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The Long Run: Running is a Bad Boy (Justin Bobby)

Sometimes, running is a bad boy, that bad boyfriend you just can’t get away from. Have you ever had an ex that you just can’t quit? For some of us, that ex is running!

Sometimes Running is a Bad Boy (or Bad Boyfriend) just like Justin Bobby! Find out how at

The other day my lovely Canuck Ange had a great post about how she had taken a necessary break from running, but was starting back up. At the beginning of that post, she used this gif:

audrina from ange

For those who have been under a rock (or actually concerned with the real problems of the world), that is Audrina Patridge of The Hills fame, likely telling Justin Bobby (her ridiculous on/off amour) that she is breaking up with him. That happened quite a bit on the show. Well anyway, it got me thinking, and as I told Ange in the comments, I realized that, in fact,

Running = Justin Bobby.

justin bobby grin

How Running is a Bad Boy Like Justin Bobby

You always swore you would never be interesting in something/someone like him. And then, one day, you decided that it would be good for you to try something new. Maybe you wanted to loosen up mentally/tighten up physically, but you started to dabble.

The entire time that you were initially dabbling, you wonder why the f am I doing this?

justin bobby doesnt care

Your friends were in support of your dalliance at first, and then grew increasingly concerned as the frequency increased. Soon, it became a daily thing. You still weren’t sure why you were doing it–you hated it the entire time you were doing it/being with him, but when it was good, it was SO FREAKING GOOD. And afterwards, you felt oddly euphoric and also gross. You needed a shower and a beer.

Your eating increases as a way to cope. Particularly of sugary, carby things.

You stop paying attention to personal hygiene. And your wardrobe devolves to very casual things and jeans.

Things go really, really well for a time, and you see/get involved with JB/running more and more, and you are having so much fun.

audrina likes bad boys

And then, one day, it changes. Either you get hurt, or you just need space. So you take a break. A week later, you are back.  This time, you commit yourself to a greater, longer term relationship. You believe that you are the one that is different from all the other times before.

You get hurt. A) Either you know better, but continue anyway, or b) you do nothing wrong, and it just happens. So you sit and wait, and wish that you were with them, even though you know it is good for you to stay away. Your friends congratulate you and tell you that you are doing the right thing.

audrina hurting myself

Finally, the hurt seems gone, and you start again. Your friends are hopeful, but concerned. They want you to proceed with caution. You assure them that you are.

You jumped too quickly, get hurt again. You sit out again, this time a bit more scared to return to it. YOU ARE DONE!!!!!  But then he/it sucks you back in.

audrina caution

Things go well, lalalalalala love life. Then it happens again. DONE!!!!!!!!!!

This happens again and again, you hold out for different amounts of time each breakup.

Until you meet the right guy (hopefully), and get off the Justin Bobby roller coaster.

getting over justin bobby

Think about it, you know I’m right!

Running is a bad boy (friend) and I just can't quit! #running #runchat Click To Tweet

Can you relate? What is the Justin Bobby in your life?

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