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Sacral Stress Fracture Recovery Update


Though I know I have been talking about my sacral stress fracture recovery piece by piece, I wanted to do an update post as much for me as for you all to document this journey (and trust me, it is a journey!). I hope you will read on and see how I am doing, and what my next actions will be. 

Sacral Stress Fracture Recovery Timeline

A bit of a refresher for those not intimately acquainted with my injury:

Susie's race day outfit for the 2015 Bank of America Chicago Marathon. Nike Zoom Elite 8, shorts, Feetures socks, Lululemon Run Swiftly tank, Brick Betty Bra, Flipbelt, Headsweats visor, and Target sock arm warmers. Read her race review and recap at

I let Alex pick my outfit for Christmas dinner at Greenriver and the ballet! Accessorized by crutches.

That's a bit better. Margarita without frills and a Modelo Negro make for double fisting, Mexico-syble |

See? They are still there…

  • I traveled with crutches around New Years, and then, during my vacation in Mexico, I stopped using the crutches for a number of reasons (Jan 13ish being the time I stopped using them. Total time: 6 weeks).
  • Since coming off the crutches, I have returned to using the bike, the spin bike (YAY for my first spin class back at Soulcycle X Target this weekend!) and I have in the past week started to use the elliptical.

The new Soulcycle x Target collection is amazing!

  • I tried running for 2 minutes on 6.0 on the tmill on Monday, and I’ll talk about that in a minute.

I contacted my doctor on Monday after I tried out the running, and I will discuss what he said in a minute!

Sacral Stress Fracture Update: How are things going now that I am off of the crutches?

How Does the Injury Feel?

I have returned to doing some of my old PT hip and ankle strengtheners (which you would know about if you got my Coach Suz Letter–get it for free when you sign up, along with activation exercises for your warm up!) and am starting to do some core strength, but I am still very nervous about doing squats (which I have done once) and any extension-type moves (hyperextending my back). Which, in a rude twist of events, was what we were doing to it the entirety of November.

I have, by and large, returned to normal life, with a major exception…. But otherwise, I am so happy that I hardly even notice it any more, though I certainly think about it. Yesterday (Tuesday) in Chicago, we had a decent freeze along with precipitation, and I had to take a couple of legit long steps that gave me anxiety in the air (as I realized that I was taking a giant step for Suzkind), but things seemed to hold, and I continued without incident.

Stairs, which used to scare the hell out of me, are no longer towers of terror for me, thank goodness. I’m also no longer terrified to reposition in bed, or in general. If a car is coming at me, I can get out of the way. Lovely things like that. Now, about that except to my return to regular life.

What about Running?

We aren’t there yet. I did run for 2 minutes on Monday, and during those two minutes, I did have discomfort consistently throughout. The area just isn’t ready for impact. I was hoping that we would be by the end of January, then by Valentine’s Day, and now it seems that I will be waiting until the start of March, which is kind of my deadline for the latest that I can start back in order to do my coaching for Team Challenge. 

Team Challenge for Crohn's and Colitis Foundation of America is an incredible way to get started running half marathons and for a great cause! |

I spoke with my doctor right after my workout on Monday, and he told me to wait, but that if I truly was as without pain as I said I was otherwise, that I could start with PT. So I now have my Rx to start PT back, and we are going to start strengthening the area, which will also help with supporting the area because the muscles will be able to provide a strong apparatus for my pelvis and spine when it is time to return to running. My understanding is that I will recheck with him after 2 weeks of PT and we will reassess then. 

How am I doing Mentally?

I think that it is quite obvious how much more positive I am about things, even though I recently was laid off from my job, and all the fun that comes along with looking for employment. The week I was laid off wasn’t too bad–it was till kind of like a vacation, and last week was pretty great–I had lots of events and meetings. This week, I have very few commitments, and the I don’t know what to do with myself’s are setting in. Luckily, I am not feeling any depression, more just boredom, and so I am not feeling it in my bones, as it were. 

Beat the Blahs and Get out of that Funk with these strategies and tips on saving your mental health |

The fact that I am about a month off crutches and still not running is, of course, frustrating, but really, it will only be a problem if we get to March and I still am not running, more so than anything because of my coaching commitment. Ellipticalling is boring, but if that is my option, that is my option. As long as the weather stays good enough that I can continue to get out the house, I will be ok. I am going to do a fitness class this weekend that I was invited to, and I am just going to modify, or, if necessary, sit it out when I get there (it isn’t that far away). Recovery comes first!

And I can sit cross legged again, so I’ve got that going for me. Now, if I could just get a job! HELP A GIRL OUT.

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Thank you for hanging in there with me. I know that you all are probably a bit over this whole thing; you better believe that I am!

What is going on with you? 

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