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I. Love. To. Eat. Adjust amounts as you see fit, I am simply going to include the ingredients because everyone needs different serving sizes, has different aims, tastes, and palates.  

Combine pumpkin and red wine to create this genius gluten free vegan wine pumpkin hummus party dip that will get the (adult) party started! Get the Recipe at

But in all seriousness, I love to talk, eat, and learn about food and cooking.  If you have suggestions for how I might be able to do something better, please let me know! I would love take credit for your brilliance! I don’t really do fancy cooking, per se, and you will find that I am more of a cook than a baker.  I do bake, and I will definitely have recipes for my baked treats, but I am more of a Chopped type cook–open up the fridge, see what I have, and create.  I won’t have my creativity stifled by “amounts.”

Please let me know what you think!

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