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If I could Repeat a Day… (Weekend Recap)

If I could repeat a day, this past Saturday would be a top candidate. Just from start to end, it was just about perfect.

I’ve thought before/been asked before about “if you could repeat a day or week from your past,” and my answer has always been that even though my wedding weekend was just about perfect, I wouldn’t want to go back and potentially ruin it. Now, if I could just repeat it, exactly as it happened, and relive each moment, that would be a little different. 

This Saturday would go up there with repeatable days. Not because anything monumental happened, but because the entire day was just… perfect. 

I woke up and Ridley was NOT whining. This is her new thing. She has started whining in the morning, not so much desperate to be let out of her crate, but desperate for me to feed her and then sit on the couch next to her. The dog might be a little codependent. It would be cute it didn’t happen at 5:30 in the morning.

I changed and go ready for coaching Team Challenge, then had my coffee x 1.5 (I had to finish my carafe, right??) and breakfast, then out the door to walk in the perfectly crisp morning air to the Totem Pole to meet my crew. When they arrived, I sent them off while I chatted and got caught up with Kyle, our Endurance Manager (fundraising stuff), who is kind of a awesomesauce dude. 

Went for a walk along the lakefront after he left while listening to Invisibilia. If you haven’t listened the second season, which is all about concepts and our concept of self (both yourself and others’ selves), DO IT RIGHT NOW. 

Got back to the Totem Pole in perfect timing to meet up with the first people back and wait for the rest. Alex showed up a few minutes after the last person returned, so everyone said goodbye and Alex and I headed out for our own run! It was seriously the most perfect running day–maybe a little warm, if we are being picky, but I certainly am not going to be! My Mizuno Wave Skys were perfect on all the concrete. 

After showering at home, I made a HUGE bowl of microwave baked oatmeal and an apple pie protein shake before Alex and I got down to business… watching Game of Thrones. Also, he did the laundry while this was going on. 

Made a batch of Alex’s favorite hummus!

Made us both loaded omelets for lunch with a side of CSA salad deliciousness and then enjoyed them on the porch.

Laid down to rest our eyes and stomachs for a sec after lunch… and took a mini nap before the dog’s stircraziness necessitated that we take her on a family outing to the dog park. Tough life, huh?

FROYO on the way home. Best froyo I’ve had in a long time–all of the toppings were fresh (last time, everything was stale), the fruit was so ripe and juicy, and the flavors were so good (remember how they tasted weird last time?). I got graham cracker, birthday cake, and cheesecake. The graham cracker stole the show, especially with an extra dusting of graham cracker dust, a little marshmallow sauce, and some oreo 😀

Jinx! Alex got the same flavors, even though we went in separately (we had to hold Ridley). My good taste must be rubbing off on him 😀

Back home for some more Game of Thrones. 

Then off to Trader Joe’s for groceries for dinner and some for the week. We decided on turkey burgers for dinner, but I was still determined to use our CSA goodies, so I made this awesomeness (and yes, a recipe will be forthcoming, because they were INSANE) served alongside blue corn chips, my hummus topped with TJ’s harrisa salsa, and a Manhattan.

Oh, and served al fresco, of course! We lingered outside long after our meal was done and just talked about various things coming up and how silly our dog is (very very silly).

The only choice that I would change for the day would be my after dinner snack. I got a new Luna bar flavor and was less than impressed, unfortunately. It was fine, but just didn’t hit the spot. Luckily, Alex poured a ginormous bowl of Raisin Bran, and I took enough of it so that he had to pour himself another (and I helped with that). Then we both fell asleep on the couch watching Nazi Megaweapons.

Did I need to tell you all of this in excruciating detail? Of course not. So why did I? Because I want to preserve Saturday so that when the craziness of fellowship, and indeed, life in general, hits and threatens to overwhelm us, we can remember the sense of calm. So that when people flit and flaunt their “magical” and super impressive and social lives in front of us, I can remember that while being Instagram famous and invited to events all over is fine and great, this is all I need. And I am so grateful to have it. 

A day doesn't have to momentous to be repeatable! Suz's Saturday was just perfect. #sweatpink Click To Tweet

This week is Alex’s last week before fellowship starts, and his last week of freedom before he works for the rest of his life. We have been so lucky to have this month, but it is nearly over and it is time. So we are going to soak up what we can!

Have a great week, everyone!

If you were to repeat a day, would it be a momentous occasion or a “regular” day? 

What are some ingredients in your perfect day?

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