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Running Inspiration : Marathon Training Prep Week



I have published several posts over the past year and a half about running and my thoughts on running, so I kind of wanted to take the big takeaways from each of those posts and bring some together into a post that might give those of you who are embarking on the great journey of life marathon training.

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Running Inspiration for Marathon Training

Found me some runners!

Found me some runners!

  • My post on Tuesday dealt with Avoiding Marathon Burnout
  • The next few months are not going to be easy, but what in life worth doing is?
  • Know that injury, frustration, and complete bewilderment are inevitable. This is not going to be smooth, and if it is, you are likely cruisin for a bruisin, either on the day of the race, or just because it is inevitable.
  • Don’t be jealous of each other, encourage each other. Smile as you pass one another, and never be afraid to ask questions. 
  • There is no foolproof training plan or strategy for marathon training, but we are all fools, and training for a marathon is proof of that. 

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How Running has Improved my Life with A Chronic Illness (on Run Haven)

  • Go ahead, call me crazy. You wouldn’t be the first (or the last). But if to be “crazy” is to want a better life, to believe in a better life, and to work for a better life, then I proudly claim Crazy.
  • Health Benefits, Body Awareness, Mental Fortitude

How I Beat My Body’s Barriers to the Finish Line (on Women’s Running)

  • Even if I could just run for eight minutes, those eight minutes still meant that I was alive and could fight for myself, my life and everyone else out there dealing with their own battles (Crohn’s or otherwise). Making my battle part of a larger war gave me reason to keep moving forward through flare ups.
It's her fault. All of it. And I should thank her for it everyday.

It’s her fault. All of it. And I should thank her for it everyday.

When I stop running

  • When I stop running… I hope that I will still be a runner
  • A runner… knows that, honestly, you can’t achieve anything you put your mind to. And you know what? That is O. K. The struggles and joys of the journey are more important and vastly larger percentages of life than the single moment that you are aiming at. (Basically, races are victory laps: the real triumph is the training).

race is the victory lap marathon suz

  • A runner… understands that happiness is individual. What drives me, might not drive you. But we are all entitled to happiness, and we are all entitled to pursue that happiness with the support of those around us. And we are entitled to return that support.

Running is Preparing Me to be a Better Parent

  • We respect our bodies. Something that exercise, and specifically training for a goal, has given me is an absolute and utter respect for my body, particularly in consideration of the other obstacles it has to overcome in the process (for those who don’t know, I have Crohn’s Disease).
  • We all have guilt about the time that we spend away from our family. But it is so important to remember that your health and happiness is just as important (in a different way) to the health and happiness of your family.

Running is a bad boy. (One of my favorite posts)

audrina caution

  • You always swore you would never be interested in something/someone like him. And then, one day, you decided that it would be good for you to try something new. Maybe you wanted to loosen up mentally/tighten up physically, but you started to dabble.
  • Your friends were in support of your dalliance at first, and then grew increasingly concerned as the frequency increased. Soon, it became a daily thing. You still weren’t sure why you were doing it–you hated it the entire time you were doing it/being with him, but when it was good, it was SO FREAKING GOOD. And afterwards, you felt oddly euphoric and also gross. You needed a shower and a beer.
susie beer phoenix marathon


Runner Favorites and Confessions:

  • At the risk of being all awwww, I would say that truly the best reward I get from running is the sense of accomplishment. I still have to pinch myself sometimes like after Phoenix. The fact that I not only ran that far but did it in that time. Holy balls. And then the confidence that it has given me in myself and my ability to feel brave enough to take on what I know will be some difficult battles in the future (as I discussed here and here). 

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This ISN’T About National Running Day : Why I Run

  • Running is as close as I will get to flying–lifted up by some invisible force to cover ground. To head straight into the wind, and to defy it, but to respect its strength.  
  • Running humbles me, but also congratulates me on a job well done. And so do my fellow runners. The support of a community, for the selfish action of an individual.
  • I run to move beyond expectations, as I so often say. I run to believe in myself, that I am capable. Maybe not of anything, but of more than I thought at first.

And… when it comes closer to the big moment, here is some advice on dealing with the taper crazies aka taper madness.

  • Body Glide. Everywhere
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Give me a sound bite of advice and inspiration for new runners and those heading off into the wild blue yonder world of training!

What is something that you hope to glean from training, whether for a race, for a goal, or just for life?

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