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Recharging For a New Week (Weekend Recap)


Goodness, y’all. I was zonked this weekend. Staying up until 9:30 was a STRETCH for me this weekend. And I took a serious nap Saturday afternoon. But there were plenty of other fun things involved in the weekend, so I thought that I would share those with you! 

Last week to win the Moto 360 Sport! It has been AMAZING keeping me in touch while I walk around the floor of the gym! Linking up with Katie for Marvelous Monday!

This Momentum Jewelry Wrap was the perfect motivation I need to help keep going through my first week at work! #SharetheSpark and find out more at @suzlyfe

Friday wrapped up my first full week at Anytime Fitness, and we are still continuing to iron out details and get set up for success. One thing that I had to do, first, though, was to go and get a physical done, and you know how much I love to fast! Everything was hunky dory at the physical, and afterwards, I treated myself to the same meal that I enjoyed after my colonoscopy: the Farmers Scramble from Corner Bakery (whites, no cheese). It was lovely to sit down and just eat my breakfast!

The Farmers Scramble from Corner Bakery make with egg whites and without cheese is an excellent healthy breakfast choice!

I am also listening to a new podcast that I am addicted to: Bitch Sesh. It is a basically a recap and bitch session about the Real Housewives franchises, and it cracks me up. When I am at work or working out, I am loving listening to vast archive of This American Life, but I seem to be gravitating to Bitch Sesh outside of the office. I see it as #balance, lol.

Bitch Sesh is an amazing new Real Housewives Podcast that you must check out!

That night, Alex actually had to go into work for the night at 10 PM, but we were at least able to have dinner together. We went to our local Thai place Dao and got our favorites before coming home to watch UVA play and fall asleep on the couch (me). 

Saturday, I was up earlier, but still sleeping in for me! Alex got home, gave me the car, and then he went to sleep while I went to PT! I ran at 80%!!!! But I tell you what, we released my lower back/spine stabilizers, and my back was hurting the rest of the day and into Sunday from how tight it had been! After PT, though, it was time to rush home so that I wouldn’t be late for a very important date–I had a consultation with Rae, who I am training for her first marathon! 

I fixed lunch and then talked to Rae for about an hour. We were laughing because it is always so funny when you finally talk to someone that you have never spoken to, but speak to practically every day! PS, I wanna know the results of your shopping spree, lady. 

Then it was nap time. I was just exhausted this weekend. I know that my schedule wasn’t necessarily crazy during the week, but it was huge change for me from what I had been doing, and lots of mental changes. So I just needed to recharge. Normally, it is the cat that sits on Alex just as he is going to the gym–this time, it was me! Earlier, I had thought about going back to the gym and doing weights, but I had gotten a tetanus shot the day before and my arm was still sore (#fitlifeproblems), and I just wanted a nap, so I informed Alex that was the plan, lol. Don’t worry, he got his gym in later, lol. But when Suz declares nap time, Suz declares NAP TIME.  AND THE WORLD ABIDES. Slash I just get pushy.

The Dude Abides

We were trying to figure out what to do for dinner, knowing that Chicago was celebrating St. Patrick’s Day, and that we were NOT in the mood to party with them. We OLD, people. And yes, grammatical mistakes intended. So, instead, we opted for a more sophisticated date night at Seasons 52. And we definitely splurged a bit on it, but it was everything. I’m not going see much of him this week because of schedule conflicts, so our meal was worth every penny. As was the meal, which was delicious! (as always). And they have my new favorite Old Fashioned Cocktail.


I am now of the opinion that all old fashioned should come with rock candy. @seasons52 #bgbcommunity

A photo posted by Susie @ Suzlyfe (@the_suzlyfe) on


After a crazy night of intense dreams, a morning of needing to chill (I didn’t feel great, likely because I haven’t had one of my meds to take for a few days and the hard sleep), I went to Trader Joe’s for quite the haul (but only 1/2 of it!) while listening to Bitch Sesh (I LOVE IT) before lunch and then scheduling Fitness Consultations (WOOHOO) and writing this post while watching Real Housewives (guys, do you realize that I HAVEN’T TURNED ON NETFLIX THIS WEEK) and Top Chef (who do you think will win?). Also, anyone else excited about Southern Charm? Talk about some hot messes. 

A gym sesh, a trip to another grocery store for non TJ’s goods, the pharmacy, and a catch up with the Momsie before dinner rounded out the day. I should have been going for an apartment viewing, but the stupid tenants decided after I set up the viewing that they wanted to stay. UM in the words of Adam Sandler a la The Wedding Singer:

Adam Sandler The Wedding Singer things that could have been brought to my attention yesterday Gif

Once again, information that would have been useful to me YESTERDAY.

This week at work, I will be getting started with the first Fitness Consultations and hopefully getting set up with some new personal training clients! I am really excited about this–not so excited to figure out all of the paperwork, lol. #thestruggleisreal for all of us!

From Real Housewives to Really Delicious, amazing moments from @suzlyfe's weekend #fitfluential #sweatpink Click To Tweet

I would also love it if you all might follow us on social media: @anytime324 on Twitter; @anyfitchi on Instagram; and Anytime Fitness Chicago North on Facebook. I am slowing working on bulking up the IG and Twitter accounts!

I hope that everyone had a lovely weekend and is ready to ROCK OUT this week!

Some of my new favorite things include: Bitch Sesh Podcast + Blake Shelton’s new song “Came Here to Forget.” What are you listening to?

Fess up: Who forgot to change their clocks for the Spring Forward for Daylight Savings Time?

Who went cray cray for St. Paddy’s Day?

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