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Liebster: Rebooted #Thinkingoutloud


Since things are about to get ait more serious than I typically do for a Thinking out Loud Thursday post, some nonsense first:

  • I am trying to create my self hosted blog. Got the site verified, got into wordpress, started setting things up….OH AND MY THINGS WON’T IMPORT THE ONLY WAY THEY TELL YOU HOW TO DO IT. Why does this always happen with me?
  • Dealing with that is pretty much all that I did yesterday afternoon. Well, that and yoga. Thank god for yoga. And my plie pants. yesyesyes.

athleta plie Collage

  • Spaghetti squash is back. You know what that means…. PAAAANNNNCCCAAAKKKKESSSSSSSS
  • It rained for 10 minutes yesterday. And then the sun came back out. Not even a good “Devil beating his wife” rain. Just weird.
  • If you don’t come back tomorrow for SUZLYFE’S FIRST EVER GIVEAWAY, well, then, we can’t be friends. That’s just all there is to it.

Ok, that should do for now. Check Instagram and Twitter for more hilarity, I’m sure.

And pictures of Zoe, obviously.

And pictures of Zoe, obviously.

I had a bit too much fun with last week’s Thursday Post. And you know I like to talk about myself. So the fact that some of my new Girls Gone Sporty #teamstellar co-members are encouraging both of these things make be only so much more happy to oblige! I decided, however, that I would break up their questions into individual posts so that I can give sufficient time to each, and also to spare you all ear-bleeding boredom. So for this week’s Thinking Out Loud Thursday, I am going to cover the questions posed by Christina of BodyRebooted, on Saturday, Ange of Cowgirl Runs will come on Saturday for The Long Run Series, and finally, Lynda of Fitness Mom Wine Country will come next week.


And now…..drumrolllllllllllll please!

1) Who inspires you and why?

I hesitate to say any single person in particular. There are certainly people that I admire beyond consideration, but to say that a person inspires me, that is a far trickier question. And to hold them to being my inspiration is setting myself and them up for failure, and that isn’t fair. But so as to not seem like I am avoiding the question, here would be my answer: I admire and am inspired by the strength in people, their will to persevere. I am someone who considers herself to be a strong and willful person, but I am so in awe of people who honestly don’t take no for an answer and are able to just make things happen. And make it look effortless. I feel like so much of my life and my actions are so effort-ful, and obviously so. Innate talent boggles my mind.

This lady exudes strength. She gave birth to me, after all.

This lady exudes strength. She gave birth to me, after all.

2) What song gets you pumped up to workout?

Depends on the day! I will actually answer this in far greater detail on Saturday, but I love any song that has a great rhythm in tune with whatever I am doing, involves someone belting something out for everything they are worth, and transports me somewhere else. That can be as silly as “Obsessed” by Mariah Carey (it came on my phone a few days ago, was legit dancing in the freeweights), “Get Stoned” by Hinder, “Cruise” by Florida Georgia Line and Nelly, or something by Blackmill.

3) What is on your bucket list?

Having a family. Being a mother. Being proud of who I am as a person throughout the course of my life. Action-wise? Living in my dream house. Taking my children riding. Running my second marathon. Skydiving.  Living without fear but with excitement.

4) What are your goals for 2014?

To get a job–a real job, one that I am proud of and that I feel is representative of ME. I feel like I have never had a job that truly represented me and all of the hard work that I have put in throughout my life. I am tired of feeling like I have to make an excuse for myself. I know that I shouldn’t feel this way, but it is hard having an Ivy League Masters Degree, degrees from 2 other tops schools, be married to a doctor at a top hospital, and answer “…waitress…” or have to explain that I’m still looking. I know how fortunate I am, but it is exhausting feeling inadequate.


5) What is your favorite quote?

I can’t say if it is the be all, end all, favorite quote ever, but it is the one that inspired my approach to my Crohn’s journey. Jonathon Swift “May you live every day of your life.”

6) Name one thing that you can not do without.

My Husband, Alex. In a fire I would grab him. And the ice cream, my pills, and my external hard drive.

Chelsea Patrica Photography

Chelsea Patrica Photography

7) Share something we don’t already know about you.

I was born with dark brown hair, and because I had a different blood type from my mom, I got IB jaundice and turned highlighter yellow for a spell. Then my hair turned carrot orange, and then finally peroxide blond. This is my natural haircolor (what it is now) but it gets a little bit of help to be even throughout. I have secretly dreamed of cutting my hair JLaw short before, or dying it super dark, but I would never get it back to where it is.

8) Name one thing you really love about yourself.

My ability to buck up after a good cry/rant. I get it the f out, pick myself up, and move on. Ask Alex.

This is what I have reduced the man to.

This is what I have reduced the man to.

9) If you were famous, what would you be famous for?

My freaking awesomeness. I’m not ever going to be number 1 at anything (duh), so I might as well just be freaking awesome. I used to dream about winning the gold medal in show jumping, though.

10) If you could talk to your past self what would you say?

I wouldn’t tell her anything, because that would compromise who I am today.

I've said it before, and I will say it again: My name is Susie, and I don't do quiet.

I’ve said it before, and I will say it again: My name is Susie, and I don’t do quiet.


Now it is time to pass on the love! Because I am going to have a few more opportunities to Liebster around, I am going nominate a handful of GGS ladies now, a handful later, and throw some questions out there for you fishes to gnaw at. And the either/or’s may seem like quick questions, but I want details, people!

  • If you could BE any animal in the world, what would it be?
  • What is your favorite essential oil, and why do you like it?
  • What are 3 questions that you wish you could answer, on any subject?
  • Are you a baker or a cook? Is cooking fun for you, or tiring?
  • What is your favorite Disney movie/character/song (answer all)?
  • A few either/or questions:
    • Seafood or Land animal? If you are a vegetarian, bean or faux meat?
    • Huge zit or sunburn?
    • Toasted or untoasted?
    • Pen or pencil? Paper calendar or virtual calendar?
    • Ice Bath or Deep tissue massage?

NOM (inations)

Ladies, it is my honor to be #GGS and #teamstellar with you. I hope that you find these fun and engaging!

Now, Answer the questions, fools!


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