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Again, so many structured and information-heavy posts this week! Take a chill pill, Suz! Okay, okay, let’s have some fun today with the bits of my life that otherwise fall through the cracks, plus a major discount for you on a great new ebook to help guide you healthy living journey!

Thank you to Amanda for hosting Thinking out Loud Thursday!

I may sound like a broken record, but I have to start this post by acknowledging and appreciating the profuse outpouring of support that you all have extended to me–well, as you always do–over the wait for and the results of my MRI test. I want everyone to know that after my go to pieces on Friday, I am largely at peace with my situation, and I broke down how I am dealing with forced rest without going crazy. I may be one of the lucky few that gets to deal with a sacral stress fracture, but I am thankful that we have finally diagnosed the issue and can now move forward. Having that closure has been truly freeing, and having your support and love has helped me so much. 

Speaking of, I want to give a shout out to Sue, a coworker who I just found out is also a reader of the blog! Sue and I chatted last week about some issues that she was having (and when I found out that she read the blog) and then after seeing my MRI results posts and my penguin gift guide, she left me the most perfect gift.

I love my readers! Thank you, Sue, for the penguin socks! They definitely made me smile!

Mission accomplished, Sue. You TOTALLY made me smile. I now have a legitimate penguin sock collection. WHICH IS AWESOME.

And then I get this shirt I’m the mail from my little (one of my best friends). HOW PERFECT IS THIS SHIRT????

I'm not a gym rat, I'm a gym unicorn! How amazing is this shirt! @suzlyfe

Like, I can’t even. 

More reader awesomeness: M @ReadEatWriteRun tweeted Kara Goucher to see if she had any advice for me, and guess who got a response!!

Because how often do you get advice on running and healing from @KaraGoucher?? And how sweet is she to tweet me about my sacral stress fracture? @suzlyfe


Do you think that if I combine all of my mini-moments of fame into one, I can reach 15 minutes? Well, actually, that is a stretch, but I think I can claim a solid 3 minutes.

Yesterday (Wednesday), I had my DEXA bone density scan (results will be in next week), and the diagnosis of how advanced my osteopenia is will help guide the work of the endocrinologist/bone health specialist. Tomorrow, I have my meeting with the dietitian, and we will see if there are any holes in my diet that I need to work on. 

Because I obviously need a lot of diet help….

The new Market by Beatrix at Northwestern Memorial Hospital is my favorite salad bar in Chicago! So many healthy options. This one was 1.5 lbs of healthy goodness.

This was lunch after Remicade on Tuesday. It was too big, but it was AMAZING. 

Speaking of healthy living and eating, I am so excited to announce the launch of Ditch the Diet, the new ebook by Megan of Skinnyfitalicious!

Ditch the Diet by Megan Olson is a healthy living guide to inspire and lead your healthy living journey! Check out for a discount code, or order from @skinyfitlicious

A few years ago, Megan lost 80 pounds through hard work and smart living. But this isn’t a book about losing weight–it is an ebook about healthy eating and living from the inside out.

“I spent the majority of my life trying to please others (which I mostly failed at), taking the safe route, not taking any risks and not living life. I was tired of being unhappy until one day I realized it was my choice to live in that unhappy swamp of self pity.”

“We always torture ourselves into thinking weight loss and healthy living is a form of punishment, but it’s not. It’s a way of life. Physical changes are just a freebie that come with that. That’s not to say change is easy because most definitely it is not. Change is a process. A process we learn and grow from, not fear or hate.”

“Love yourself enough to allow yourself the time to change and stop comparing yourself to others. A healthy life doesn’t happen overnight. It’s a accumulation of small changes over a long period of time.”

Many of us know Megan, and we know that she has had some struggles this year with her physical health. Something that has struck me throughout her ups and downs has been her respect for her body and for herself. I so respect her, and I think that this is a fabulous resource and point of inspiration for all of us when we find ourselves trying to fit our unique souls into the whitewashing of the world. 

Buy the book here, and Suzlyfe readers can get 50% off the $7.99 price with the code FQIQOH85U8

I can't wait to Ditch the Diet with @skinyfitlicious using @suzlyfe's discount code! #health #healthyliving Click To Tweet

I am so proud of her, and I know there are incredible (crutch-less) things to come for her in 2016! 

And now, I want to leave you all with some awesome memes, because you know I love memes. 

Nothing is really lost until your mom can't find it. Unless she is my mom, and then it really is gone! @suzlyfe Buddha says Let that Shit Go. Give yourself a pep talk! You are a badass bitch!

And with that, I am off! I have some chest presses to do! Because I like to wobble while I crutch, haha. Then I have some new client prep to do (just wait until I reveal who they are!) and updated plans to get sent out.

Have running or fitness goals that you are tackling this coming year?

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.@suzlyfe has the best readers, and I should know--I'm one of them! #sweatpink #fitfluential Click To Tweet

How has someone made your week even more special?

What do you collect?

What is a personal running or fitness goal that you have in mind for 2016?

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