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Real Clothes and High Chairs (27 weeks + Weekend Catch Up)

I wore fancy clothes and Emmie joined us at the table this weekend! What am I talking about? Find out with the Weekend Catch Up!

Curious about last week? It was a busy one!

Weekend Catch Up 8/6

1. Mom was here this weekend! She actually got to the apartment just in time to join me to take Emmie to class and have some swinging fun 😀

I will admit, I was a little let down by the class. I had thought that what we did last week was because no one else had shown up (focus on play an dnot on instruction). But it turns out that the lightly structured play is what the class actually is; while that is great, I really was hoping for more instruction and help with Emmie. She is making a lot of progress, to be sure, but I am looking for ways to encourage her to use her arms more to help her support that big melon of hers. While it was great that she got to play (and you know I loved seeing her in the swing again!), this felt more like open play than a class. 

That said, we had a great time, and I was so happy that Mom got to be a part of it! 

2. One of the major reasons for Mom’s visit was to watch Emmie Saturday night while Alex and I went to a wedding. It was our first big solo outing without Emmie, and the first time that Emmie would get her final feeding and be put to bed by someone other than us (and I have largely been the one to put her bed for the past few months, though Alex will get her ready for bed). Thus why I’ve been so focused on getting Em used to a sippy cup this week!

Well, the short and short of it is that Mom gave Emmie a bath and got her to drink milk from a sippy cup as well as some banana, and she ultimately took the crib and went to sleep without much fuss… but she did put up a fight to an extent with regards to the sippy cup in her nursing chair. She did much better being fed her milk in the high chair with some banana. Mom said that when she did put her in the crib, Em didn’t need much before she was closed eyed, but apparently there was a bit of a meltdown with regards to eating before that. 

Emmie did a great job of staying asleep, though! She was a bit more hungry the next morning, however, but that didn’t surprise me because she got a little less milk than usual. 

3. We will just keep with the Emmie things, shall we? Something super exciting was that Emmie sat in a high chair at a restaurant for the first time! Our fave joint Tarascas has high chairs that have actual backs to them (not the low backed wooden ones) so we decided to try her in the chair and see how she did wedged in there with towels. 

And she did great! She drank milk and had butternut squash at the table like a big girl! Next time, I don’t think that I will wedge her in so much, but I’m glad we did for the first time. 

She was so much happier sitting with us at the table than she has been in her carseat at the table, so I am glad that it is an option now! Maybe not the wooden high chairs (because the backs are so low) but we shall see. 

4. I don’t know if I mentioned it last Friday, but after only ever sleeping on her back in full on savasana, Emmie now sleeps on her side, her belly, however! She really likes to be on her side clutching her Wubbs. It is kind of the cutest thing ever.

5. Oh, yeah, the wedding!  It was simply gorgeous, and we had a great time, though we left a bit early in order to get home. I wore heels for the first time since….? And a dress (not a maxi) for the first time since…. ? And actual makeup for the first time since….? 

Are you guys since-ing a theme? (har har) 

I’m not going to lie, I went to put on my makeup and had to remember how. My eyeliner pencil was basically dried up, and goodness knows how old the rest of my makeup is!

I also wore a dress that I’ve had for years but love (and is a great wedding dress), but let’s just say that the dress fits a little differently now, lol! 

The wedding was simply gorgeous, and I was so pleased that they were able and willing to accommodate my food restrictions. I may or may not have gotten 5 of the ceviche shooter passed apps. ::shrug:: and they were happy to prepare me a salad and salmon without sauce. It was lovely! 

Alright, what is happening this week?

Well, sadly, Mom is going back home today, but I will be seeing her soon when she and my dad come up for a visit and to take care of Emmie while I am having a colonoscopy (joy). Luckily for her, there will be a bottle of rose in the fridge waiting for her.

Tomorrow, I am going back to Stroller Strides for the first time in a month! I’m pretty pumped about that. My hip is feeling good, and I’m really to feel like a human being again. Ali and I are taking Ryan and Emmie to the Bubbles Academy Core Development for PreCrawlers class after our workout, and I am very excited to see how Emmie has progressed since last time. I know that this class will be very hands on, instruction wise, and Kim the instructor is a real specialist. 

I’m going to be meeting a friend for lunch at some point this week, and going to a clothing brand showroom as well. Then on Friday, I will have Stroller Strides again and another playdate, this time with Holly and Max!

Alright, I am going to run and eat some ice cream (even though we have eaten ourselves silly today) and watch TV with Mom and Alex!

Have a great week, everyone!

Do you wear makeup every day? Beyond just mascara?

Do you have a go-to wedding outfit?

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