercises only one day this week. Dammit. 

Going back to Stroller Strides (classic) today and then we are going to stay after to hang out with Holly and Max!

We are definitely sitting out the Donut 5K tomorrow, which makes me sad. But I couldn’t eat the donuts anyway.

3) By and large, I have felt great about my body postpartum. I will say that I have been fortunate to have a body that has largely bounced back without too much trouble from birth (and luckily the injury that I experienced was not bone related). Yes, I have a little cushion on me, but let me please be clear, I am HAPPY with my cushion! That said, I had a moment mid week when the fact that I am “softer” mixed with a few weeks of reduced activity caught up with me, triggered by the fact that I put on the baby carrier an discovered that Alex and I apparently have the same size waist. He tried to brush it off, by saying I wear it in a different area, but we both use our waists….

I don’t care who you are, even if you are mentally the strongest person alive, that is going to give you pause. And it did for me. 

I am proud of this body. I love this body. Both what it has done for me as well as the way that it looks. Sure, I’ve been stronger/more toned/whatever. But I am finally back in a weight zone that is where we have wanted me to be all along. 

But that doesn’t mean that I didn’t have a  ::gulp: moment. And also envy my husband, who has a stupidly small waist (I’ve always been thicker in the torso, just how I am build). 

I know that getting back to working out, walking, and moving will help with this. It just meant that it was time to get moving (now that I’ve given my body the time that it needed!).

4) Something fun and fitnessy that I did this week was go to the Joriki Yoga showroom and went on a shopping SPREE! Definitely spent a little too much, but the clothes are amazing, a portion of the proceeds go to charity, and they made me feel really good and body positive. Which I needed after that major dip in self confidence this week.

So going to the Joriki showroom and putting on clothes that looked good, felt good… just came at just the right time. (and while Joriki reached out to me to invite me to the showroom, and I did receive a discount, I did pay for each piece that I took home)/

5) This weekend, RIDLEY IS GETTING A BATH. Heck. Yes. We have been spending a lot of time in the pool at the dog park, and she smells… not so good. She’s also going to get her nails did and her butt expressed, so #holla at that. Alex is working this weekend. I have to entertain myself.

Saturday night, we are all going to a family dinner with Holly and Max and Ali and Ryan and their hubbies! It is going to be complete mayhem, and so much fun. I’m really looking forward to it! 

And then it is up to me to save the world get the groceries, do the laundry, and vacuum. How dare Alex work and things. 

Do you like swings? Would you rather have a swing or a bouncy castle?

When was the last time you were pleasantly surprised by something?

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