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Dealing with Running FOMO and Choosing Not to Run (Coaches Corner)


As a runner, one of the hardest things to deal with is FOMO of not running when the weather is PERFECTION and training seasons are starting.  Find out how to deal with sitting out runs and link up with Running Coaches Corner!

After my higher mileage weeks of April, I have scaled way back just as the weather has gotten beautiful. Not only that, people are starting to work on full and half marathon training plans, getting all of their gear in order, and new runners are heading out for the first time.

Oh, and the water fountains have turned on and the bathrooms are open on the Lakefront Trail. If that doesn’t call you to go run, I don’t know what will. (Especially if you have a digestive illness #crohnssucks)

And yet, I am sitting out those runs, lacing up my running shoes only to take Ridley for walks and to train at the gym, and putting on a sports bra just because I am lazy. And nope, I am not going crazy!!

Here’s how I am staying sane!

Dealing with Running FOMO

Coach @Suzlyfe helps those Dealing with Running FOMO! Ever chosen to not run?

Last summer, I talked about dealing with racing FOMO, but pure and simple running FOMO is a different animal entirely. Running FOMO is accompanied by unconscious dressing in your running gear, making sure that you have your pre-race food, mid-run nutrition, and post run recovery bars stocked and prepped even though you don’t need any of these things during that time, and many a wistful look as runners go by. 

And yes, I can check off a few of those right now! No, I do not need to buy those bananas, but at least now I have the option of making banana bread or banana muffins. Fueling for life, people. 

Yes, I would LOVE to be putting on my new Spyder gear and running the shores of Lake Michigan right now, past the incoming boats in the harbor and the marathon training groups and crazy cyclists (love y’all, but you are crazy). But I’m not. And that is the first point.

Own Your Choice Not To Run

One of the reasons that injuries are so.freaking.infuriating is that you can’t control when the injury will improve and thus to run or not to run is your decision. Since most of us runners are control freaks either indulging ourselves or trying to relax our need for control, this lack of control is even more infuriating. 

Otherwise, this will become you 24/7

When you OWN your decision, you take the power back, and I will tell you, you instantly feel better. I’m not kidding. And this also applies to dealing with injury: STOP TESTING YOUR INJURY AND OWN IT. You are injured, do what you can and stop making the situation worse. 

Do What You Can

I say this all the time: the way to cope with injury is to figure out and focus on what you CAN do. Forget about what you cannot do. When I couldn’t run, do yoga, have sex, or even cross my body in certain ways during my sacral stress fracture and then again during IVF cycles, I instead focused on strength training and walking (obviously not during the back fracture).

During this current round of IVF treatment for FET, I have a bit more freedom: I can do yoga, walk, and cross my body, I just can’t do vigorous/high-intensity or high impact exercise. So I am taking the opportunity to get back into a regular yoga practice, I get my steps and movement in at the restaurant, and on days that I don’t work at the restaurant, Ridley and I go and explore. Hello, the weather is finally good; why wouldn’t I go play outside in it?!

Set Another Goal While You Can’t Run

My goal while I can’t run is to practice yoga or do barre 4-5 x a week. Right now, I am just not interested in weight room-based strength training (although I have fun doing that with my clients!), so I am going to focus on other areas of strength and try to get back to being able to do certain inversions like twisted crow and grasshopper, which I used to be able to do! I would love to get back to some pilates as well!

Spyder Shape Tahoe Limitless Weekend Recap! @suzlyfe

So, you can’t run. Can you work on doing your first pull up? 10 military style push ups? A 2 minute plank?

Find Another Way to Get Outside

Like I mentioned, I can’t run outside, but that doesn’t mean I have to miss out on my Vitamin D! Take your lunch outside, walk for as long as you would normally run, take the long way into work. Walk to work, even! You aren’t taking up as much time running, so you might have enough time, depending on how far away you work. 

Oh, and you might have noticed, I went skiing not too long ago for the first time in 15 years! 😀

Bottom Line on Surviving Running FOMO

I challenge all of YOU to find happiness where you are by taking a moment of stillness everyday where you use stillness, even just a moment, to take a deep breath and feel happiness and peace. @suzlyfe

Notice what each of these tips revolve around? Positivity. NOT NEGATIVITY. Squash that inner dialogue of “Oh, poor me, I’m not running and it is beautiful outside.” Tell the green eyed monster to be quiet. Because you know what? There was probably a time when they couldn’t run, either! And as long as you find something else that you find challenging and physically strenuous in some fashion and especially if it affords you the opportunity to get outside, you will find that while you won’t stop missing running, the pain of separation may just hurt a bit less. Try to Find Happiness Where You Are.

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Ready to get back to running? Don’t miss this post on returning to running after injury or a long time off.

Have you ever made the choice not to run for a certain amount of time?

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