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Rewinding and Reliving Moments

If I could just go back… We’ve all thought that at one point or another. But if you could go back and get a do-over, should you? Would you?

The topic for today’s Tuesdays on the Run is Race Rewind aka what race would you do over (to perfect, get a second shot at, or relive). The short answer? The Marine Corps Marathon, which thousands will be running this weekend. The long answer?

I wouldn’t redo, relive, or do-over any of them. 


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I wouldn’t take a single one of them back. 

Not the time when I broke my back but blew my own mind on a perfect Chicago day.

Not my best executed race when I earned my first BQ.

Not my favorite race course.

Not my first and perhaps most incredible marathon.

I love each of these memories. Each of them means so much to me in their own way. But I wouldn’t relive them, and I wouldn’t redo them, because each of them came to me at a particular moment in my life, each of them gave me something unique to that place in my life and that instance in time.

MCM helped me cope with the feelings of isolation of moving. The injury issues that I had taught me the importance of glute engagement and PT. The race day itself taught me that anything is possible the day of the marathon, and that every mile is a gift.

Twin Cities gave me a new respect for my body and helped me conquer many of the mental demons that I had wrestled with for so long when it came to the changes that my body had made and would have to make in the future. I met so many of my great running buddies training for this marathon, and this was the first race that I put out there on social media!

Phoenix was my resurgens…. I earned my first BQ that I earned with every single step. But it was not the most scenic of courses. This was the first marathon where I was surrounded by friends from all over, the first time I ran any part of a race with friends!

Chicago was one of the most incredible experiences of my life. Another race that I fought for every step. A race where I was truly surrounded, from start to finish, with the most amazing people, from blog friends to running celebrities to local running friends and my trainees. No, I didn’t run the race I expected to run. And I might have caused the stress fracture that I have spent the year recovering from.

And those are just the marathons. I relived these and many of my favorite race moments last week.

Finishers! Alex and I after the race! Amita Health Fitness For America Sunset Half Marathon/10k/5k Race Review and Race recap at

Don’t get me started on my half marathons. The 10k’s that I ran with Alex this summer. Whether I have raced them or run them, PR’d them or just finished them by the skin of my teeth, run them alone or with people (Mo was the first!), run under my own singlet or as part of Team Challenge, each of these races has meant something to me in a special and isolated way. 

As much as I respect those that run races all the time or to the point that they have no clue how many they have run, I am glad that I only run a small handful of races each year. Each of those experiences is special to me, maybe even sacred. 

And they all need to stand alone. There is only one race that I have run multiple times, even. And even so, I remember each round of it individually.

A perfect fall morning run on Saturday!

Maybe I’ve been lucky and haven’t had a race that really went bass ackwards. Well, the Big 10K came close, but I held it together. I had a chance to run MCM this year, and I really considered it. But there is no way that the race would ever live up to the memory that I have of it. I may run it again one day, but for now? 

I get to relive the memory of it. Romanticized and beautiful. Going back and re-running it? Could never measure up!

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What is your take? Would your literally relive your favorite race? Or would you let that memory stand?

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