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Recovery-ing-ish (14 Months + Friday Catch Up 3/22)

The road to recovery is going well for me, but Emmie is having a tough go. I’ll explain in the Friday Catch Up!

Here’s everything that went down with my illness and weekend in the hospital.

Friday Catch Up 3/22

1) First up, since my slightly rocky return home, I’ve been doing great! I took it easy on Monday, as I said in my post Tuesday, and since then have felt great.

On Wednesday, I had planned on going to strides, but Emmie is having a bit of a week, as I will get into. Instead, I was able to run a little 5k for the first time in 2 weeks and only my 2nd or third run in 3 weeks. It felt AMAZING. I kept it easy and made sure I was ready, and my body did fine. Thursday, Grandmommy stayed with Em for the tail end of her nap (again, not as expected) while I went to Strides for a great workout from Holly.

The food poisoning/ virus feels like a thing of the past aside from some lingering food aversions. I still haven’t had a salad or straight up lettuce, but I’m back to tomatoes and carrots. I think animal crackers are my main food group right now, though, lol. I have reintroduced milk (cottage cheese and mini whoppers Robin’s eggs haha) and that has been fine as well! So that part of my body seems to be ok.

Crohn’s disease wise, I’m still on the high dose of steroid because it is doubtful that I did any healing or absorbing of the med while I was sick. As a result, we are behind where I would like to be re tapering down, but it is what it is. At least we are going to take me down the first 5 mg today. I haven’t gone to the bathroom since Sunday (not unexpected after severe diarrhea/gastroenteritis), so I’ve actually started back on Miralax to try to move things as needed. Don’t worry, this will *hopefully* be my last poopupdate for a while!

Because the episode last week obviously was not related to the restarting of the Methotrexate, we made the decision to continue the injections. It is amazing how much better my skin is after just days on it–by last weekend it was better. Just confirms our suspicions that my eczema is directly related to stopping that drug to get pregnant.

The downside of all of this is that I’m having to be super careful around my friends and their kids. The high dose steroid puts me at risk for illness, so I have to be a little reclusive for a bit.

But if you ask Emmie, that is ok.

2) Emmie update #1 emergency doctors trip

I mentioned this in my Tuesday post, but Emmie has had a really rough time since I got sick and especially since I had to go to the hospital. She already had a lot of disruption to her schedule plus a snotty nose and likely molars coming in, and then Mom just ups and leaves her! Well, when Mommy came home, at first we thought it would be a few days and then things would even out. 

But as I watched her and saw some of her meltdowns, plus her snooty nose and then a rash that had started before I left but now was over her body, I knew we needed to go in. So we went in, and the rash was concerning enough that they sent us for bloodwork to check her platelets (bloodwork came back normal). Never a dull moment! Motrin and Tylenol have seemed to help, but she definitely still doesn’t feel well.

Case in point: she hasn’t been to Strides this week. We had planned to go Wednesday, but she had such a meltdown early in the day that I put her down at 9 and she slept for 2 hours. Then on Thursday, she woke up at 5 AM and made nose for 30 minutes before I got her, only for her to have a total meltdown. She hasn’t been eating well, so I thought she might be hungry. She was…. ish. But she spent half of the meal sobbing, and afterwards I took her back to her room and just held her and rocked her. I got her relaxed and tried to out her down, but she freaked and desperately crawled back. So we did it again, this time with me leaving her. It took her 10 more minutes, but she slept for 2 hours and was still asleep when it was time to leave. Alex came home early because of scheduling, so Mom had back up, but she was fussy and clingy with both of them.

3) Stage 5 clinger

Clingy doesn’t even begin to cover it. I haven’t seen her like this since right after her bday or even since she was little bitty. At Broadway and Me, she wouldn’t leave my or Mom’s lap, and she was very quiet. Then, when she is out in the main play area (both that day and the day before when we went just to play), she is very by herself and just kind of standing around. Not interested in exploring at all. But I feel better for having her there and getting exposed to activity. Furthermore, if we are at home, she is way more fussy anyway.

She’s off of her fave foods as well. Basically she just wants to pick the dairy free butter off of things and eat that. And occasionally something else. We are just trying to give her what we can until she remembers her love for her sweet potatoes again.

We are trying her with baked dairy this week with pancakes from yolk! Normal poops yesterday, fingers crossed! I would love to have her cleared of her dairy and soy issues!

4) Fun Emmie Things

Yes, it has been tough for the nugget of late, but she has also made some great new progress! Fun new things include:

Actual nodding. Still new, and she is obviously trying to figure it out, but she means it like when she says naw and shakes her head. So more communication!

Ready for her board meeting

Speaking of, we have gotten more clear mmmmmOOOOmmmm and dadada. Not just playing with the sounds! She also will sometimes try to mmmmoooo when we do Moo Baa La La La or imitate us doing a horse noise at the end.

Her coordination in walking (when she will allow it) is also so much better. She hardly ever holds her hands up to walk, and she is doing better on ramps. Em still doesn’t know how to stand up in the middle of a floor, but whatever.

5) New Hair, Who Dis?

Last week, I was supposed to get waxed, and then we got the news about my new med regimen and the delay of IVF, and I needed some time to process and walk home.

Then Thursday, I was supposed to get my annual hair cut (and some highlights for the first time in 4 years), and instead spent the day in the bathroom and in bed.

The only saving grace to my hairy situation is that I felt well enough Friday morning to take a shower and shave my (terrifying) legs and underarms.

Needless to say, I was a little sad about not losing my hair, but then, when it was clear I would be able to sit in a salon chair for long enough, I called to see if there were any opportunities for me to get fit in on Thursday (and there was!). Thursday morning after Strides, there was an opening at the salon that I use (same brand, different store, this one right next to Strides!) that I use directly after Strides.

So Thursday, just in time for Mom to leave, I got all of my appointments taken care of, and it was LOVELY.

New hair, who dis?

Followed by an indulgent dinner at Tarascas, where I ate much too much, and had fun seeing my child look happy after a long nap.

It feels so good to be legit blond again. SO GOOD.

And then I came home to the sweetest care package from my amazing mom friends. I didn’t get it until evening, so I don’t have a great picture, but it is a “Get Well Crap” bag with blanket, socks, water bottle, Burts Bees goodies, and cookies 😀 I am so so lucky to have these women in my life, and I am so so thankful to Fit4Mom for introducing me to them. I love you guys!

Today will be my first day back to regular(ish) parenting schedules. Alex will be home a bit early because of his clinic, but otherwise I am going to try to get Emmie back to a more normal Emmie schedule. Obviously, I will be flexible as necessary, but I want to get her to strides and see all of our friends. This weekend will hopefully be way less exciting than last weekend, and hopefully just some normal activities like swim!

I hope you all are well and have a fantastic weekend!

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