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Running Friends Make Your Labor Day Weekend Magnificent! #MagMileHalf


Happy Labor Day to All!

Thank you to all that crossed their fingers that the weather would be ok with this weekend! Somehow, your good juju worked, and it was gorgeous. Sunday got hot, to be sure, but not half bad, and Saturday CES had to deal with some pretty hilarious little thunderstorms (I’ll explain in a minute). But most important, I got to spend amazing time with amazing people. 

Thanks, Katie!

Thanks, Katie!


Friday was packet pickup for the Magnificent Mile Women’s Half Marathon, and boy, did they pull out all the stops! Thank you again to Luna for gifting Erin and I our race entries! 

Mag Mile Half Expo Pop Up Market

I loved that the expo was held as part of the Mag Mile Shopping Festival. It made the whole atmosphere so festive and fun. Of course, I registered first and then stopped by Luna Bar to say hey to Linor (who I’ve met at various events) and pick up some samples (dur). Then I couldn’t keep walking when I saw that Fleet Feet had some killer deals–> 50% off Oiselle and Lole! I’ve always wanted to try a pair of the Roga shorts, and for 50% off, I decided the investment was worth it! I’ll be sure to report back. I’m thinking about doing a post on my favorite running shorts–would you all be interested?

Mag Mile Half Expo Race Gear and Oiselle Roga Shorts RunChi

Also, I thought the MagMileHalf race shirt this year were pretty great–Saucony! And I had to get a RunChi shirt, especially when I saw it was pink and soft as all get out. Then I stopped by the Chicago Endurance Sports tent to check in with my friends, many of whom paced for the race. I ended up needing to be Coach Suz for a bit, but you know I love that. And I love Khit. Girl has beaten multiple cancers and is a huge part of the Fleet Feet family and a Coach with Imerman Angels. Love. Her. 

A pic from later in the day at yoga!

A pic from later in the day at yoga!

A necessary stop by Dylan’s Candy Bar on the way home. I’ve been jonesing to go back for a while, but kept being all, Not without Alex! Screw him. I brought chocolate covered oreo’s though. So I’m not totally evil 😀

Dylan's Candy Bar Chicago

I came back later for yoga with Bare Feet Power Yoga, Lole, Fleet Feet, and Class Pass (sign up and get 2 free weeks! Be sure to mention me!). And you know I got front row! I’ll round up more on the experience later, but I was very impressed with class, which reminded me just how much I need to get back to yoga. I wore my Brick Betty Vixen Capris and got so many compliments!

Lole and Bare Feet Power Yoga Candlelight Yoga for Mag Mile Half

Not much compares to a Vinyasa flow in the midst of the city with the skyline framed by cloudless blue sky and friends all around. 

Tribune Tower Chicago at dusk


Saturday I knew would be a “cutback” so I last minute decided to run down to the store instead of taking the train. when I got there, it turned out that we needed a pacer for our fasted group! I volunteered, and then was like….oh wait. I haven’t run those paces in a real capacity in a while, and I had the half the next day! F*** it. Play like a champion. 

Clouds and Garmin Cutback week speedy run

And Mark and I did! We beastmoded that run. We negative split the whole way with an overall average of just over 8 minutes per mile, and the last two at 7:40. My legs felt all tingly after 😀 It was awesome. To think that 7:40 was my average Phoenix Marathon pace! 

We hit some hilarious weather about 2.5 miles from the finish–I looked up and saw rain in the distance and then a GIANT lightening bolt followed by huge thunder. Mark and I looked at each other and he said, “Run… Faster??” I thought OH HELL NO. But we had nowhere to go for shelter, so we continued to where there would be shelter if we needed it. We got some rain for about a mile, but not bad. Then we got some puddles (but the rain had gone through). Apparently the groups in the middle of the pace groups got nothing, and the groups at the back got more lightening and even hail!

Lunchtime took me up to Lakeview for a very, very overdue brunch with Erica, one of my best running friends (did you see the post about my BRFs on Smitha’s blog Friday?) and we tried out new gluten free cafe and bakery Wheat’s End. I got the house beet cured lox with herbed cream cheese, pickled carrots and onion, and gluten free everything bagel and Erica got an omelet (but the they were out of bacon, and on INTERNATIONAL BACON DAY), and then got a maple bacon scone and pumpkin donut to go. She said that the scone was majorly two thumbs up!

Wheat's End Cafe Gluten Free Bagel and Lox Lakeview

The rest of the day was chill, but my runger was up and down and all around–my body was like, haven’t you been running 20 miles most Saturdays? Stick with that plan! So I just watched a bunch of SVU and ate.

Alex got home a little early (and by that, I mean 8 PM) and we ate a bit more (he had dinner, I just continued to fuel).Sleep didn’t go so well. Major jaw clenching and anxiety dreams and woke up with a huge headache multiple times. 


Sunday was the big race! I met Erin and Neal at Randolph and Michigan, and then we headed over to the start and took tons of pictures on the way. BTW, being a coach made me feel so freaking popular, lol. SO MANY HIGH FIVES AND SHOUT OUTS. 

Coach Walter, Lauren Fleshman, Erin Khit, Random Bear, Dave

Coach Walter, Lauren Fleshman, Erin
Khit, Random Bear, Dave

I will do a full review of the Mag Mile Half tomorrow, but I thought they did a great job, in short. Erin had a bit of a rough time, so I went back and forth between chatting with my friend and being Coach Suz. My legs felt great and weren’t tired, which was awesome considering my workout the day before.

We ran the first 3 and then stopped for the bathroom and then I changed her to run/walk intervals. I think her shin held up fine, but she just wasn’t in shape for the race and didn’t have a fueling strategy, so she bonked pretty hard. But it was awesome to spend several hours with one of my Best Running Friends and to be ridiculous during it. Lady Race = Lady Outfit. And so many compliments on the crowns 😀

Suz All Pink Lady Race Mag Mile Half Marathon Race Outfit with Crown

On the way home, I stopped by Whole Foods and picked up some Siggi’s (on sale right now!) to start the refueling and then got a few of my cornbread zucchini protein muffins and a few other things to finish it up. Lunch was a tour de force of plant based awesomeness:

TVP, Spaghetti squash, salad, and finishing off my protein muffins (1 shown, there were 2 more that got finished after). They lasted a grand total of 3.5 days, if you noticed. And then some 479 Toasted Coconut Cararmel Popcorn. HAPPY SUZ.

More SVU followed 😀 But so did my heachache. It came back with a vengeance and kept me company for the majority of the afternoon. Adding to my headache? The fact that, once again, Alex had to stay late.Luckily he’ll have today off. I miss my husband. 

Today may be a holiday, but I have a feeling that Alex and I aren’t going to be doing anything too crazy. He’ll likely sleep in, I NEED to do yoga and some other functional exercises, and we’ve both got quite a bit of work that we need to do. But at least he doesn’t have to go in. 

I hope.

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What are you up to/what did you do this weekend?

Anyone else race?

Tell me something AWESOME!

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