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My Recipe, Reduxed: Sweet Potato Nachos


Real, healthy, quality food doesn’t have to be complicated to be delicious. But it should be fun, accessible, and full of flavor! This week was more about conventional approaches and traditional combinations–but you know that I like to have fun. In fact, I have a few ideas in mind, so look forward to some new very Suz recipes!

Thank you my ladies!

Thank you my ladies!

I’m joining Foodie Friday this week, as well!

Thank you to Heather and Kierston!

Thank you to Heather and Kierston!

What I bring you today is not revolutionary, novel, or even really that exciting. BUT IT IS DELICIOUS. I make real food for real people, guys, and if this is not what you are interested, well then you can geeeeeeeeeeettttttttt oooooout. Plus I forgot some things at the grocery store, so I had to improvise.

From Last March

From Last March

Monday I unearthed a recipe I haven’t done properly since last winter: Sweet Potato Nachos. Last time I did them, I called them Olympic Nachos, as a) it was during Sochi and b) it was a true fusion of flavors from all over–but dang it was good!

This time, I went a bit more straightforward:


Sweet Potato Nachos 2
Serves 2
The perfect dish for any diet--make my sweet potato nachos from scratch and make them vegan, gluten free, paleo, what have you!
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Prep Time
10 min
Cook Time
30 min
Total Time
30 min
Prep Time
10 min
Cook Time
30 min
Total Time
30 min
  1. Oven Roasted Sweet Potato Chips (with salt and garlic powder)
  2. Sauteed Chopped Onion + Sauteed Jalapeno (with cumin, cilantro, red pepper flakes, salt)
  3. Sauteed Gilberts Chicken Bratwurst Sausages
For a veg option, use TVP (Texturized Vegetable Protein) here is the way I often do it
  1. Shredded Cheddar (for Alex)
  2. Fresh Tomatoes + Roasted Jalapeno
  3. Honey Mustard + Cholula + Spinach (for me)
  4. Tribe Spicy Red Pepper Hummus (For Alex)
  5. Fresh Cilantro
  6. Mini Bell Peppers
  7. Avocado
Oven Roasted Sweet Potato Chips
  1. Oven to 400*F
  2. Slice potato with mandolin (medium thickness), then blot slices a bit with a paper towel. Spray lightly with olive oil and dust with salt.
  3. Place on baking racks on cookie sheets or on sprayed, foil-lined cookie sheets.
  4. Roast 8-10 minutes both sides!
  5. ***Make sure to rotate your pan as well to accommodate hot spots.
  6. While chips are working, heat a small saute pan over medium heat, chop your veggies, then spray pan and saute veggies, adding desired spices (and salt!).
  7. Slice sausage, and then remove the veggies to separate bowl, return pan to stove, and brown sausage slices.
  8. Shred cheese into bowl (freshly shredded is always best!)
  9. Remove sausages when browned on both sides.
  10. When chips are done, remove and turn off oven.
  11. Put chips in *oven safe* dish, then layer with sausage/protein, veggies, cheese.
  12. Put cheese over top as desired, then pop back into the (off) oven for 2-5 minutes (check after 2). Remove with oven mitt, and place on trivet, another bowl, or plate (will be hot!).
  13. If you wish to use the microwave, cover with a lid of some sort and nuke for 15-30 seconds.
  14. Sprinkle with a bit more cilantro, salt, and pepper. Add fresh tomatoes, jalapenos, and anything else you might like!


I bought the jalapeno on a whim, actually, and I’m glad that I did!

So easy, So delicious. Nothing to it! A similar approach to my Mid-Winter Pasta and seafood recipes of last week.

I’m trying out some new restaurants in the next few days, and I am so excited to share those with you once I go! But it has been really nice to get back to basics in a sense–it is getting me cooking more consistently again, even if they are very easy dishes.

Any old favorites you have unearthed recently?

What are you loving right now? What did you have for dinner last night?

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