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Regaining Perspective and Favorite Yoga Poses #FFavorites

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Or garner a giant carrot to the face.

Or garner a giant carrot to the face.

I want to start off by saying that you all are the absolute sweetest, and really warmed my heart with my “super funny” Welcome to April, Fool’s prank that I was moving on from blogging. It was honestly in no way me fishing for compliments: I was in a whacky mood when I wrote it, and needed an intro to prank my mom that I was handing it over to her. Now we have to convince her to write what it is like to raise a whackado like me. At some point I also want her to talk about her own (still ongoing) journey back to health and mobility after nearly dying 5.5 years ago in a freak riding accident. She broke her pelvis in 3 places, had major trauma to her lower spine, and had sub-cranial bleeding that, had she not been taken to the hospital immediately (as she was), certainly would have killed her. Remember how Natasha Richardson died after hitting her head skiing? Yeah, that happened within a month of my mom’s accident, but she was NOT taken to the hospital. CRAP DEBBY DOWNER STATUS I APOLOGIZE.

Giant Cookie Dough Paddle. Insta-happy status.

Giant Cookie Dough Paddle. Insta-happy status.

I realize that April has only just gotten started, and perhaps March started off the same way before it got crazy awesome, but I feel like April needs to kick it up a notch. Or am I just hungover from March? I certainly did have a few more drinks than I normally do (but always within reason) and some epic weekends. Hmmmmm.

I just got us some more. It is onnnn.

I just got us some more. It is onnnn.

As I have been hammering into everyone’s heads, this is end of my Groupon at CorePower Yoga, and due to our financial situation, I have decided that starting a membership is just not in the cards. I am excited to have stoked this new passion for intensive as well as restorative yoga (as needed), and that I have some great inspiration to continue to develop my abilities. Most importantly, I want to continue to seek peace, balance, and the feeling of accomplishment and release that occurs when you push your perceived limits.

five friday Collage


Thank you to Clare and Heather for hosting parties every week! Hopefully we don’t trash the houses too much.

To remind myself of the joy and passion I have, I want to count down my top 5 favorite yoga positions:

1)      Tree Pose (Vinyasa or Bikram style, with toe stand). For unknown reasons, this has long been one of my favorite, favorite poses (like since I first started practicing). I find such peace in this pose, but yet it can also be incredibly challenging, as when you close your eyes to change your balance. And random fact? I often stand with my leg hooked up on my thigh like this. I’ve always done this. It’s weird.

tree yoga journal

2)      Any of the binds, such as prisoner pose. I just remember thinking that there was no way I would ever be able to accomplish any of these the first time that I saw them. And now, they are just one of those things that reminds me of how far I have come.


Not my favorite twist, but best that I could find as a picture because most of what I am used to is simply a modification or way to deepen the pose

Not my favorite twist, but best that I could find as a picture because most of what I am used to is simply a modification or way to deepen the pose

3)      Eagle pose. I just didn’t understand this the first time I did it. So complex, so simple, so challenging to find the challenge within it.


4)      Any of the warrior series. I always feel strong, lithe, and like my body is opening in any of these. These are poses that make me so thankful that I had private lessons at the very beginning, because it has meant the world to proper positioning in this pose.


5)      Crow, bow, or dancer’s pose. Yes they are all different poses, but in many ways they are very similar—balance, counter balance, flexibility, strength, focus and patience. The core must be engaged and strong or else you will be unable to perform crow—abs drive a great deal of this posture—or standing bow/dancer—your core (local and global) stabilizes you as you continue to push deeper. These are poses that are about the full kinetic chain and efficient coordination of movement, not sheer power.





Runner up? Camel in Bikram—it HURTS but the release is amazing.


I have a little space heater that I might try to get into the habit of taking down to the gym with me and doing heated practice in the workout room. We’ll see how good I am about keeping that up. I am also really quite sad about leaving this community that I feel I am just now truly becoming a part of—the instructors know me, they are chicks my age, and I just get along with them so well. I don’t have many (if any) friends physically here, so this is going to be tough to deal with, honestly. CRAP DEBBY DOWNER STATUS AGAIN I APOLOGIZE A SECOND TIME.

OK smiley face. Food? Yes please. Fave things in my cupboard this week:

1)      479 Popcorn. You know that I love this stuff. I just finished a bag of the Sea Salt Caramel, and just opened the Toasted Coconut Caramel. And the White Cheddar and Black Truffle is in my pantry. AAAANNNNGGGEEEELLLSSSS


2)      Earth Balance Peanut and Coconut Butter. I just finished off another jar of it (my last!) but after 2 jars in a row, a little reprieve is needed. Had I had the Crunchy that was absconded in Atlanta, however, I would be singing a different tune, I tell ya. So TJ’s Sunflower Butter to the rescue (happpppy face).

3)      Fun proteins! Shrimp and medium rare freshly sliced roast beef.  I have needed to switch things up for a while, and these are both treats for me. NOMS.


4)      Cereal. Multigrain Puffins and Special K Protein. Just, yum.

5)      Ice Cream all over—mint cookie crunch, Cherry Vanilla, and Cookies and Cream. Just so glorious in so many ways. And when summer hits, you best believe that I will be allllll over the Edy’s Smores. AAAAALLLLL OVER MY BODY.

ice cream

Things that are conspicuously absent from my pantry at the moment (that I am not ok with):

1)      Bragg’s Apple Cider Vinegar. My oats. They are so, so sad right now.


2)      TVP. I miss my TVP sloppy joes and tacos. It has been too long (like 6 days). TOO LONG.

3)      Cindy’s Kitchen Mango Pepper Coconut dressing/sauce. I love you. Come back to me.

Mango&Pepper dressing

4)      Jicama. C’mon, you know why.

5)      Spaghetti Squash. I have been thinking about this for a while now, and it needs to happen.

tuna spag squashedited

I’m not going to strangebutgood you this week, or give you a fun recipe. I have a strangebutgood recipe on the brain that I’m hoping I will get a chance to try out this coming week, so here’s hoping for something CRAZY next Friday!

What are loving in your cupboard right now? What is conspicuously missing?

Favorite yoga pose? Or is yoga for nancies?

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