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Screams and Smiles at 5 Weeks (Friday Catch Up 3/2)

This week was full of screams but also something very exciting–a smile! Friday Catch Up time!

Did you miss my Weekend Catch Up?

Friday Catch Up 3/2

I would like to have it be known that I am writing this with Emmie in her rocker (which I am rocking with my heel because the rocker wasn’t rocking to her liking).

1) First things first, my mommy/Emmie’s Grandmommy left on Wednesday. I felt like screaming, myself, (which Emmie was doing as Mom said goodbye to her). I will never be able to sufficiently express to her or thank her enough for being here, so instead I bought her another cupcake on Tuesday night.

She opted for the Chocolate Raspberry again and Alex and I went with the Peanut Butter Nutella. Yes. It was amazing.

Wednesday morning, she came over and we took a walk to the lake and then back by the zoo. We thought about leaving Ridley there–she was being impossible 😛

We will miss her in so many ways, but she will be back in a little over a month!

2) Emmie has made some major strides this week! She has done great with the over the rocker thing and has taught that stupid bug several lessons. We are working on the left hand as well, and both hands together. She is focusing on my face better and better with each day, and I love when her big blue eyes lock on mine!

But the coolest moment was when she smiled at me yesterday, and I am going to claim that it is for me, gas and other things be damned.

3) Good thing she has been smiling and doing cool things because she has been Fussipants McGee otherwise (particularly evening into the night), Or basically, whenever Alex is home. Poor guy.

It is expected that 4-6 week olds are rather fussy, so I’m hoping that is all it is, and not something more. But just to try to help her out, I’m going to make a few changes to see if they help. I’ll let you know.

4) I almost didn’t go to my Weights and Cardio class on Tuesday.  Emmie had had a rough night, Mom was going to be leaving the next day, and my foot was being weird. But after a walk with Ridley in the fresh air and sunshine, I decied to go, and I am glad I did! It was humbling, just the right amount of challenging, and encouraging.  The class continued to stoke my fire to be consistent in my fitness! But slowly! This weekend I have barre and yoga!

Emmie keeping me company on my walk!

5) This last one is going to be short because someone is screaming again. HOW IS IT THAT I KEEP LOSING MY KEYS IN MY LESS THAN 750 SQ FT APARTMENT???? Freaking annoying.

Talk to you all next week!

Take two flavors and put them together in a cupcake–what would you create?

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