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Reinvent Snacking with The Laughing Cow Cheese


I am an official brand advocate for The Laughing Cow® in 2015. While I receive compensation for participation as a brand advocate, opinions are my own.

Reinvent Snacking with The Laughing Cow!

Reinvent Snacking with The Laughing Cow! With intriguing flavor pairings, fun textural contrasts, attention to presentation, and the myriad of options, The Laughing Cow cheese is a perfect snacking option. Find out more at #ad

By now it should be quite obvious: I don’t do quiet or normal in just about any aspect of my life, from clothes to food. So who would imagine for a second that I approach snacking in a conventional way? Conventional, expected… you might as well say boring. One of the aspects of food and food culture is the fact that one need never be boring or conventional: even if a recipe or creation seems “run of the mill” on paper, just one single aspect or change can lift it to extraordinary.

What are some ways that you can unlock the potential of seemingly ordinary foods?

My cooking style is a bit of Chopped meets Semi-Homemade: what can I do with what I find? What can I add in from my fresh foods to make packaged food zing? In my mind, food is imbued with promise and potential that is just waiting to be unlocked! That is my goal every time I get into the kitchen: to unlock the potential of what I find.

Flavor Pairings:

When I create recipes, I try to focus on a layering of flavors. Sweet, spicy, sour, savory, umami… the best bites I’ve ever had are not overwhelming, but rather are nuanced. Like a fine wine with a nose, body, and finish.

And I like wine!

And I like wine!

Right now, I am loving the combo of The Laughing Cow White Cheddar flavor cheese or the Original Swiss cheese with a sprinkling of sumac, lemon, and oregano. Herby and vivacious! I hadn’t had sumac in years, but a restaurant in Charlottesville had the most incredible lemon sumac dressing, and this pairing brought me straight back!

When I want something with a bit more of a sweet and spicy punch, I love having The Laughing Cow Spicy Pepper Jack cheese with something fruity–have you tried blueberries with spicy flavors yet?

Sweet and spicy is a timeless combination! Pair spicy pepper jack The Laughing Cow cheese with sweet berries (fresh or dried) for the perfect creamy way to reinvent snacking! More at #ad

Have you tried cocoa powder on The Laughing Cow cheese yet? What are you waiting for!


I’m very picky about cheese: my palate prefers lighter tastes and textures with a crunchy background. You know I love my slow churned ice creams with cereal and granola! So it makes a great deal of sense why I’m a fan of The Laughing Cow spreadable cheese wedges: creamy but light, like slow churned ice cream.

The perfect balanced snack presented with panache. Dried superfoods like goji berries, cherries, wasabi peas, mineral water, and of course, The Laughing Cow cheese to bring it all together! Get more ideas for how to reinvent snacking at #ad

Pair The Laughing Cow cheese with something crunchy–like homemade spinach tortilla chips! Spray a spinach tortilla (or other flavor) with cooking spray, sprinkle with salt, cut into triangles, and bake in the oven at 350* for a few minutes (keep an eye, they might burn!). Or try your hand at homemade microwave sweet potato chips.
Nachos, anyone?


Even the most delicious, delectable vittles (isn’t that a great bygone word?) can be uninspiring if not presented correctly. Look at certain smoothie concoctions, or oatmeal–sometimes, you just can’t get them to look pretty.

Working color into your diet is not only apt to provide greater nourishment but it can also inspire your appetite to make smarter choices. I am drawn to the plates with the most amount of color because I associate color with flavor and fun! #idontdoquiet

Crunchy, spicy, cool, salty, sweet.... and creamy to bring it all together. The Laughing Cow cheese is the perfect finish to your next snack plate! More ideas to reinvent snacking at #ad

Pair dips with contrasting vehicles–jicama with salsa, red peppers with guacamole, cucumber with hummus!

Choice and Variety:

No one like to feel like they are Baby, being put in a corner and told what they can and cannot do. I am all about variety! The Laughing Cow cheese knows this, so they made sure to make each of their wheels into prepackaged wedges so that I can mix, match, and choose as I so desire. I don’t have to worry about feeling obliged to eat only one kind at a time, something I greatly appreciate!

Bright colors, vibrant flavors, contrasting textures, and choices galore. Reinvent snacking with The Laughing Cow Cheese! More ideas at #ad

As I work my way through, I’ll even consolidate the many flavors into one container so that I can have a little fun and get surprised by what I find. Who doesn’t love a blind grab bag where you actually like everything you might choose?

In my life, food is never just “food,” even when I am eating to fuel. For me, food, flavor, texture, presentation, choice, variety, they are privileges–ones that I don’t always have. I don’t usually enjoy or get to enjoy dishes like grilled cheese because of my stomach and my preferences. The Laughing Cow cheese allows me to be decadent without ruining my day! Fresh, happy, and dare I say, vivacious?

Suz and The Laughing Cow at River Roast Chicago. Gain great ideas for how to reinvent snacking at! #ad

The Laughing Cow cheese doesn’t do quiet, either!

Snacks needn't be boring! @suzlyfe shows how to #reinventsnacking with @thelaughingcow #ad #yum Click To Tweet

How do you keep snacking interesting? 

What is the craziest snack combo you’ve ever found that you love?

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