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Routines and Shaking Things Up (9 Weeks Friday Catch Up 3/30)

At 9 weeks since Emmie’s birthday, we have been shaking up her life by giving her some structure. Meanwhile, I’m continuing to try to shake myself up, and a very special wish for a very special person in today’s Friday Catch Up!

Again, no Weekend Catch Up, but if things go well this weekend, there might be one next Monday.

Lots of words today, but I have a great number of thoughts!

Friday Catch Up

1) First and foremost, HAPPY BIRTHDAY to the man fool enough to marry me, Alex! I adore you, and truly, you are the only one that I am HAPPY is a fool because you can’t go anywhere now, sucker. With every year I love you more, even as your dark hair loves you less and leaves your head in search of other pastures.

Could you say no to this face?

I am so happy that he will have this weekend off with no call so that he can (hopefully) rest. He had a long call Wednesday night (particularly Thursday morning), and he has just been reallly, truly tired this week. Like, not hearing me or answering me even more than usual. Seriously, if he is watching something, I can have an entire conversation with him, and it is like I’ve never said a word until I say BABE. Then I get “huh?” You doofus I was talking to you for at least a minute. This week he has been staring at my face and doin g the same thing, so I know he is legit tired. And now he is getting my cold, too.

He will have to be Mr. Mom a few times this weekend, but otherwise, I am hoping we can have a nice family night out on Saturday (so that he doesn’t have to worry about rushing home). 

We are #domestic and #adulting so our present to each other include a date night while Mom is here and getting the apartment cleaned.

2) Last weekend, after posting that Emmie was doing better, we had a tough day Friday and ended up canceling our plans with our friends to go for giant margaritas and chips etc at Tarascas. It ended up being for the best because Alex had to work until 9, but Emmie actually went down without too much of a fight that night. 

I’ll get to my physical/fitness pursuits in a moment, but we did get our Tarascas the next night, and booooy did we. 3 bowls of chips later… We also got our Frances Deli, though there was a weird moment when I called to order our takeout and the guy told me that the next takeout pickup wasn’t until 2 o’clock. Which has never happened before and was rather confusing. When I got home 15 minutes later (I was returning from a class), Alex decided he would try and call, and was immediately able to place an order. 

Um, ok.

Whatever, we got our food, and I ate mine on the couch while nursing Emmie, lol. 

Emmie had it in for us later, though. As many of you saw on Facebook, my child can now outlast my marathon times with her meltdowns. From 5-8:30, one of us was tending her. First Alex bounced her for ages while I ate, then I took her into the other room and finally nursed her a while and then bounced her, then Alex came back for more punishment until finally she just passed out. 

I decided that night that it was time to figure out a real and true bedtime routine and to overhaul our daily schedule. 

3) New Emmie Developments and her New Routine!

Part of Emmie’s meltdown this weekend was expected–I knew it was coming. The 8 week (generally) is a HUGE brain and physical coordination development week for babies. They learn a lot about the world around them (Emmie is seeing, truly seeing, things for the first time that have been around her since she was born.

We started smiling last week, and now we smile like fools and “talk” to Mommy and Daddy and Ridley. She sounds like she is saying “hi” and “hello”! She plays with her voice, with her tongue, and with shoving her hand into her mouth. Hands actually do things now, and she has greater motor control than before.

Tummy time is still beyond aggravating, but overnight she “got it” and held her head up like a champ. She and I are both working on our arm strength, though.

She is now noticing that there is a frog and beaver on the arch that we attached to her rocker. 

She is bewildered by these things at the end of her legs. What are they for??

A MAJOR pattern that she now recognizes is that when I put her on her back and unsnap her bodysuit, it is time to change her diaper, and she starts to roll her legs up in a reverse crunch (enviable lower abs 😀 ). She also now sometimes lifts up her arms after so that I can pick her up. 

Another big pattern that we have been working on is our daily schedule and sleep routine. I ordered her some swaddles that velcro around her upper body (I got the SwaddleMe Original) so that we could really keep her secure as we transition her back into the bassinet for sleeping. I waited to move her back to her bassinet until her reflux was better because it lays her flat, unlike the rocker which keeps her at 45 deg and also in one place. We would put her in her bassinet and she would spit up (particularly after night feedings) or flail about. One of the biggest obstacles to helping Emmie get to sleep is that she needs to be swaddled because she is wiggle worm (seriously, she is out of that swaddle like Ridley chews through toys).

The swaddles helped but didn’t deal with the problem (obviously).

After the weekend, I buckled down and came up with a plan, which I am incredibly happy to say has been a raging success over the past nights! We still have some major sleep associations that we have to deal with (feeding to sleep and rocking and or holding to sleep are the two big ones), but I spent the week helping her to associate the happiness and drowsiness that she gets from them with other things–her sound machine and classical music among them). I’m also putting her on a flexible schedule and making notes along the way to see patterns. We are also working on self soothing (which we hadn’t done anythign about up to this point).

She still starts to fall apart around the same time (while we are trying to eat dinner), but the good news is that we can actually put her down and then have the night to hang out (or pass out). She is able to engage more during the day as well! And she is learning to be comfortable sleeping on her back. 

Ok, so I went on way too long about that, but it was a HUGE change for us! We are going to have regressions, of course, but at least we know we are on the right track!

4) I didn’t go through my clothes this weekend, but I went THROUGH my clothes on Monday. I donated two full bags of clothes and took 3 bags of clothes to sell (the ones they didn’t want (mostly because they were out of season) I sent to Thred Up). I even sold some of my blazers to a friend! I decided to part with many pieces of workout clothes that I actually do love (like some of my Spyder gear) because I am not going to be that small again (my decision). I actually could have done away with more, but Emmie (who had been playing with her arch mobile) was ready for a change of scenery. 

This weekend, we will take the box of Christmas stuff (which had been holding the extra clothes) back upstairs with some of the clothes that I am keeping but not yet ready for, and then we can FINALLY get this place cleaned!

5) Oh yes, physical things. I finally stepped up my efforts this weekend. I’ve been getting away from my yoga during the week due to Emmie, but now that we have a better schedule, I am hoping to convince myself to get with it. It takes 10 minutes, max, honestly!

But I did a Hot Power Fusion class at Yoga Six (if you have done HPF at CorePower, it is very very similar) on Saturday, and then on Sunday, I did Tone and Flow at Pilates Proworks, which ended up being like yoga sculpt. For the first time in MONTHS (maybe even a year?) I could feel my muscles truly tired the next day. And there were some baby biceps there for a moment!

These classes felt good. No, they felt great. I doubted myself when I was there (I also didn’t feel great going into my Sunday class), but I kept with it. I talked about this on IG, but I really have no drive to do workouts outside of my daily walks with the dog and kid and my classes. Running is really the only thing that I can see myself doing under my own stead. I think that once I have Emmie under a more consistent schedule (now that she is able to do that), I might start going back up and doing elliptical to start and then hopefully run some by next month’s end. 

If not, whatever. I’m doing this for health, not to prove something.

This weekend, I’m doing a little pilates and a 75 minute Vinyasa flow! Have a great weekend, and Happy Easter if you celebrate! Happy discount Easter Candy regardless!

Do you remember your bedtime routine as a child? Do you still have one?

Favortie Easter Candy? I love Whoppers Mini Robins Eggs. Luckily I got a carton before I went dairy free!

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