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#Run10Feed10 Review/Recap, CARA Pilates, and Hauling Booty

Congratulations to everyone who raced this weekend! I know it was another big one of PRs and killer efforts! And if you didn’t, congrats on making it to another week–make it count!

I had a great, jam-packed, and fitness- and food-filled weekend. I’m gonna focus on the big things, but don’t worry, I have details on some fun food ideas from this weekend for Wednesday, and some exciting (for me) treats to talk about tomorrow!

But for now? Let’s chat a little bit about the fitness happenings that occurred over the past few days!

I ran on Friday, and it was glorious. My foot didn’t feel 100%, but it was so incredibly worth it. 8 miles, my legs felt great, gorgeous sunrise, Vitamin D and running endorphins RESTORED. Oh, and if you were wondering? The full cloud cover returned at noon. Chicago, you are an a$$hat.

But thank you for this.

But thank you for this.

My legs felt powerful and dialed in. The foot had a few aches, but overall was fine enough for me to live the dream and just keep going. I needed that, so badly. I’ve felt a bit off my game this week, what with the crappy weather, the not running but still having random appetite swings, and trying to figure out my foot. (more on that tomorrow, but it is doing way better, and I think I figured it out).

Something that was a great idea, and I got a ton of complements on? My outfit Friday:

I wish I didn't look quite as much like a bobble head, but selfies are hard for me.

I wish I didn’t look quite as much like a bobble head, but selfies are hard for me.

Yup that would be my purple gridded Old Navy workout pants, over the knee boots, a black drapey top, and a patterned pashmina. And Suz-itude.

Saturday, I got to the chance to change things up with a little Pilates for runners at Equinox! It was a class sponsored by CARA and Kind (supposedly, but that was a lie), and included 45 minutes of pilates on the mat, a little foam rolling clinic, and some chatting about massage therapy. I looked awesome, of course. (And wore the same pants from Friday. SHHH). I did some spin beforehand, as we had access to the gym (smells sooooo good in there, like money and ego).

The class was great, and I think I have found my next challenge! Pilates is very different from yoga, and focuses more on outright development of strength, while yoga often focuses more on the development of strength through the cycles of moments and reactional balances. I know that yoga has been incredible for my ankles and lower legs, but pilates will be a great new challenge to develop my obliques more and keeping me from getting stuck in a gym rut. And with Class Pass coming up, heck yes!

I had a special little errand that I ran after while getting my packet, more on that tomorrow, but here is a teaser.



Not my typical running shoe box…. Any guesses?

I literally magicked a dinner together for Alex and myself, and it totally worked (thank you for whoever put the picture of their dinner on Facebook that sparked my thought process! I don’t remember who it was!)

Sunday, it was time for #run10feed10! And what a great race it was!

A Happy Reminder :D Sad to clear it off!

A Happy Reminder 😀 Sad to clear it off!

I have to say, I was seriously impressed by this race–it was impeccably run, easy to navigate, and sufficient portapotties for the number of racers. Lots of food, even a VIP tent, and great sponsors with pretty decent freebies.

The schedule was filled with a pre-race warm up and post race yoga (that we skipped because of other things that we had to do), a DJ, and PLENTY of smiling volunteers. Seriously, they were (seemingly) happy to be there! Seiko was a sponsor, and the race was bang on time and the clocks were clear and accessible on the course. There were plenty of water stations (I haven’t run a 10k race before, so I don’t know what I would have expected). Weather was crisp and cool, but not outright cold–perfect for HAULING ASS.

Allison Sweeney!

Allison Sweeney!

Oh, And Allison Sweeney, the celebrity spokesperson emceed the race start and finish. Schwing!

And Haul Ass, I did. I haven’t run that fast in a long, long time. I ran up to the start at about a 8:15-8:20 pace per Garmy, and was thinking, I couldn’t really think I would run faster. I was happily wrong about that. The course was a simple out and back, with a mixture of terrain and some interesting turns as well as a short set of stairs, but familiar and fun (Diversey Harbor to the Lake Front Trail and back, for locals).

I started running, started hauling, and then decided to see how long I could maintain. And I ended up averaging a 7:20 mile, and finishing in 45:xx, 10th female, and 4th in my age group. SUPA HAPPY. I haven’t seen numbers like that in a looooooooooooong loooooong time. It was really satisfying to see them on the old screen again, and it gave me even more confidence about my ability to really get to work on my goals for the next year.

run10feed10 erica suz allison

I passed Erica and her friend Allison (Hi Allison!!) who were hauling so much more ass than I was (they were among, if not the first women to finish–in 42-43:xx, I believe?) And I met up with them after so that we could properly take advantage of all of the gifties being offered. More on those tomorrow, but we didn’t do too terribly, though according to Erica, swag was more superior last year. I was fine with it. overall.

Race Bag

Race Bag

I would totally recommend this race if it comes to your city–well run, fantastic cause, decent swag, decent food, good energy, a great mixture of people racing and those just running. And the volunteers were great 😀

I apparently kick-started the runger, because I ate all the things once I got home. And also slept HARD, to the point that I woke up and didn’t remember that the race, lunch (or life apparently), or Alex coming home and then going to the gym had occurred. I guess running harder than you have in a year will do that, even if you didn’t run as far. Alex and I went for a walk and had a fun little dinner to round out the day! Again, more later.

How many naps did you take this weekend? (2–one Sunday morning, one Saturday afternoon)

When was the last time that you REALLY surprised yourself with you abilities? I asked something similar a few weeks ago, but this time I mean more in a HOT DAMN I didn’t think I still had it in me!!!!

Are you any good at taking selfies? I am terrible. #bloggerfail


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