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Here We Go Again (Sacral Stress Fracture + 6 years + MDW 2019)


Longest title ever to cover the fact that I have another sacral stress fracture, I have been married for 6 years, I have a 16 month old, and this past weekend was Memorial Day Weekend (and it was actually great). Ok, now for the details.

This is coming at you mid week because my last catch up intimated at my current injury but did not provide the results and also Mom is coming on Thursday and we leave for Georgia this weekend, so no time to blog, most likely!

Sacral Stress Fracture #2

Ok, so the result of the MRI concluded that I do indeed have a sacral stress fracture. Which I figured, but we needed to confirm the injury a) for the sake of knowing exactly how to treat it, b) because the pain isn’t super consistent (and the MRI explained why), c) so that make a definited stance on my running future (back to what we had decided last summer, had it been a bone injury), and d) because how else am I going to keep Northwestern Medicine in business.

The MRI confirmed the presence of a stress fracture on the right side of my sacrum, but unlike my first sacral stress fracture, this injury is located further down on the triangle of the sacrum. The different location of this injury explains why the pain occurs inconsistently, and if people are interested, I will do another post on sacral stress fractures.

Why did this happen, where you not careful? Yes, I was careful, but in the last few months, my stress level had increased + after months of feeling poorly, the steriod finally had me feeling well…. both a benefit and a detriment. I felt better, but that meant that I also likely missed certain more subtle warning signs while also increasing my overall weekly mileage (which was still modest compared to my history). I took some liberties that I shouldn’t have taken while considering my current bone health status as well as the fact that I was on steriods. Because I *finally* felt well and goddammit I needed something that felt good.

I take full responsibility for this injury. And I get it. No running for me for a long, long time.

I’ll be on crutches for another 3-4 weeks (5-6 total) , and then a slow return to activity a la post my femoral stress fracture while I was pregnant. Then swimming, walking, and Strides. Good news is that, as of now, I should still be cleared to attempt a second pregnancy and to breastfeed for a certain amount of time, but this go around, we are likely going to have to insist the child takes a bottle.

Ok, so that is out of the way, let’s talk about fun things!!

Memorial Day Weekend 2019

We are going to skip straight to the weekend because last week was filled with doctors (yay OB GYN et al).

Fun at Present Place!

We started the weekend with an MRI (thank you, Holly, for watching Emmie!) and then that afternoon, we got at least a little Fit4Mom action with a playgroup of Jeni’s Splendid ice cream (we got Brambleberry Crisp) and the playground. Oh, and I got a parking ticket because I forgot to pay for parking even after Alex asked me to. I suck, I get it. Duly noted.

I literally don’t even remember the rest of the night, I won’t lie. I was in a bit of a cloud after getting the ticket, slipping on my crutches and having to throw my injured leg down to catch myself, and then finding out that I did in fact have another stress fracture, not just a stress reaction (my GI saw the results). I think I made sweet potato quesadillas for dinner?

Emmie and I being goofy

Saturday was actually fun, though, and I was in a better mood. I’m sleeping terribly right now–it is as if I am getting all of the Prednisone symptoms now rather than when I was on a much larger dosage–but seeing Ali, Justin, and Ryan at swim and the girls in their matching strawberry jammies started my day where I needed it to be. Then the weather got more and more beautiful, so after a rest and groceries, we met up with Ali & Co for some playground fun (found a spot I didn’t have to pay to park) and then dinner (I paid for parking).

Ali started this. I finished it.

Sunday was a crazy weather day, but that didn’t matter–Alex got his run in, we got laundry done, and then we headed out to the burbs for Sunday Funday with Ali’s whole family! They invited us to their house for a little BBQ action, and then surprised us with a Happy Anniversary cake because a) it was our 6th anniversary and b) they are just the most awesome people. I am sorry that I don’t have pictures from the afternoon, but I kept putting my phone where I can’t easily get to it and, even though I was not on my best not-walking behavior, I was trying my best not to walk.

Friends keep friends rich in chocolate

We are so, so fortunate not only to have awesome friends here but awesome friends with an awesome kiddo who is close in age and is pals with our kiddo. Add to that the fact that our awesome friends have an awesome family who is amazingly generous and nearby? Friend and friend family jackpot. We will be inviting ourselves over in the future. (Don’t worry, Mom, I will make sure to always bring something for them :D)

We actually were quite patriotic and appropriate for Memorial Day proper. The whole fam wore red, white and blue–I had on my burgundy moto leggings and white top plus blue sweater, Alex wore his red workout shirt, blue shorts, and bright blue running shoes to the gym, and Emmie was cutest of all (obvs) in her red and white star dress and jean jacket. I am detailing this not because you care but because I am still impressed with our ensemble.

We started the day off (the morning was GORGEOUS) with a family walk/crutch with Ridley. Next we dropped her at home and drove to a playground Em and Alex had visited last week. After lots of sliding (I wish I could get the slo-mo video to post to instagram, it is epic), swinging (Emmie finally decided she liked swings again), spinning (apparent her new fave apparatus), and… sashaying? Sauntering? Fine, walking around (Emmie wanted to explore the perimeter of the playground, we headed home for a snack.

Alex went to get his workout in and Emmie took a GREAT nap (gotta love post playground slumber) and then the rain rolled in! We got some serious downpours and even tornado warning in the southern part of the county after what had dawned as a gorgeous day. The only other time we went outside was a quick family walk in between storms!


We watched UVA win another NattyShip (National Championship) this time in mens LAX. I baked new muffins for Emmie, we had leftovers for dinner, and we just played inside and tried to connect with family members.

The day ended with Emmie to bed and then Alex and I finishing up our Kenneth Burn’s docu-series The Vietnam War. The last episode was so fitting for Memorial Day. Titled “The Weight of Memory,” the final chapter covered events both at home and in Vietnam, from the US withdrawal to present day. I can’t think of more appropriate subject matter for Memorial Day Weekend. The series is amazing, and I highly recommend it.

My Little 16 Month Old

Emmie is such a goof right now. We aren’t up to too much that is new, but she is always learning. New words that we have added to our limited vocabulary include “No way” and “WOOOOOW” or “Whooooaaa.” Sometimes, she just says that to her unicorn Jelly for a bit when she wakes up in the morning. She is liking quesadillas and seems to like the new yogurt oat muffins that I made her for the week. We shall see if she is yay or nay on my zucchini creations and raspberry chia jam. Trying to keep added sugars to a minimum and also trying to get SOME veggies into her. #thestruggleisreal

One victory? I got her to eat eggs for the first time! TO be true, they were egg whites and ketchup was involved, but this is the first time that she hasn’t immediately spit them out. So we are going to work on adding yolk to that and removing the ketchup. Oh, and she is obsessed with Alex’s Kashi cereal so we now have to give her her morning oatmeal concoction under the guise of being his cereal and milk. Aka I dip the oatmeal into her own little bowl of cereal enough to get some milk and some pieces of cereal on there and then she will eat it. Ohhhh Ems.

Ok, that is enough for now. A busy next few days as I go in for another doctor (this time my GI), then Mom arrives, then Mom’s Night Out, then Friday I will need to pack all the things before we go to Georgia!

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