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Do I Even Remember How to Do This? (Shamrock, Social, Sun)

This weekend was like a throwback to the Suz weekends of last summer! It was a jam packed weekend of fun and friends!

Follow ups on last week: I have managed not to eat all of the muffins…. I have 1 left. Alex LOVED the cookies! Recipe to come, but instead of cookie cakes, they were cake cookies! So yum. 

As I was staring at the agenda for the weekend, my only thought was… do I even remember how to do this? Do I remember how to be a social butterfly with all these people and with a race and what the heck is this warm yellow orb in this sea of blue? (It was the sun, if you are wondering).

This was also the weekend of 30th birthdays! I’m going to go about this Marvelous Monday (Katie) and Week(end) in Review (Meg) styles.

This weekend, Alex’s cousin (whose wedding we went to in Denver last October) came with his wife and friends to celebrate his 30th bday in Chicago! We met them downtown at The Windsor for dinner and had a fantastic time. Alex was quite close with this cousin as a kid, and they’ve stayed close over the years, so they know all the junk on each other 😀 Dinner was delicious (as always).

We woke up Saturday to a chilly but crystal clear dad that quickly warmed up. In addition to the return of sun, it was also the return of Team Challenge training! Because we weren’t running that far (and Alex wouldn’t be able to take Ridley out), I decided to take the Pupster with me!

Dogs of Team Challenge! @suzlyfe

And she had a friend! This is Lilly, who has run with Team Challenge a number of times (obviously with her owner) and is a pro! Ridley was a bit overwhelmed at first–the Lakefront Trail (LFT) can get really busy, and when she had all of the people and bikes and dogs and smells, her little brain kind of exploded. Once we started running, though, she settled down, and so did I. I was paying attention to Ridley instead of my trainees at first, but by the end, I felt like I was back in my coaching pants. Things are going to be a little different this season because of how spread out our team is, but I am still excited about the season to come! 

Does anyone else laze around on gross days and then get all gung ho and I’M GOING TO CLEAN ALL THE THINGS (inside) on sunny days? Because that is totally me. Thursday and Friday were gross and cold and rainy, but with the Thursday Thing taken care of (for the moment), I just grabbed the pup, gave myself some grace, baked and watched TV. 

Saturday, which would have been a perfect day to seize and frolic outside all day? I cleaned and scrubbed and sorted and grocery shopped and then hung out for a bit with the puppy in my lap. When I realized that she was out for the count and Alex wasn’t going to get home to much later, I crated the pup and headed out to the LFT for a quick run before eating all of the cereal bowls that Love Grown sent me and several string cheeses. I mean, carbs and protein, right?

Then Ridley and I went to meet Erica, who had been so lovely as to pick up my bib and packet for Sunday’s Shamrock Shuffle!

I worked on a couple of posts, emails, and announcements to come with terrible trashy TV on in the background. Because trashy TV=productivity.

I put together a quick and dirty dinner and then headed to my next 30th birthday get-together of the weekend (one of my trainees from last Team Challenge season!), while Alex went to a birthday dinner himself (the visiting cousin)! They just happened to be scheduled at the exact same time. #wesopopular.

Oh, and Alex is on attending right now, and his team was getting SLAMMED, so he didn’t get home until just before he had to leave. So basically? I’ve had about 30 minutes of quality alone time with him since Wednesday.

Sunday morning, I returned to the downtown Chicago racing arena (the last race was Mag Mile Women’s Half). One of my old CES coachees recognized me, and it was great to check in with her at the starting line. I had a fantastic run–it wasn’t so much a race for me as a run. I wanted to protect my hamstring, and honestly? I had nothing to prove! I ran dead consistent 9 min miles, perfect for the current goings on in my life and my running ability and my plans for fun. Last time I ran the Shuffle, let’s just say I ran about a minute per mile faster.


I just loved being out there. Perfect running weather, the sun came out at the end, and I had a great post run chat with several amazing people who I hope to see more of in the future. Sadly, later on the sun retreated, and we are in for several more days of rain.

I was supposed to have brunch with one of my friends from Ragnar, but because of how the day shook out, I had to get home to take care of Ridley.

I went shopping for black pants… which SOMEHOW worked out. Like first pair of pants that I tried on. That has never happened. Ever. 

The night finished out 4 hours with my best friend and her husband and my best friend/husband and a basket of crack fries and craft beer. 

A damn good weekend. 

Let's ride the good of Suz's weekend into the week and the new month! #sweatpink Click To Tweet

The first few days of this week are going to be a bit hectic and crazy, plus the rain is coming back and the temps are going to drop, but I am determined to right the good juju of this weekend into the week and then straight into seeing my MOMMY and celebrating my BIRTHDAY!

Have a great week, everyone!

What is the longest amount of time you have gone between races?

Do you ever look at a particularly social weekend after a lot of alone time and wonder if you remember how to be social?


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