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Thanks, Katie!

Thanks, Katie!

Thank you so much to all who responded to my downer of post yesterday. I know that we all go through these times, and I had dealt with the hamstring thing so well, but I just wasn’t prepared for this. I really wasn’t. My marvelous Monday post this week will be a bit briefer, but not any less important.

Again, best part of my weekend? This.

I freaked out.

I freaked out.

The close second most-marvelous–the great responses to Thursday’s and Friday’s posts (and yesterday’s, obviously). It was a great collection of yoga poses, ice cream hankerings, and other randomness. And I hope that those of you who were running/racing this weekend had stellar outings!


The sun was shining on Saturday, and I ventured out to enjoy it by sitting in out in front of the Aon Center to do my NASM reading. It felt great in the sun, if a little windy. Afterwards, I went and toured around the hidden Mariano’s in East Benton Place, and then obviously ate all the samples that weren’t nailed down (so.many) and did some shopping for home. And made a fun mixed 6-pack. Obv.

inappropriate, but SO ADORABLE

inappropriate, but SO ADORABLE

Alex got off earlier than he had anticipated on Saturday, so even though I was in a crappy mood, I decided that we should venture out, and I am glad that we did. We went to local Italian eatery Coco Pazzo Cafe, the little sibling to the much more expensive and super fine dining Coco Pazzo. We managed to snag the last available table for walk-in, and immediately got involved in some of the best rosemary foccacia. And a glass of Chianti. I got the Beef Carpaccio and the Sette Vegetali (Seven Vegetables) Salad, and I convinced Alex to get the Tagiatelle Verde, which had house braised beef brisket and house made green tagiatelle noodles.cocopazzo_tagiatelle

It was absolutely stellar. Exemplary, really. The beef tasted of pure beefyness, in that way that beef stew does–just the essence of what it is. And the noodles were rough cut, so obviously handmade. The beef carpaccio was also superb–when you folded it around the arugula, which was dressed with just lemon, and took a bit of the freshly shaved parm…whoa.

And for the record, I didn't play with the color in either of these pictures--all I did was brighten them a bit.

And for the record, I didn’t play with the color in either of these pictures–all I did was brighten them a bit.

Just a magnificent bite. Our meal was all about quality, and simplicity. And you know that is a recipe for greatness right there. I followed it up with some more greatness: ice cream, nut butter, and 479 popcorn, enjoyed under a blanket with Alex on the couch.

Sunday dawned beautifully, but quickly turned chilly and cloudy. I had a crappy morning, mentally, but a walk outside with Alex to take pictures and scout locations for Ramblen (including a stop, shop, and nosh at an amazing new grocery) drastically helped. So did pouring out to you guys what has been weighing heavy on my mind. And a little Southern Charm. That Kathryn is really something, huh? And by something, I think Craig has it dead on when he points out her history of sleeping around the main cast. Also? She takes some of the hugest bites of food, and goes to the drunk-sounding end of the spectrum very quickly. Just sayin. I did like her green sparkly dress though. Shep is not much better. Pretty much Craig and JD are the only 2 males on that show that I can stand, but I love Cameron. Jenna doesn’t participate enough for me to know how I feel about her yet.



We are now a mere 2 days away from my birthday, which, as I mentioned yesterday, I will be spending with my closepersonalfriend Bart Yasso

It never gets old.

It never gets old.

for the documentary “Finding Strong” by Brian Vernor. I am hoping to not feel like a dead weight by then, otherwise they might kick me out. Normally, I try to do fun things for my birthday–last year my mom came up for the Cville half (that I was sick for), all of us went to Atlanta, I got my hair cut and Alex and I did our engagement pictures, and we met up with my brother and his roommate for a fun dinner. And then went and tasted our wedding menu the next day. Right now? I would just like to run. Or maybe I will treat myself to yoga. Who knows what I will feel up for. i doubt that I will be getting to crazy yet. Maybe closer to the weekend.

Oh, and Marvelous is the fact that Alex is no longer on an ICU rotation. He’ll still be on a pretty intense service, but nowhere near as bad. This makes me happy for all of our sakes.

I hope you have a great week! Check in tomorrow to see what all I picked up at the Athleta store on Friday! Mom treated me to a little birthday fun, made all the better by 25% off.

What is your favorite Bravo TV show? 

How do you take your coffee? Your tea? What type of tea or coffee?

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