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Ripcord and Spirit Animals (Halloween Weekend)

This weekend was a blast, pure and simple. Sometimes you just gotta pull the Ripcord and let loose!

Ok ok, enough the Ripcord references, but let’s start with the concert Friday night!

Happy Halloween, and Congrats to all the Marine Corps Marathon Finishers!

Thank you to Katie and Erin for the Weekend Love!

Keith Urban Ripcord Tour

This concert was FABULOUS. I had a blast from start to finish.

Keith Urban Ripcord World Tour Chicago

The sets started (rather unceremonially, I might add–I think she deserved a bit more of an intro!) with Maren Morris, who a) looks so much like a cross between Alexis Bledel and Selena Gomez that it is unconscionable) and b) is freaking hilarious (she wore a shirt that said “Beer,” leather shorts, and high heeled silvery-white shoes). It was hard not to jam out to her songs–I’m obsessed with the song “80s Mercedes.” Girl has a fantastic voice and stage presence, and I see a long future for her!

There was a brief break and then Brett Eldredge came out! I didn’t realize just how many of his songs that I new until finally downloaded the CD. He, also, put on a fantastic show (in a Cubs uniform–he is a superfan). Alex sadly got stuck in the concessions line and missed some of his favorite songs by Brett, but he made it for the rest. By the time he was done, we were all ready for Keith to come out and deliver, and boy did he!

Keith Urban Ripcord World Tour Chicago

Keith Urban was, simply put, amazing. Simply amazing. 

He is one of the few performers I have ever seen who manages to sound authentically exactly the same as he does on the radio (actually, even better!). He played to the crowd–in Cubs shirt and talking about the Cubs, etc–and he brought up a woman from the crowd (and then her boyfriend) and sang a song for them. He gave out hugs, high fives, and even a signed guitar (which he gave out from the platform in the back that he moved to for several songs). And, at the end of it all, after the encore, he stayed after to sign autographs and greet fans from the stage.

UNLIKE Taylor Swift, who also went through the crowd and made a huge production of how awesome she thought she was. It was a great show and a HUGE production, but she was insufferable. Talented, but insufferable. 

Keith put on just the right amount of show. And HOLY CROW the man can play guitar. 

We got home late, and it was worth every second of “Wasted Time.”

Saturday–Operation Halloween Costume

It was crazy warm Saturday morning, but I was pretty happy–it made for great running weather! I met the team for a few miles, then jogged part of the way home with Coach Bill. Just the way I wanted to start the morning!

I had plans of going to a Yoga for Runners class, but realized as I was about to leave that I had forgotten to buy a ticket, and it was sold out (doh). So instead I continued my mission to find the right Halloween Costume, which I had devised the night before.

Of course, I got sucked into the Target vortex… and $104 later… I had a onesie (I seriously had to call 4 different Targets to find one!), a Harry Potter Robe (for Alex), more Special K Pumpkin Spice (hey, it was there), chocolate, my favorite pumpkin beer (on sale for FOUR DOLLARS for a 6 pack!), a scented candle, and a doormat. And a few other bobs and bits.


Good old Target.

After a hilarious lunch of whatever we had left over, I took a blessed 2 hour nap (Ridley had woken me up early and I hand’t gotten much more sleep), we took a family walk, and then it was time to get ready! Annnnnd it took me about 5-10 minutes….


I did my makeup (does anyone else find that their “crazy makeup” is other people’s version of normal?), we packed up our costumes, and headed down to our old hood for dinner at our beloved D4 and Cubs game watching (we aren’t going to talk about that).

(We ordered the exact same thing last night)

Before we knew it, it was time to become our spirit animals….

Harry Potter and Unicorn Onesie Halloween Costumes! @suzlyfe

Unicorn and Harry Potter. 

Suz #nailedit with her #Halloween Costume! What did you go as? #unicorn Click To Tweet

Best costume ever. Also–IT HAD POCKETS. Originally, it was going to be a Badass Unicorn, but I decided to go with happy makeup. Also, my shoes? They were my wedding reception shoes! You can see them on my Instagram

We had a fantastic time at our friend’s party–I ate my weight in Chex Mix and Tostitos (you know me and carbs!) and it was great seeing friends that we don’t normally get to see outside of the hospital settings. 


Sunday–Relax, Play, and a Little Bit of Work

Sunday morning, Ridley woke me up early again, but she was good and went right back to sleep after. Which meat that I could as well! The morning was full of those simple pleasures: coffee in sweatpants, scented candles, watching a new Netflix show, cuddling with my puppy.

Then the puppy went NUTS and needed to play, so we took her to the dog park to get some of that energy out. On the other hand, Alex and I didn’t have much energy to spare, so our trip to the gym was rather short, and naps were once again a necessary order of the day. 

Also, can we talk for a second about how much Ridley has grown in the past week or two? My little girl is growing up so fast! Luckily, she is still ridiculous. 

The rest of the day was a blur of… not much, but I did manage a brief phone call with my parents and I cooked dinner (stuffed delicata squash with salmon), so it was a happy day indeed!

This week (and the coming month) is going to be a super light week of clients for me as one of my biggest clients has moved out of the country and another of my big clients is traveling. And then everyone is traveling for Thanksgiving! Maybe that means I’ll finally get to working on all of those projects that I have piling up??


A weekend of wasted time that was anything but #weekendrecap #halloween #sweatpink Click To Tweet

Who dressed up for Halloween? Did you go fancy or did you go comfy?

Who is dressing up today? I’m totally going to train people in my onesie. You better believe it.

Do you care about how the artists at the concert act? Or do you just want a good show?

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