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Relaxed Readiness #toughtalk

Please know that I am reading all the comments that you leave, but please also allow me an extra day or so to respond while I am getting used to my new gig!

first day from where I stand

Before anything else, I want to say thank you. Thank you all for your support and congratulations. It really means the world to Alex and I. Especially to me. I have searched for a job for so long, that to finally get one, after 3 months of pursuing something totally different, and just to have a certain feeling and to act on it because I already had written a cover letter and resume tailored to that…. it’s like everything that I had done, even though often completely unrelated, just converged: Getting to know the city. Prepping for applying to various jobs. Earning the money at the restaurant. Working on the blog. Working on Ramblen. Working on myself. Gaining my confidence. Building myself up, falling, building up again. And then, just when I’m getting things settled in the direction in which I was headed, to have this feeling.

part of the plan

And to act on it. I think that, if nothing else and certainly without me knowing it, getting my NASM certification was the first step for me in trusting my intuition–I had a feeling and acted, unlike in the past when I didn’t. This time, I had a feeling, I looked for other PT jobs (because it still was by no means a certainty), didn’t see any, panicked, and then looked up the general job listings again. I don’t even think that I clicked on any of the filters. And I scrolled. And I clicked. And I didn’t think, I just did it. Ha! Just making that connection, too–Don’t Think, Just do.

Plus, today, I got a call from a recruiter (to the office, I answered the phone) and I had the great pleasure of saying that the position was filled. SUCKASSSSSSSS.

Even more appropriate because it is million dollar listing.

Even more appropriate because it is million dollar listing.

As I look back at my Tough Talk series, I am shocked by my own growth–the mental struggle and evolution that has led me to this place. My yoga practice has also helped me to cement these practices–Breakthrough, or Break down. On Thursday, before my interview, I took C2 with Elyse (one of my faves), and she talked about Relaxed Readiness, a technique used frequently in improv and theater. The idea revolved around the concept that though we may be doing poses that we hadn’t specifically done before, or that we might be doing things that seemed new or were in a different order, our training and muscle memory would help us through if we stayed both relaxed and ready. If we panicked, either on the mat or on stage, we would likely have greater difficulty than if we maintained a state of relaxed readiness, and then reacted as we were trained and as was natural. I had some trepidation that I would be out of my league a little bit with the real estate aspect, but I realized that I have trained for this. I may be rusty, but by trusting myself, I could tap into those reserves.


Yesterday. I walked into the office. It is a small office within a much, much larger company (it is actually separate from the larger development, though offices are shared. My boss works for both, this is his personal company.) It is me, my boss, his partner (and longtime friend), an IT guy, another chief of operations type dude, and then 5 agents, only 1 of whom I met today. It operates like a family, and I will be expected to help out everyone but also to keep tabs on everyone (in a helpful way to benefit all). I will have a lot of very real, rather large responsibilities. And I will be dealing with invoicing, marketing reports, and a few other things that I’ve never done before. At one point, I was feeling kind of overwhelmed. And then I had a little chat with myself. I said to myself, look, you are new to this. And they have already said that they are going to do things with you the first few times, to make sure that everything gets done right. Trust yourself, that you aren’t an idiot. Play to your strengths, admit your weaknesses, and work on them.

And Look awesome

And Look awesome

So that afternoon, they had a bunch of things that came up and that needed to work on, so I (with their blessing, obviously), started to develop blog, site, and social media content for them. I played to my strengths–my Ramblen connections, running, food, lifestyle, what I would want to read about. By the end of an hour, I had a full page of topics of potential interest and another page of tweet examples. Then I worked on fixing the website copy (they have just redone their website completely, so there are a few holes). By the end of the day, I shared the Google Docs with my boss, and you know what? I hit it out of the park. He is freaking excited.

mind blown gif

And HOLY BALLS so am I. There is so much that I can do, that I will learn to do. Some of it will be new to me, but I have to remember that it will just seem new. I have all of the foundations, I just need to build upon them.

Another great tweet that came at the right time, touched my heart, but again, I am only just now realizing that it was perfect at the moment: Allow yourself to be a beginner. No one starts off being excellent.

Relaxed readiness. 

Also, I will have you all know that I showed up to work with 2 giant bags of 479 Popcorn (for the office), 8 mini boxes of jelly beans (courtesy of Laura), oatmeal packets, bars, oyster crackers, an apple, and other miscellaneous crackers.

first day popcorn bribery
Also, I brought flip flops and necessaries (purell, etc). I also told Mom that I’ve already decided that Fridays will be Flats Fridays. She said, “Oh, because it is more casual?” I replied “No, Mom. Saturday’s are for long runs. Thus flats the day before.”


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