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Marathon Training Advice For Your Second Marathon


So you’ve already run marathon #1, but what about marathon training advice for your second marathon? Join the Running Coaches Corner Link Up!

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Running Coaches Corner is a weekly Wednesday Link up with your cohosts Lora, Rachel, Debbie, and myself. We are continuing with the theme of summer running! Don’t miss my other Coaches Corner Posts and link ups!

Marathon Training Advice for Your Second Marathon*

Marathon Training Advice For Your Second Marathon. Make your second marathon better than your first and join running coaches corner link up!

*or third, fourth, etc

Why should newbie marathon runners get all the love? (Newbs, you guys are fantastically amazing and you know that I have ALL the love for you, buuuut…) I love training first time marathoners, but I also love working with those who already have a marathon under their belts, a marathon that may or may not have gone exactly as they wanted, and are ready to go to the next level. Here is my marathon training advice for your second marathon.

Pick a New Goal, a Next Level, to Aspire to

As I predicted in my letter to first time marathoners (and half marathoners), YOU SURVIVED. You’ve also taken some time off (hopefully) to recover mentally and physically. Now you are back for more (insert evil laugh here), so why not take your training and race to another level? That next level might be as going after a new goal time or getting through the training cycle uninjured and not burned out. Pick a reasonable and attainable goal, but one that also pushes you a bit. New time goals push us for obvious reasons; goals like finding a way to make running and training a sustainable part of your life push us for other reasons. Seek out expertise and go for it!

Share Your Experience*

*But a) don’t scare newbies and b) remind them that you have only done this once before.

Again, YOU SURVIVED and are living proof that people can survive running marathons! Share that! Share what it was like to cross that finish line, how hard everything seemed at the time but how you grew to believe in yourself. Think about how much that meant to you to hear that the impossible actually is possible. Share the perspective of the long arc of training and other marathon training advice, like BODY GLIDE EVERYWHERE. Not only will it help inspire and encourage the new trainees, you will also reinvigorate yourself. 

Get New Shoes

Like I said a few weeks ago, you should be buying new shoes for your new marathon training cycle, and then buying another new pair a few weeks later so that you can rotate them (see my strategy for rotating running shoes during training). You should know from the first training how important it is to have good, fresh shoes for the long training cycle ahead, and if you show up to training in the same shoes that you ran your last marathon in… I will slap you with an insole. A smelly, used, insole.

Solve the Problems of the Previous Marathon Training Plan

What didn’t work last time? I knew for my second marathon that I needed to pull back on the number of days per week that I ran, and I need to do way more preventative strengthening and exercises. Some runners realize that they really need to do more speedwork the second time around, or that they need to be more careful of scheduling other big events during marathon training (as able).  Did you run too much and get burned out? Or run too much and get hurt? Maybe you need to hire someone to help you create a customized plan, or you need to do more yoga. Whatever it is, figure it out and fix it!

Get Freaking Excited for What is To Come

Don’t be scared; be excited. You are older, wiser, and more experienced. You know more about the resources at your disposal, where to meet other runners, and what your weaknesses were the first time around. You know what to expect: a long, mental and physically challenging training leading up to a stressful and exhilarating weekend that will transform your life. 

Live Beyond Expectation, everyday. After the 2015 Chicago Marathon, when I finished my secon sub 3:30 Marathon in a year. Running coach and personal trainer services at!

Basically, you are getting married and or having a child. And weren’t those days amazing and totally worth it? 

I’ll leave that as a rhetorical question just to be safe.

What marathon training advice would you give to second time (or first time!) marathoners?

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