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Run, Sleep, Eat, Repeat #MIMM

As a few of you noticed, the bananas were left off the ingredients list for the recipe (ha!).The recipe has been fixed so please re-pin/update your lists!

Apparently, I have become someone who takes naps. I took one every day this weekend. I am not usually a napper, I might take one occasionally (I don’t know 2 times a month. This weekend was obviously a different story!

Thanks, Katie!

Thanks, Katie!

Friday morning, I ended up doing my long run before work, which I wasn’t really planning on, but things were feeling good, and I really, really needed the confidence boost, as I said in my post Friday. It wasn’t the fastest, but I didn’t care about that at all–this was about mental and physical confidence, and I got some. Work was fine, and I got to leave a bit early, so I went home and made what is perhaps my fave mixed drink of the moment, what I’d like to call the Social Ginger.

social ginger suzlyfe

Because who doesn’t like a fiery red-headed friend? All it is is Social and diet Ginger Ale, but it is really, really delicious. You still get the hint of the hibiscus at the end, and, well, you know from my love for Crabbies that I love ginger ale. And because Social isn’t inherently sweet but rather is light and crisp, it doesn’t taste at all sugary. In short, awesome. Popcorn also happened. Because that is always a good idea.

social and popcorn suzlyfe

I had made Alex promise that he would come home in between his shift at clinic and when he had night float (for a random night) and he ended up getting off around 5, which was AWESOME except I felt incredibly tired out of nowhere and literally couldn’t keep my eyes open. And so I napped. In short, I suck as a wife. I did, however, attempt to make up for it by going and getting the groceries and lugging home the big thing of litter. I hope that cat is happy. Oh wait, she is just going to throw it in the hair like Lebron with the chalk. And take a literal dump in it. Which I guess is what I want her to do…

The whole weekend itself was rather low key–I worked out, went to yoga, and ran 6 legs-feel-like-lead (from doing legs and yoga the day before, and long run the day before that) miles. Alex and I went for a little walk up to Gold Coast on Saturday and ended up at one of our favorite places, Chicago q, which I’m sure I’ll talk about Wednesday. Let’s just say that it is easily one of my favorite places in Chicago for both eating and hanging out purposes. And I mightily approve of their version of a “breadbasket.”

pickles chips chicago q suzlyfe

Saturday night we went to meet up with some of our friends at their rooftop deck to watch the fireworks off Navy Pier (during the summer, they shoot off fireworks every Wednesday and Saturday. We have juuuuuuust enough in the wrong angle from our apartment to miss them, but our friend’s rooftop proved perfect. But to be honest, the fireworks paled in comparison to the amazing view of the city from 60 stories up, with perfect view of just about everything, from the lake front north, Hancock, Trump, Sears (I refuse to call it Willis), and others. I didn’t take a picture because I didn’t feel like attempting, but now that I think about it, it was definitely a missed opportunity.

Also, I wish I had a picture of the front desk guy. Picture an old school bushy-mustache-ioed hilarious man with his dress pants up to his arm pits, his tie tucked into his pants, no real hair aside from a series of lip squirrels on this face, oh, and did I mention that he had rubber bands around the ends of his facial hair???? Also, let’s just say he definitely had an…interesting personality. AAAhhhhh Chicago. Such characters.

lollapalooza street dude

I came back a little early–I didn’t want to go to bars or whatever, and I was getting over a sinus headache, which seems to be my gift the day after my long run right after Remicade–the same thing happened after Cheeky Chicago, if you remember. I think my body just gets over tired, and with the immo-suppression of Remicade, it just my lot in life. The whole reason for bringing this up is that I fell asleep on the couch. SITTING UP. My last thought was that I was going to pick up the remote to turn off the tv, and the next thing I know, I wake up and Alex is on the couch with me (apparently, when he got home, he sat down next to me, asked if I wanted to move to the bed, I said “hmmshdfjakmmmfffff” and then basically spooned him (still sitting up), so he just took a nap. Then I woke up around 2 and we moved to the bed.

He ended up sleeping (in the bed) till 11, so after my run (oooof my legs), we went to brunch at West Egg and TJ’s/Jewel for groceries, then came home and I “put my feet up” while Alex went to the gym. And then was asleep for 1-2 hours like I was drugged.

Me on the Eurostar on the way to Paris during out honey money

Me on the Eurostar on the way to Paris during out honey money

Also? My new thing is that apparently I run in my sleep. Like a dog–I flick my feet as if I’m running. I think we should add that to “you might be a runner if….”

Twas a good weekend, full of filled bellies, sweaty workouts, hardcore naps doing weird things with my body, friends, and Alex time. Low key but lovely, and a good recharge before the week to come, which, as it is looking now, is going to be busyyyyy.

Last weird position that you woke up in? Are you a napper on the regular, or do you just go through fits of the naps?

Would you rather get complementary pickles or olives? Chips or bread?

Did you have a crazy weekend, or the lull before the storm?

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