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First off, a very happy early Mother’s Day to the woman behind the Suzlyfe. You all owe your daily ray of sunshine to her, after all. newhair2 Love you so much, Mommy!!!! Have you entered Suzlyfe’s First Giveaway Ever?! You could win a VARIETY CASE OF 479 POPCORN!! Psssst see yesterday’s post! Liebster


Last bit of business–make sure that you have the updated url of my blog: (NOT WORDPRESS.COM). I think that means that for some of my lovely wordpress readers, you might have to switch to bloglovin. I’m trying to rectify the issue, but just a heads! I’m making sure to get all of the comments put in (hahaha hacking your accounts :D). 

The lovely Ange over at Cowgirl Runs (you know her, you love her) nominated me for a Liebster award last week, and as her questions were of a more activity/running focus, I thought they would be perfect to answer for this week’s Long Run!

1) Tell me about your favourite non-running activity Does eating count? I’m really really good at it! Had you asked me a few years ago, I would have said that running was my favorite non-riding activity, but a great deal has changed for me in the past 24 months. At this time in my life, yoga is my favorite non-running activity. It challenges me in the best and different ways every day. But I do wish that I could enjoy it with a side of running.

2) What is your favourite animal and why? I feel like I should say horses, and they probably are, if I am being honest with myself. regal suz Collage But I am also very much into the cuddling thing, so I would love a Corgi at the moment. But more than anything, I miss my dog Champ.

Champ. No words.

Champ. No words.

If I could pick an animal to have as a pet, without thought of practicality, I would say an otter, dolphin, or an aardvark (mostly on account of the name).

3) Are you loyal to running brands, or do you switch it up? We’ve discussed this before–I like what I like and I tend to be loyal to brands. That said, I have a lot of great pieces from a lot of great brands:

suzlyfe couture

  • Brooks for shoes as well as accessories (arm warmers, my white hat, jackets, socks) MCM merch recap here

mcm merch Collage

  • Feetures (performance socks)


athleta Collage1

  • Target C9 (Sports bras and various odds and ends)
  • CW-X (Compression pants and shorts)– I own 9 pairs total–all the lengths in multiple weights.

4) What is your dream for your blog? My dream for my blog is to, at the end of it all, be able to look at it and know that I maintained my integrity and remained authentic and true to myself. I want to look at everything that I have written and be proud not only because I like what I wrote but because I like the person that I am, whoever that may become over time. So a larger goal of my blog would be to help myself evolve as a person and, I hope, as a mentor and a friend. The friendships that I have gained from starting this blog are, to me, the greatest ice cream on the cake (heh heh). I didn’t start this blog to make friends, but it FREAKING ROCKS to feel surrounded by and to engage with such amazing people. But ultimately? Yeah, I’m selfish.

5)  What are you goal races in 1 year, 2 years and 5 years from now? My goal race for later on this year is, of course, Twin Cities, but at this point I have no idea as to whether or not that will happen. If it is simply a matter of time, and needing just a bit more of it, then I would consider doing the Indianapolis Monumental Marathon. But, that said, at this point, getting to, completing, and coming out of any race, and to do so injury free, is the goal. 2 years from now? I honestly don’t know where I will be–it may likely be time for me to start trying to have a family (gulp) and, if that be the case, I think that will be my goal finish line. Same for 5 years from now. But I hope to continue running as long as I have 2 legs that will carry me.

6)  If you didn’t run, what would you do? I wish I wasn’t having to discover this right now (to an extent, I can’t be so fatalistic about it). If I didn’t run, I would still be active–yoga, cycling, strength training. I don’t know if I can say that I would be riding, at least not right now. I would be taking walks (I assume that is still an option). But I would still be working toward being a CPT and wanting to help people work to move beyond expectation. ice cream Oh hell, we all know that I would be eating ice cream.

7) Tell me about your dream vacation I was lucky enough to experience my dream vacation last year on my honeymoon. I started to recap it here and here, and I need to continue! 3 nights a piece in London, Paris, and Rome.

What a dump...

What a dump…

The only thing that I would do next would be to switch up the locations: Ireland or Spain, Paris (with time to go to Versailles) and Istanbul. But the trip we had was just magical and everything I could want and more. Check out the recaps!

8) What is your favourite get pumped running song? Oh! I have so many! Here are a few:

  • “In Da Club” 50 Cent–Try to resist its power. Just try.

  • “Invincible” OKGO!–give it a little bit of time, it builds. Also, watch the music video

  • “By the Grace of God” Katy Perry–got me through my marathon. Nuff Said.
  • “Fly Away” Lenny Kravitz
  • “All I Do is Win” DJ Khaled
  • “Independent” Lil Webby
  • “Wobble” V.I.C.

  • “Get Low” Ying Yang Twins
  • “Superbass” Nicki Minaj
  • Anything by Ellie Goulding. Bonus points for dubstep remixes.

9) What is your favourite running food product? Jelly Belly Sport beans, no questions asked. Extreme Beans for races. FRS energy chews are the only other energy supplement that I will use. Non-specialty food product wise, I would say Reeds or Gin Gins ginger chews, butterscotch, fruit tootsie rolls/starburst, and dried mango. It was pretty awesome to get Dunkin Donuts munchkins during MCM, especially because I thought it was water they were handing out. Even though they were yelling “NOT WATER.” It was mile 22 or something, what did you expect?

10) What is your favourite post-race meal or treat? Sweetfrog (specifically) but froyo in general. Except for last summer when I was working late at the resto and there was a froyo shop on the way home that stayed open til midnight, froyo is totally a splurge for me these days ($$ wise). I’m honestly not too extravagant when it comes to my post race treats–they are mostly things that I love but don’t do everyday because I can do them for cheaper: like a MONSTER gourmet salad bar trip, or a frappuccino (full price, and with protein powder!!),

When I feel the need to be incognito about my compression (but you know that it's there)

When I feel the need to be incognito about my compression (but you know that it’s there)

a cappuccino/Americano, Slurpee especially Cherry Limeade), or making myself pancakes. I use the whole day to refuel, so I’m not all that likely to splurge just once. Definitely a beer/wine/bevy that night 😀

Also, it goes without saying that all of these things must be eaten in CWX and ProCompression gear and Crocs. #classy Well, a bit less ridiculous than I sometimes am, but don’t worry, I keep extra ridic around just in case.

I want to pass this along to some friends. But I feel like y’all are friends. Right? So answer any of these questions as well as the following:

What is the worst race medal you have ever seen? The best? Should all race medals have wine screws/bottle openers attached? If you could invent any race (distance, location, activity ) what would it be?

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